Bangladesh vs Oman Prediction 12th T20 Match Group A March 13 2016

Bangladesh vs Oman Prediction 12th T20 Match Group A March 13 2016, Ban vs Oman qualifier 12th match astrology prediction tips preview Who Will Win Today Match

The last round of the Group A qualifiers sees Bangladesh tackle Oman on 12 March at the Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association Stadium, Dharamshala. This is an absolute necessity win diversion for both the sides and the champ of this tie will meet all requirements for Super 10’s of the fundamental draw.

Bangladesh come into this diversion in fine frame, beating Netherlands in the principal amusement by 8 runs. In the second diversion they looked great, posting 94 for two wickets in eight overs before downpour washed out play. Opener Tamim Iqbal is looking in great touch and what has been noteworthy is that he is playing significantly more forcefully than some time recently. Whatever is left of the batting request has not let go so far, but rather in an unquestionable requirement win amusement, they will hope to prepared experts such as Shakib Al Hasan, Mahmudullah and Mushfiqur Rahim to guide them home.

Bangladesh vs Oman Prediction 12th T20 Match Group A March 13 2016

Bangladesh will win

What will enthusiasm to see is the manner by which captain Mashrafe Mortaza handles pacer Taskin Ahmed and left-arm spinner Sunny Arafat after the International Cricket Council (ICC) communicated worries over their activities with the couple required to clear their activity in a week’s chance.

Nobody toward the begin of the competition would have anticipated that Oman would be battling for a spot in the principle draw of the World T20. Nonetheless, Sultan Ahmed’s men have astounded everybody with their exhibitions on the field. Specifically was the two-wicket win over the quite fancied Ireland, a win which will go down as a standout amongst the most essential in their history.

At the point when the competition’s timetable was initially reported, few would have given Oman a shot of qualifying in front of Bangladesh and Ireland from their gathering. Having beaten Ireland in a last-over thriller, Oman, whose diversion against Netherlands was washed out, will head into their knockout conflict against Bangladesh high on certainty. In any case, certainty alone won’t help them if the risky Dharamsala climate mediates. It has been drizzling throughout the previous two days, and bounty more is figure on match day. In the event that there were to be another washout, Oman would bear awfulness as Bangladesh are insignificantly ahead on net run rate.

Oman would depend on Zeeshan Maqsood and Khawar Ali to power them forthright, to give Jatinder Singh and Amir Ali a chance to loan the completing touches. Ajay Lalcheta and Munis Ansari, whose activity takes after Lasith Malinga’s, will be critical if Oman are to limit Bangladesh’s in-structure batting unit.

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  1. U r superb Irfan my Jaan g. Totally agree with u. Mostly I celebrate my tough win.. I sent u a msg but it was not approved . I never count my win as u all r know I won 3 series – BBL 5,Sa vs Aus series n Sa vs England series. But someone try to be a good to win just a one series of Asia cup..

    Guys Ricky leading this site by 3 series won in row..

    After That, I will never give him n he any answer.. n keep in my mind ur n my huge followers wonderful suggestion..

    Irfan..Thanks for wonderfully comments.. N special thanks to ur wonderful cricketing knowledgeable.

  2. You is back with lot of wins
    Little losses
    World cup t20/reall prediction starts from tomorrow
    Let’s c who is best who is not
    After the final I will consider who is best
    CRICKET IS A FUNNY GAME LETS ENJOY N MAKE SM $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    • Dear friend neenu…wt20 already start and 12 games finish we are alredy.if u want collect prediction past all stiil available.admin not remove that.
      Or PULAK STAR daily posting true repots.u can chek that…if some objection his report ucan tel.

  3. Great word used TUKKA
    It’s really tough matches to predict never know the team combination,

    But still men
    1. Pak
    2. Eng

    1. Aus
    2. Eng

    90% 10%

  4. Wavoo..wavoo…i won both match today.
    R u hapy friends.

    Dear friends .
    LARA predict here get help to people..not for no.1 position..if i am eligible i will get that .otherwise no problem..

    But my point is this….this site even who losse or win no one have right to insult talk or bad behive.SUPERMAN keep doing that.coz i am aganist that.not only me…Xerox..sandeep..baba told alredy …

    Some 1 won aganist him then HIs attitude bad..behaive bad.Its UNFAIR

  5. Ricky sir I am a huge fan of your predictions. Your accuracy is very high. You always proved that you are ‘SUPERMAN’

  6. xxx BINGO is the best at present day .I wish always bingo going superb .everybody known who will win Ban vs Oman but Aus vs Win match was very touf bingo said WIN won the match

    • Thnx for the compliment bro,
      But I believe there r better & experienced predictors in this site,winning one tough match doesn’t change the thruth

  7. Guys PLZ yaar stop this some talented predictors fighting for champion title what is this guys.

    Let me tell you where this all starts from this starts from your celebration after the match ,try to be silent yaar ur the winner of that match, the site and everyone knows this who r visiting this site and someone with his excellent hard work providing you ranking, enjoy it na instead of blaming each other .

    You guys r agree with me r not its sure from your celebrations bcoz everyone’s celebrating in there own style .

    Lara :- wavooo wavooo r u happy friends
    Ricky:-bulls eye ,bullet ,superman etc.
    And different persons in different style .

    Lara ,Ricky is correct in one aspect about you as your celebrating one sided games also which a anyone can easily guess,if 90% supported Australia you and 10 % people were with sothafrica and south Africa wins then you celebrate as you like bcoz its a big thing you have the reason to celebrate.

    Let me ask you one question what is the reason to celebrate r u here to gain publicity ,if ur here to gain publicity you celebrate as you like ,guys PLZ try to understood from your hard work a single drop will not be wasted as your followers everyone knows who you r ,you should feel proud that your followers counting your success and failures….

    PLZ guys my request to you guys is PLZ avoid this build a friendly environment here.we doesn’t even know our correct names then what will you do with publicity .if some from this site ask you a autograph you have to give it as per your name in this site .so, your name value is zero here .

    Be friendly help each other enjoy the prediction guys.

    Lara my friend a small thing for you ,you r saying that Xerox is senior in this site ,I will ask you what have you learn form your senior ,Xerox is a good predictor and he is not celebrating his success so, he doesn’t have a single enemy in this site ……regrading his prediction.



    It may be difficult for you to do so just only pick the top ten successful predictors ,how gives there prediction daily without failure.


    • I do agree with u bro,
      I know it will be hard for admin
      But admin atleast give it a try
      By this everyone will be satisfied
      Think about it admin

    • Dear friend irfan,
      LARA and XEROX,SANDEEP they dont have a single enemy b4.but who all the guys tel the TRUE

      Superman behive not good .he is insulting and bad word using if some 1 won aganist him.

      After superman put us enemy list

  8. Guys !!! Please stop your fights you all are good predictors plzz everyone be polite and encourage others prediction may win or loss!!! Try to understand others feelings ! They too have some fans plzz predict your opinion with accurate andake this site a beatufil one 🙂 thankyou!!

  9. Lara bro nd Ricky sir both r good predictor some time predictions are wrong ……its game I respect any one plzzzz don’t showing attitude………..
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  10. Thanks for alviros ranking of world cup and pulak star for ranked me in top 10.and today my both predictions Bangladesh and Nederland win.tamim got brilliant 100

  11. I have mentioned the result before match and the winner is

    *************************************BANGLADESH WINS THIS MATCH**********************************

  12. ????????????????????????????



  13. Oman won the toss

    Oman will win the match

    It will be a turn around for. Bangladesh

    Believe me or not

    Nd Lara u r really great man

    Dnt worry abt ppl telling rubbish
    Just do your work

    We have seen PSL predictions of Ricky (who is not a superman)

    So do ur job bro
    I follow u and baba mostly

    Thank you

  14. mr. ricky clark and lara show their prediction power in WORLD CUP T20
    plz don’t fight with each other bcoz u all r good predictor
    so plz show ur prediction power
    gud luck
    mr. ricky clark
    an all predictor………….
    and after final we are give u the position of no. 1 predictor on this site okkkkkkk
    predictors u r ready
    plz dear admin help me……….

  15. Ricky sir, you are the worlds best predictor. You are Sachin Tendulkar of Cricket prediction. Pls be our mentor. You are the king. Stay blessed.

  16. Let World Cup t20 finally decide who is the best predictor in this site – Ricky ‘superman’ Clark or Brilliant Lara. I don’t understand why to make a fuss about PSL and BBL. Why nobody mention SA vs Aus series which was very difficult series to predict as both teams were very strong and Australia was playing in South Africa. Prediction in a series rightly and winning with maximum predictions is not easy. Let prediction rule war of words and let it be decided in the t20 world Cup who in the Master. Lara brother & Ricky brother you can begin with you cup winner prediction and so can other predictors. Let the action begin.

  17. BANG ON bulls eyes..

    Bang on target like a bullet from superman’s revolouber..

    TOSS n match both passed

    Guys that’s called predictions.. If u lost toss that means.. It was ur tukka..


    *****I am the SUPERMAN******

    Ricky give u answer with toss also.. R u happy friends.. Hope u r also happy.. BULLS EYES..

    Dear Irfan did u like my this style of celebration.. I sent msgs u in previous forum.. Hope u read it.

    Excellent performance by bingo, Irfan n baba.. U guys win or lost doesn’t matter but knowledge of cricket n market value..u guys known as well..

  18. Now ………..prediction time ::::::—::;::::::::::::::+—++++++++
    Its a prediction::::::::::———
    PoPaT 100%
    OMAN winssssssssss…….
    How ———:::::::::::::see match

  19. Dear admin
    Ur doing a great job.
    God bless u for creating this site.
    I request u to plz ask those who are using this site for purpose other than predicting to stop doing that ,else don’t post abuse against anyone

  20. I already wrote here in all matches since 3 months from starting. Baba is a 2 months older person here. Bingo means Santos some time he wrote it in under the line of his predictions. Santos a very older person of this site. Now he is bingo ask him.

    Bingo has given us lots of matches won in big bash league. He changed his name now he I an bingo a great bingo.

    Baba is also great but he got 3 rank. So hope now u will happy for that . well, well don’t worry dear I gave to lara as 10 position. Lara is a not bad predictor. That’s why he got 10.others r not in list.


    Alviro delrio

    • Dear again check it.for your kind information.
      mai 3 month our 7 din se yhna par hnoo.or my first prediction 9 January 12.13am forum Melbourne renegades vs Melbourne star.

      • I m just joking ..year ye sab se kya milega..sahi hai 2 mont our 1 din bhi hota hai to ishe 3 mahina hi kahenge..

  21. Jiska prediction mil jayega wo hi is site ka world champion hoga….
    If agree with me,…??
    gorge, ect…
    * *mai bahut din se is site follow karta hoon,1 baat kahena chahata hoon ki iha pe bahut sare ache predictor hai lekin kisi kisi me IGO problem hai.XEROX our SUNIL ko is site ka fairply trophy jayega.there so
    Inko dekh ke kuch sikhna chahie…

  22. Lara,ricky,baba,bingo.gorge,nennu
    sandeep ect.. ect..koun best hai world cup me pata chal jayega…
    Sabhi apna 2 team chose karke bataie jo world cup final khele ga.
    dekh te hai.. kis me kitna hai dam…
    Chalo mai hi suru karta hoon…

  23. Thanks predictors 🙂

    Baaki aj ka Bangla for sure.

    99% what happens that starting matches of any tournament can be predicted very easily.

    Maza to tabh hai jab correct prediction goes till end :p

    Prediction with detailed logic is good.
    Anyways thanks alot predictors.

  24. Dear friends…PICTURE IS CLEAR……

    WE hav some good preditors in this site.but they won or loss they r not behive bad.they r not insulting each together.

    Here this superman aatitude everybody know now.if any predictor won or tel some true he want to raise his figer aganist him.he use insult word for him .so i tel him its ur ego and to be clear that and behive good and respect every one.

    If i am only tel this then u can tel its personaly.

    But XEROX BAHI SANDEEP BHAI seniours.we know xerox bhai is a disipline predictor.but this both top predictors telling to superman ur behive not good.

    Baba report here superman told BABA ..his prediction filmy and childish.this same word Superman told LARA also.what superman thinking its prediction is right only.all records he take internet then copy paste.its calling prediction…

    Lara never argue with any top predictors there prediction style.everybosy hav right there own style.important what is the result.?

    Superman telling childish predictor BABA winner of PSL big series.
    Supernan telling filimy predictor LARA winner of ASIA CUP.
    AND U SUPERMAN?when we won series u make open CHALENGE this site WT20 cup u show ur brilaint knowledge…..

    Everybody seeing that now…superman8/4.
    Now PULAK STAR make report every day he is angry him also y put him down…where he want put u r keep lossing ur predictors there leading beter than u…

    So u r a good predictor.i accept that.but if u didnt respect every one here…no one didnt give u respect also…..focus ur game …
    Good luck for u

  25. for all:-pls read,don’t avoid%%
    alviros brother how beautiful prediction it is!?
    where the name our admin.baba no 3,lara xerox last.
    no name of shawon.pls don’t tell a lie.honesty is the best policy.all match predictions of t20 world cup check pls.then you will get your answer.people knows
    the good predictors name and they will give their pls speaks the truth.baba won 7of 10,lara,shawon7of 10,admin george,xerox,bingo 6 of 10,ricky 4/10.two match not if any doubt visit & check this site.
    Pulak star%%

    • Dear friend pulak star.

      U r doing good job everyday report making. Coz our site is people helping site.even future my rank ur report any position also keep countine ur true report.its help for such need people to win..

      Some 1 thinking this site is there MONOPALY and they and there king only need this site.other people like us all fools…so they create like that .so keep countine ur true report.if ur work is honesty dont scared any 1 shout u..hats off ur hard work.

  26. Dear friends….
    Bangladesh vs oman..

    Bangldesh is favour this game.they can won easy .no need write story here.but toss is important for weather not good.but also bangladesh experince enough any contion win this match.


    Good luck

  27. Kohli u r going well.. If u have doubt then u can change ur predictions.. It’s a right of every predictor for people’s welfare.. Don’t dare to wavoo man.. He is mad that’s y each n every day.. Wavoo man try to teach other’s.. He can’t see anybody can go up from him..

    Keep predictions Kohli ur great predictor.. Don’t care about nasty person..

    In these days he is behaving like a mad.. He is nothing, that’s y want to prove him self as a good predictor.. Pls forgive him..

    I am telling u.. U r going superb Kohli..

  28. And King lost by in challenge like u he was a honest guy that’s y he went from here.. He not like u.. Who betean by me after next day but u r shameless person.. Why u want to prove.. If u r right n am wrong.. People’s can judge it better than u.. U r proving that how much u r behaving like a predictor.. Please be cool wavoo..

    I am very disappointed for u.. Keep going like that.. Oh yeah hahaha..

  29. t20 world cup ranking after finish 10th match
    prdictor-match-win-lost-draw-no result-no
    1.BABA— –10—–7——1—-0——–2———–0

    2.LARA —–-10—–7—–1—0——–2———–0

    3.SHAWON –10——7—–1—0—–2———–0

    4.ADMIN —–10——6—-2—-0—–2———–0

    5.GEORGE —-10–—6—–1–0——2———–1

    6.XXX BINGO-10—6-—-2—-0——–2———–0

    7.XEROX —–10—–6—-2—-0——2———–0




  30. Ricky Lara bingo baba all are ready to shock.because world cup 2nd upset happen today and must be the winner is Oman.confident side.they are playing spin well.

  31. Dear friend.

    Last day 2 matchs I won the matchs pass.

    Today ban win & IRE win .

    Ban match one side match BAN win guys.

    Last day happy friends whoooov.

    KOHLI .

  32. Bangladesh / Oman

    Nothing much to say
    One side match
    Don’t try to change sides
    Be on one side



    Xxx bingo ££££

    • West indies / Australia

      Match between consistency and inconsistent teams

      Both teams lots of hard hitters

      So today going with



      Xxx bingo ££££

    • Taskin and sunny, 2 bd bowler r suspected by icc but they can play this match and try to show their best performance.

  33. I don’t even think that this match need prediction.

    Bangladesh doesn’t need to win, Oman will lose this game for Bangladesh.

    Oman by knowing that they r facing Bangladesh in a knockout match Oman is already 50% surrender to Bangladesh and remaining 50% the pressure on field will make Oman to do so…

    Bangladesh only have to play cricket no pressure for them at all…


  34. I won last 2/2 game but dear admin previous game u not post my predict

    now time to prediction
    BANGLADESH Will win 100000000%%%%%

    admin plz post my predictions 😀

    bangladesh is much stronger than oman.both batting & bowling is if rain will not come and match will play then i think bangladesh easily win the match..
    Tamim Iqbal, Soumya Sarkar,
    Sabbir Rehman, Shakib Al Hasan, Mahmudullah,
    Mushfiqur Rahim (wk), Mohammad Mithun,
    Mashrafe Mortaza (c), Abu Hider, Taskin
    Ahmed, Al-Amin Hossain.
    Zeeshan Maqsood, Khawar Ali,Jatinder sing
    , Adnan Ilyas, Mehran Khan, Aamir
    Kaleem, Amir Ali, Sultan Ahmed (c & wk), AV
    Lalcheta, M Ansari, Bilal Khan.
    today only winner is….

  36. yaar i am in dharmsala ,,the rain has stopped and clear sky.both watch will occure without any disturbances…

  37. Guys sidhi bat, we don’t need any bakwas for this match.. Easy one for everyone..

    Bangladesh is strong n miles ahead in all departments like me so don’t need for this one guys as 1001%.. A child can say that who will win after that a child means.. He will celebrate it this win like a child..

    Wavoo wavoo n ohhh yeah haha wavoo

    I won this match so r u hpy frnds..

    TOSS- Bangladesh

    Match – Bangladesh

    today interesting to see who will chose most people’s in first match. According to me almost all r will chose strong team like dth , but they will shock after results, let’s c guys, I will give him bang on his head..

    *****Beware from Ricky Clark*****

  38. 1.Netherlands vs Ireland
    Winner ** Netherlands **
    2.Bangladesh vs Oman
    Winner (( Bangladesh ))
    3.Australia vs westindies
    Winner :: Australia ::

  39. **This is going to be the first Bangladesh-Oman cricket match at any level.

    **Tamim Iqbal is now 11 runs short of 1,000 T20I runs while Shakib remains at 979 runs.

    **Much more experienced than Oman

    **Batted well against Ireland before rain stopped play

    **Good balance of batting and bowling

  40. There is few people’s who jealous from our best predictor >because he given us lots of winning matches.

    They can’t see him as a super star of this Web page..they r always found them self as a underdog predictor in this page. That’s why always talking big but when a big matches coming they will failed & failed always expect a person.

    If there is any person who older than 3 or 4 months. Who know to whom am talking about..I don’t want to take his name but he is upper than anyone predictor in our Web page since 3 months. The only one predictor. Even & always in big matches.. The name is enough for his lovers and followers.

    That’s why I will giving always ranking from first upto last.

    I was silent follower of this Web page but when some small finger raises against him then I came here. To give them real rank.


    1_®icky ©lark
    4_you neenu
    10_lara & xerox

    East or west.. When we will try to find out best.. The one name came n will come always first RICKY CLARK.


    Alviro delrio from Rio de generio.

  41. Dear friends……
    When lara come entry this site BBL time.then i
    Saw a rocking predictor.his name is ANOOJ KING .I remeber he won a row without loss 11+ match….but he also everyday get insult frim superman.after when he loss last game after i didnt see him any more here….

    Still his fans here.its aa lost of this that brilliant predictors stop his prediction coz of superman…….

    So he is a innocent guy …coz runaway scared u…..
    But my name is not LARA…how much u r insulting …that much reply u on game…

    Congrats XEROX bhai…yesterday u won both match..

    • But my name is LARA. How much u insult me that much i give u reply on game….i know guys u r enjoying …some msg between me and superman.but i write detaily everyone understad superman attitude

      • Dear Lara you are doing good
        No need to care for any one
        We all have support to you

  42. Hello everyone.

    Just simply prediction.

    No doubt BANGLADESH winer only.
    But before support I remember you go with BABAS policy(1) R (3) bcz odd very low .old viewers know my strategy/policy.

    Now yours choice .jaise app ki icha .baba ko jaise follow karana hai karo.thanks .

    • For new viewers.
      Only Watch the match and enjoy yourself.-strategy no(1).

      Wait and watch the game any case OMAN little fav then imdiatly support BNG.-strategy no(3).
      Or kuch bhi mithai mile prashad samjh ke kha Lena…thanks .

      • ————- KING R A Y IS HERE———–
        This match winner is only and only
        —————-BANGLADESH ———–

      • I agree with dear admin .what a nice word “TUKKA”.

        Hamesa mai tukka match ke khilap hnoo.means warm-up matches..

        Fir vi bahut follower puch rahe hai ki kaun kaun jitega ..kal koi main match hai nahni .so isiliye un gine chune people ke liye post kar raha hnu.95% gerenty only.baki jimedari apki..
        (1)Mumbai CA Xl vs ENGLAND-winer-ENGLAND.



        (4)ENG WN vs SAF WN -winer-SAF WN.

        Hope all matches pass.but
        Fir bhi kahunga TUKKA matches avoid Karo..thanks…baba.

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