Adelaide Strikers vs Hobart Hurricanes Prediction 28th Match 2016

Adelaide Strikers vs Hobart Hurricanes Prediction 28th Match 2016, Strikers vs Hurricanes at Adelaide on January 13th, 2016 Today Match Prediction Tips Who Will Win Today Big Bash League Match

Adelaide Strikers vs Hobart Hurricanes Prediction 28th Match 2016Adelaide Strikers have been a vastly improved group, when contrasted with what they were a year ago. Each diversion, they continue trading the top spot with Perth Scorchers, yet the Strikers have an amusement close by, and are destined to complete at the highest point of the table. They don’t have the greatest names in the class, however they have gelled extremely well, and have just lost one diversion so far this season.

Hobart Hurricanes started well, yet have gradually lost their steam this season. This will be their last session of the round robin, and they have their work removed – they simply need to win, to keep their competition trusts alive. A misfortune will get them kicked out of the Big Bash. George Bailey has been awesome for them, however now he is with the squad to play India, and they are a totally distinctive group without himOne of the top groups in the Big Bash League, Adelaide Strikers, will expect another two focuses against Hobart Hurricanes who are battling for upgradation.

Adelaide Strikers vs Hobart Hurricanes Prediction 28th Match 2016

Hobart Hurricanes will win

They pushed Dan Christian up to #4 without Bailey, and that move didn’t work, as Christian assumes the part of a finisher better. In the event that they require a win, they require Kumar Sangakkara to venture up at this moment, as he is yet to score a fifty this year. THE Adelaide Strikers will be without key batsman Mahela Jayawardena for two Big Bash recreations.

He will miss the Hobart Hurricanes conflict on Wednesday night with quadriceps strain and will in all likelihood likewise be out when the Strikers interpretation of Melbourne Renegades at Etihad Stadium on Monday night.

Opening the batting for the second back to back match, the previous Sri Lankan chief was obviously sore subsequent to attempting to take an additional keep running in the Strikers’ pursuit against Brisbane.

Regardless of Jayawardena looking uncomfortable in the match, Adelaide Strikers physiotherapist John Porter, subsequent to surveying the damage today, anticipates that him will return for the semi-finals.

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201 thoughts on “Adelaide Strikers vs Hobart Hurricanes Prediction 28th Match 2016”

  1. Please don’t believe this predictions.. Think yourself and make your move.. Y should you believe others when you don’t believe yourself..

  2. What a match…….for ur kind information every match is not going to gamble…..if that so nobody will bet……but play safe…..thanks every body…….

  3. There is two group of big predctor 1st group is ricky clark,anuj king n xerox they all r saying ADS will be winner n 2nd group of exe.h.b.k,waseem n sandeep they all r saying HBH will be winner but accoring to people 99% prediction r right from 1st group n 2nd group 65% winning nz vs sri waseem said sri will win n failed again waseem said ind will win again failed sandeep said syd th but mr won again sandeep failed only exe.h.b.k said yesterday match goes to MR will be winner n excetlly MR won so accroding to we have to follow 1st n ecellent group of ricky clark,anuj king n xerox i willl go with 1st group..

    consider to what i say after talk about this guys nothing is raw nothing is ripe all that happens is part of the game. 2nd group always doing against 1st group.

    just try to think about it after tell me i am wrong who talking about it guys.

  4. Hobart has some problem with their bowling …..player are not inform……Adelaide has more chance even without joybardane & Kane Richardson………..

  5. 100% hobart will this match if they bat 1st

    Sammy will beat the bowlers in end over and will give big score to chase.

    So conclusion:
    Aaj match chase nahi hoga

    This report is valid when hobart will bat 1st

    This my 4th report and last reports are upto the mark

  6. Guys In BBL History No Team has won all d Match in Home Ground !!!! Main reason
    And Hobart met 3 times n lost all match with Adelaide.. BBL history

    Toss- Hobart ( 2nd bat )
    Match – Hobart

    Target 165-175

    Confirm If Hobart bat second then Win easily !!

    — Hobart —

    6 Over — 40 – 48 run ( 0/1 wkt)
    10 over– 68 +
    20 over– 170+

    Batsman — will be on fire – Dunk , Sangakara , Christian n (sammy) Finisher pari khel sakta hai !!

    Bowler — Tait ( 2-3 wkt less runs) , Boyce 2 wkt , (New bowler) if play or clive??

    Man of d match – Batsman

    Ludeman ,Head n Hodge will be Out Early
    Most run by Adelaide player


    —-Waseem Siddiqui—-

    All d best

    • Waseem bhai,bobert win d toss as u said but they choose for bat first but u told they will bat second n win,wht m trying to ask should I gp fpr hobert even they choose bat first not second as u said,thts why I ask u to confirm bro.

  7. Adelaide strikers win….100% sure
    Az if u look at the batting line for adelaide strikers….
    D first 4 batting line up is strong and just coz of dt most of the matches they have won wid confidence….
    Rest d bowling part…
    They struggle at d start bt dey do a come back wid a bang n cnfuse n thunder d players of d opposite team
    Especially today itz der home ground n always maximum players frm australia play well wid full confidence n in full form on d home ground
    Record: since 2004….
    Go for adelaide guyzz
    Time to make some huge buckzzz…

  8. Sorry guys like to change my prediction, after deep analysis
    I would like to go with hobart hurricanes
    Hobart. Better batting line up then adelaide
    Jaywardane not playing,
    Bowling hurricanes have tail who well in adelaide pitches
    & spinner Boyce would prove effective
    Ludeman is scoring but not quickly
    So will be dependent on head & hodge
    Bowling depending on laughin& rapid
    Lauglin picking wickets but economy on higher side this season
    Sangakara & dunk r dew for runs both r big match players
    Points table wise
    Adelaite cannot be on top,
    If hurricanes lose, table becomes predictable loss both for bookies and organisations
    So today better to go with

  9. Todays match ADS VS HH. winner is HH 100%. Last match hobert. So they will try to keep 4th position. Today sangakar will best scorer. All r invest hobert. I am sure. Trust me. Jai hanumate namo.

  10. No doubt Adelaide will strike again what a bullshit Hobart win… Anuj king Lara waseem and xerox will rock again. That’s the demant of situation.
    Jai Mata Di

  11. tmr confirm hobart will win and it will ho to 4th position it is the final match for hobart
    tmr stars will win then top three teams have 10 points each final matches will decide the positions

    next match sydney thunders will win
    then next perth and it will be the top team in 1st position
    next Mlr will win with better runrate it will be in 4th position
    1st – perth, stars ,adelaide,Mlr top four teams

  12. Ok guys I know its useless to post because no one going to follow the post….still here is one more logic….
    Tomorrow hbh vs ads hbh will win…
    Brh vs mls brh will win…
    Sys Vs syt syt will win…
    PRs vs mls PRs will win…
    Mlr vs ads mlr will win…
    Which will result in PRs and ads to qualify for semis and will leave mlr hbh mls and syt wid. 8 points each and fighting for final 2 places…its going to b interestin if it happens dis way…its wid a logic nothing else…so that’s all…

  13. Everyone saying 100%,1000%, plz try to give reason for ur predictions, other wise it’s not called prediction,
    It might be right or wrong atleast give reason,
    It’s a humble request

  14. I usually don’t predict toss, because toss does not need any predictions. It’s only luck 50/50
    Heads or tails

  15. 1. Home ground
    2.confidence level of players
    3. Players in form
    4. Public & organisers profit
    5. Extra pressure on hbh to qualify with big margin

  16. Hi Friends,
    Adelaid will make huge target set towards the Hobart hurricane will not be abke to chase.

    Adelaide will win the toss and choose bat first.
    Adeliade have 90% winning trend at this ground.
    Travis head will be thundering with bat.
    Poor bowling will be the reason of Adls win!!!

    Adls will be the winner !!!

  17. hello , everone

    big match

    —adelaide vs hobart—

    guys, you can now see that bbl is being very interesting and confusing too !!!! becoz of d fixed match between (thunder vs rene) !!!!

    only sme thing i would say to u all

    1- no team have won all the match in @home ground … !!!

    2- Adelaide Will Do their best To win becoz they would lyk To play 1st Simi in Home Ground Too ..

    3. Shaun Tait is in form after d last Too matches and This can be Sangakara Tym To perform becoz he just was just out color in d series …

    4. And if adelaide hai adil arshid Hobart has Boyce Too who is perform will …

    I will predict at 10.30 . on dis match

    Dis is my advance report

    Mel vs Bris

    Toss- Bris
    Match- Mel

    Sixer va Thunder

    Toss – Thunder

    —— Waseem Siddiqui—-

  18. Dear friends .
    I am sure adilde win tomorow
    Reason i mention early my msg .u can chek. Hobert want to win a margin coz net runrate low.its make them lost wickets.
    Coz s.thunder win easy next game got 8 point.they hav already netrun rate higher than huricans ..
    Ml.reneguds also.
    So adailade win go to group 1st chance

  19. one side match hbs win for sure al ready adelaide qualified so it will be one side match
    daniel christian
    shaun tait
    ben dunk
    they r the key players
    so guys bang tommorw no doubt if itz wrong i will never enter in dis site i swear

  20. Adelaide will win for sure and hobert hurricanes will out for this tournament tomorrow and mls Sydney thunder and MLR this this three may two teams will go semi.and Adelaide wants to play semi in their home ground that’s why tomorrow they will win.

  21. Dear friends…
    About hobert…
    1.if they want to qulify win big margin coz low run rate hav now.ciz s.thunder and mlr are same chance to wikcket loss. a do or die match 4 hobert and they tentioned.
    3.there bowling very poor leaking lots runs.
    4.its a unlucky team and bailey not .

    About adailade.
    1.they hav a unity and good batting line
    2.this game is win then they have chance group 1st.coz tomorow m.stars win then top 3 team got 10 point
    3.they hav good bowlers .rasheed can make rock
    4.home ground

    So friends ….i go with adailade.
    My prediction.
    Adilaide won tos and bowl


  22. Hello guys..according to me ADS will be the winner of tomorow match.caused evrybody talking about interest but guys don”t froget it.interest still with BBL 5 if HBH lost caused HBH is already six Point n M Rengeds also 6 point tomorow match HBH lost with little margin or ADS will win 2 or 4 runs..after that HBH run rate already in minus but guys if ADS will win HBH,SYD SIS,Mrenegeds n SYD thunder still chance to get qulify with 6 points n then run rate will be matter but some how it will be pretty intersting for viewrs to watch out this that”s y HBH loss tomorow n wait for others result same condition of SYD sis if they beat SYS thunder its all about expert reviews guys for fight 4th position !

    tomorow u guys listen the comantetary by commanteters they will also talk about what i just said.but may be it also against but am 100% sure about i can understand about situation n condition also interest will be these team if HBH lost. guys its situation demand adelaide striker gotta strike once again.BBL 5 is in last match.n if ads got 12 points ADS will qualify for HOME GROUND TO PLAY 1ST SEMI FINAL caused ADS HOME suport r coming in huge numbers (even MRS auporters come in huge numbers so according to me)1st semi final will play in ADS after that 2nd Semi final will play may be not confident about it MCG.!so there is some important region for bookies public demand n situation demands Match will goes to STRIKERS

    Toss -ADS

    MATCH -ADS 99% sure about it with my huge experience but guys may be i will be wrong that”s y it is not my 1000% prediction those guys who follow me be carefull..thats it all the best ..may be i will be wrong but dont blame upon me caused some guys doing it..

  23. If som1 follows u or likes ur prediction….is only bcoz of u r proof……nt only saying thing….this will win…this will loose…… harega ye jitega…..this is not prediction…..hv some logic…..

  24. Wht r u guys doing….how can som1 follow u….pls…can u give some detail…on u r predictions… that they can think clearly of u r predict…..u guys r doing a great work….predicting…..keep it up….guys

  25. Now sandeep n anuj king made me confuse
    Sandeep predict …hobart
    Anuj king predict….Adelaide

    Both r good predictors.Ricky Clarke what u predict?

  26. Thank you Xerox Sir,
    I made today++++++.. All recovered …
    Thank you Ustad ..pleaee predict tomorrow match.waiting for waseem bhai jaan and Xerox Sir prediction ..

  27. Ricky clark again u rockkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkzzzzzzzzzzzz plz predict Ads vs Hh match. i m w8ng 4 that.

  28. Mr. Ricky Clark plzzzz predict ADS vs HBH match n toss result as we all r waiting for that. irfan my jaan g u r also super so plz guys predict..

    ricky once again u r superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

  29. Sandeep u r amazing as always…
    Well tomorrow match will be won by Hobart.
    That will make KFC Big bash more interesting.
    No team can won all 4 matches @ home.
    Shaun Tait is a local player of Adelite ground.
    He will rock tomorrow with his pace.
    So friends go with Hobart tomorrow.

  30. Anuj king & Ricky clark are awesome in the prediction.

    Thank a lot brothers.

    May god give u whatever u wish.

  31. Lara – We know it was fixed. Even I was with sydny but the real predictor is who predict well and correct ..
    See we can predict as per our best knowledge .. result can be in ur favour or not ..but yes if u predict 75% correct then you are in that league ..and everyone knows you.. No one is here to challenge anyone …
    Keep ur predictions best of ur knwoeldge with some reasoning and you will see people will follow u..
    You are a part of league !!!

    Clark waseem and Sandeep are predicting well..
    Things to learn from them !!!

  32. I’m agree with you Sameer Kga. Ricky is the best in prediction & analysis, Sandeep is best in prediction, Xerox’s analysis is well enough, but smtime he may be in confusion in predicting.

  33. Dear friends …….
    **** please read properly*****

    We hav 5 match left bbl leage.
    S.sixers and brisbane out even they win
    It means vs brisbane…mls win
    S.thunder vs .s.six……s.thunder win

    So first 3 position shared.
    4 th position s.thunder have chance

    First 3 position team fight for reach group frist.
    Hobert have net rurate low
    U can chek the match table…points .afetr prediction.hav some match fix chance.careful
    I will come back with my prediction

  34. King and exe hbk u both prediction i follow tommarow but both said winner team was not same .i confused plz predict again

  35. Toss and match both win by Hobart and likely Hobart will bat 1st and will defend this match
    Head is most dangerous but 2morrow he will out on below 10 runs
    Hobart have a good momentum in last 2 games but they were not resulted positively
    In this time adelite is short with there main player so this factor also works in favour to Hobart

  36. Anuj bro plzz ignore those who are against you they might be people left from bookies as they are not earing or might be doing it purposely as they playing mind games… you doing great king anuj

  37. Sory clark and friends.
    Still b4 my prediction corect coz i chek the both team ans which playes play which ground play a to z i chek and tel u .i didnt make confuse
    But s.thunders vs .Mlr
    Its a fix match
    Coz syt score 13 ov 118
    Next 42 ball 55.-173.they can make more .wkt in hand .even chris hartly bat no.8
    .bowling kallis 3ov .just 11 runs.they didnt give over him .i am wondering
    A.fahed 2 ov 19 runs and take a wkt.they didt try.
    They gve again g.sandhu. 2 over 23.
    Then 3 over finish 38
    What a bullshit game
    Match is fix then we r fool.
    Congrats winners .
    I willback to be strong prection

    • Lara bro you are absuletly right….It’s our badluck…..Don’t worry….Please predict AD vs HBE match surely please…

    • I am not disagree with u but imo watson and khawaja were the only good batters in the game and russel got injured to his left arm after they left their team went down hill

  38. Anuj king keep on predicting for the sake of ur followers,
    Don’t give ears to people’s talk
    Not all the five fingers r same,
    Doing great job,keep going

  39. A predictor can’t be GOD. Cricket is such an unpredictable game nobody can predict 100%. So stop predicting and plz don’t make fool. Save ur valuable time n other’s money both r imp in the life. Thanks.

  40. Heloo friends …. exe-h.b.k here.
    In todays bigbash league HBH will bat first and post a score 190+ which the ADS cannot beat and will loose.

  41. dis group proud to have rickyclark,sandeep,xerox,wasim,lara,anujking u guys keep going dont mind any comments plz i request u aii to predict as early as possible ok

  42. anuj king bro don’t go. whatever people say. u don’t knw u have a group of strong follower! so u have to predict for them.

  43. India give edge to Australia it’s not a easy game for them even in their home and favourite condition don’t forget that Indian team have good balance side and may be surprise result also come if I would like to say there is unlike for so many people

  44. @king anuj dont b angry some people dont lyk dat u gained popularity + your predictions are bang on..

    Soo just keep predicting for your followers…we love u brooo!!!!!

    Jb log upar jaate hain toh neche walo ko aacha nai lagtaaa …so bro keep predicting i am your follower <3

  45. Ham position ke haqdaar nai……
    Position apni jeb me rakho…
    For only followers I predict this last match …….
    To make10/10
    Match :- Adelaide strikers vs Hobart hurricanes
    Winner :- Adelaide strikers

    • King bro ap naraaz ho gaye ho kia hum ap ky true followers hain and respect you a lot ap us samreen ki baat ka bura mat manao usko kuch nahi pata hai please don’t leave me and your true followers King Bro.

    • Bro I told many times here lot of people are nonsense if one report fail people are blaming but u dnt care of them they all r beggars who blaming. U r great predictor keep it up

      • Sandeep bro I always follow you….Sometimes it’s can be mistake it’s not factor……You carry on your predict please bro…….Every match….Who will win tomorrow ADl vs HBR?????

    • Anuj bhai if u leave now what the words he said will be true I am ur fan plz don’t leave show him what u r plz do not leave…….

    • Anuj bro please keep predicting ….. please dont listen other one…some nonsense who visit this site and comments bullshit please avoid them..for ur fans admin sir please kick out them who blame one another..

  46. Predection is just a logical guess so guys please give your logic. There is some good guys like sandeep, clark,anju,xerox and lara . You guys are too good . Its doesn’t mendetory that every predection are 100% Right . Some time its dosen’t work . So guys don’t be frustrated. Keep continue. And there are some bulshit guys who gues without logic and make confusion. Please guys don’t make confusion . Thanks you everyone .

  47. Winning !!!!

    Australia will be winner !!!

    Pitch of parth give maximum bounce and Indian batsman struggle except (Rohit and rahane )

    India will score more post 23rd over.

  48. Weldone riky clark u r super duper hit..i got ur prediction in late but i was waited for that coz we all r know u will sure listen ur follower n lovers voice thank u so much..i dont have any word for u.. i am watching this side last 25 days but i never seen here like u others r also good but not freat like u won maximum matchs only 2 match u lost.

    king anuj u r good i never seen ur 7 out of 7 prediction u r telling lie i watched ur 4 prediction only n u won 4 out of 4 u still need to hard work to compare with ricky,sandeep n xerox..but they r older than u so acording to us No.1 ranking goes to ricky clark 2nd sandeep bagwadi,3rd xerox 4th wasim bhai 5th hary poter 6 th postion is urs anuj king..

    ricky clark am ur huge follower n huge fan i like u so much plzzzzzzzzz keep predicting as well.

    • Sorry sameer I remind u all matches
      1) Adelaide vs Brisbane
      2) Melbourne stars vs Renegades
      3)Afghanistan vs Zimbabwe 1 t20
      4) New Zealand vsSril lanka 2 t20
      5) Hobart hurricanes vs Perth scorchers
      6) Sydney Sixer’s vs Brisbane heat
      7)Afghanistan vs Zimbabwe 2 t20
      8)Sydney thunder vs Melbourne renegades
      See and inquire if I wrong I will leave
      King Anuj

    • Samreen khan why u give ranking this site,sandeep lara ricky anuj xerox waseem all r dont confused others..plz.they all give their prediction.its our matter to choose one.prediction goes to right or wrong,doesn’t matter.

    • Listen Samreen Khan it’s not good to Comparison between Predictors here as everyone here has a right to follow whoever they want to to, I believe that Anuj King Sir is a great predictor and I follow him so better not compare anyone here and don’t do this ranking based on your own perception.

  49. guys am predicting in the moring between 11am to 12 pm i will try to predict as soon as i have to do more work n am very busy person in my life that”s why i unable to predict early but i will try for do it..

    thanks to all of u for ur loves..

  50. xerox u r nice predictor also freat frnd of mine so don”t be upset we all r still with u..its all about mind game dear..even some internation match r fixed u belive it or not bbut am billion persent sure about it..

    lara i have full sympathy with u..but don”t mind u were very over confident.i don”t wanna hurt u but i saw it. but still u r good not so bad carry on..

    I want to tell u all thing to all of new n over confident predictor pls don”t confused others people who such need help…other wise some guys r going superb..

    thanks to all of you n your love guys .

  51. Bang Bang N Bang Wahammmmmm. i gotta crazy.

    oh my god i did it once gain what i said guys league n all domestic cricket matchs r fixed and its al about interest as well back to back victory 12 out 14 matchs guys u can check my all post..

    today i said toss SDY Thunder toss -passed SYD TH

    Match ML Renegeds passed by full marks just check out my prediction time guys but i was feel not good caused some great frnds of mine who predict SYD TH that”s why i said in my own risk it will be 70% chance to win MR..

  52. King and Ricky Clark u both r excellent predictors but problem is we won’t be able to see ur prediction before 2 o clock as well … Plz try to predict early .. Thanks a lot 🙂

  53. Don’t get disappointed guys…
    We all respect u…
    Keep going….. Plz don’t hurt anyone
    It’s a request…

  54. Thanx guys but yesterday I saw that too much tippers everyone is predicting. It create a lot of confusion. I request please predict those people whom public want….. Don’t create confusion ….
    Thanxx followers

  55. There are many predictor predicting well but some nonsense people’s blaming on them
    Give respect for all and take respect
    Admin is really doing good work

  56. Hello guys
    As i said MLR wins
    Now the next match is between ADS AND HBH..


  57. King Anuj i salute you.Today u r special for me.Tnx a this side,sandeep,xerox,lara,ricky,waseem also good predictor..

  58. Clark – Gr8 job. Thanks keep up the tourch shine..

    All matches are fixed one so its better I open my shutter In international matches..

    How come a team who stood at indexing 120 can lose ..all Bullshits…

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