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Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka Prediction 5th T20 Match Asia Cup 28 Feb 2016

Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka Prediction 5th T20 Match Asia Cup 28 Feb 2016, Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka 5th T20 Today Prediction Ban vs Sl Who Will Win Match, Get today match live scores ball by ball cricinfo cricbuzz yahoo scores online February 28th 2016

Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka Prediction 5th T20 Match Asia Cup 28 Feb 2016The fifth match of Bangladesh versus Sri Lanka will be played on 28th Feb 2016 at 7:00 PM. From here you can check redesigns and insights about Bangladesh versus Sri Lanka fifth Match Asia Cup T20 28th Feb 2016, Scorecard, Live spilling, Highlights, Streaming, Venue and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Simply go beneath to get more overhauls and data about Bangladesh and Sri Lanka fifth T20 match.

Bangladesh ricocheted back in the competition by whipping United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.) by 51 pursues Friday losing the Asia Cup opener against India.

Batting in the first place, the tigers posted an unobtrusive aggregate of 133 for eight in 20 overs, as indicated by bdnews24. In any case, Bangladeshi bowlers succeeded in guarding the unassuming aggregate as U.A.E was knocked down some pins out at 82 in 17.2 over.

Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka Prediction 5th T20 Match Asia Cup 28 Feb 2016

Bangladesh will win

Sri Lanka, then again, started its Asia Cup crusade with a noteworthy win over U.A.E at Dhaka Thursday night, as indicated by the Hindu. U.A.E. neglected to pursue down an unobtrusive aggregate in the wake of limiting Sri Lanka to 129 in 20 overs. Sri Lankan captain Lasith Malinga took four wickets.Bangladesh will tackle Sri Lanka in Match 5 of the Asia Cup T20 2016. The match is planned for February 28, Sunday at the She-e-Bangla stadium at Mirpur. Bangladesh have turned into an inexorably prevailing side at home in spite of the fact that the endeavors they have accomplished in the 50-over amusement are yet to decipher into T20 achievement. Bangladesh will be driven by Mashrafe Mortaza while Sri Lanka will be going by all rounder Angelo Mathews. Both groups have some exceptionally encouraging, youthful players getting through the positions. All components considered, this ought to be a firmly challenged match. On paper both groups appear at equality in aggressiveness.

Bangladesh have players like Tamim Iqbal, Soumya Sarkar, Mahmudullah Riyadh and Mustafizur Rahman who have been in gigantic structure off late. Sri Lanka have some awesome cricketers in any semblance of Tillakaratne Dilshan, Dushmantha Chameera, Jeffrey Vandersay among others.


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  1. Thanks guys. But one more thing. Dear admin the option of answering the poll question should be only once for every member in every match. This way people will really be sure before giving their answer. Sometimes people change their decisions twice in one match. That will not be possible. Others won’t get confused. Would be real fun. Your website is excellent. Really enjoy surfing through it. Please keep up the good work.

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    pakistan v united arab emirate matche

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    Good luck…

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    Ban team is fire .. Good blw said ban.

  8. I would like to make a suggestion to the admin department. Every member can give their comments as usual but along with that their should be a poll question that they should answer before submitting their comments. The poll question should be that which team will win that day. That is whom they really prefer and favour to win that day. This will eliminate the percentages thing that members give. Then, Instead of the likes and dislikes, under every member’s comment you can show their last 10 matches record in the form of pass (P) or fail (F). Their should be 2 columns of record. One is for overall record that is last 10 matches predicted by submitting the poll answer . The next column is for the record during that tournament. This will help in knowing every member’s record in one glance. Even a new member will find this useful. It’s difficult to know the last passes or failures of each member. This will provide real fun. It will keep everyone excited and interested in this website and will increase the members base. This option is for not only members but for the admin also. Hope you like my suggestions. Thanks.

    1. Great tip, we will consider it, thanks

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  29. All right guys I accepted my loose..
    What a match.. It was a very PITY day for Angelo Matthews.. 12runs in 20balls in critical situation.. Fk him..

    Congratulations to xerox he is still alive here.. After loose lots of matches in row(5 matches).. Today he finally proved him self.. That how much he I is great.. He will always win the match after 5 consigative lost..

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  30. Bangladesh won yes my country won…. I m really happy…

  31. Bangladesh won the match dudes

  32. Ricky you are really great don’t worry my dear

  33. super dude… keep going on

  34. Bad luck r clerk bro

  35. Yes yes yes….bangladesh is the winner…check my prediction

  36. Shawon hats off brother
    also lara you rock today
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    i have won it……
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    also congrats lara brother. super job
    friends r u happy today who has supported us..

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    Oh just see the jackpot …

    I mentioned if I lose today I will never predict.

    1. Congratulations????????

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    Thanks for give about such good knowledge of Cricket platform..

    1. It should be applicable for all

  42. Guys if I said that Lanka will win only that means winner will be Lanka.. It was like a my billion % predictions.. Caused I said it before winer only Lanka n it will remains Lanka.. If ur RICKY CLARK IS HERE THIS WHY U PEOPLES GO ANYWHERE.. I AM FELLING VERY BAD FOR XEROX AFTER THAT.. WE WILL NEVER SEE HIS HERE THATS WHY..

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    1. Are Ricky bro for us you are the best
      I don’t see anyone who has winning %age more than you. I have been following this site since big bash,so there is that. Keep predicting bro. Cheers!

    2. Ricky Bro don’t be upset. I still believe you . Please give some confirm report . I need your report badly . Thanks you .I am alaways with you .

      1. I am to upset today bro but no problem we will recover it bro I am in with u.

  43. SL win sure Ricky,,,,,, You mast gret job,,,,,, Sabbir show rock but Fail…. for match

  44. Keep calm guys n faith in ur team n keep faith on me.. This is not kind of pitch.. Which played last four games.. It’s different types of pitch grass is removed by quarter.. So Sri Lanka will chase it..

    Baba bro KYU na kuch meetha ho Jaye.. Matam kisi aur din mana lege.. App ki mithai Kal 294 logon NE khai.. Hope unsavi ko aap ki methai n matam.. Hajime nahi hua Hoga.. U have to give ans us dear baba bro .. Don’t take my words in wrong way.. It’s peoples welfare as u always talk about it..

    1. At first you tell me ,Can you read properly my previous commitments r.
      A record likes to prove that people realize ..
      Many time my strategy( 80% )matches do
      Trending only.earn mithai evry day.bund bund se banta sagar.ek din mai khane jaoge sare mithai to diriya bhi ho saktta hai.

      And every day not our day ..its happens .its cricket boss..
      By the way you r clever guy.then why you…..????

    2. By the way I m not force to anyone ,,m always said choice is yours follow me r not..
      Can you force today anyone
      Srilanka winer follow me?

  45. Dear chahat
    After toss not send of Ur report
    I wait Ur post

  46. Today will win sri lanka

  47. Srilanka will win this match

  48. Tmim iqbal rock today


  50. Malinga will not play frnds

  51. Only bangla tigers win

  52. Jo jeeta wohi sikander, sakib hiro villen chandimal malinga hiro , villen musfikur .no match with mustafizur rh

  53. Lara told bangladesh and ricky clack told srilanka……

    So lara Vs ricky clack…..who wil win

  54. Bangladesh will lose if The york-master clicks. otherwise no one will stop the roar of The TIGERS….

  55. Srilanka is going to win these match.
    Toss: Bangladesh
    Match :srilanka.

  56. Srilanka will win the match out of 4 matches only one match will be lost with India in final ind vs sl ind will win the asia cup but bangladesh beat pakistan at next match 1001% I have predicted last 13 matches all are correct at any situation todays match is lanka

  57. Dear friends!

    Today match ban team fair ! Gd fight to

    Bangladesh .. Blow said very well ban.

    Sri Lanka batting trabuls wkt..

    But blow said makings & kulasekar & herth once again winning forfamance..

    Today winnar is SRilanka guy’s


  58. bangla will win

  59. today win sri lanka
    win toss sri lanka
    top score 182
    bangaladesh loss .score 122


    “Yaad rakhna”

  61. Hello friends,,,,

    My caluculation Bangladesh much stronger than srilanka in his bowling unit…
    Soumya sarkar… Mahmdulla…… sakib…. Rahman… Mithun….. Rahim… bating unit
    But srilanka batsman not experience in bangla pitch…
    1st bat/ 2nd bat winner only BANGLADESH””……….

    Bengal tiger come on…….


  63. Bangladesh will win

  64. today first batting gonna win .mark my word everyone. if first batting can make 140 runs they will win for sure.

  65. bangladesh will win.go tiger go

  66. Today Bangladesh will win this match!

    Will not explain the reason why Bangla.

    I know 3-4 matches went wrong from my side but today if this doesn’t turn as mentioned. Will leave this page..

    Xerox ATB

    1. U great u too much

  67. Rajon (the little predictor)

    Srilanka will win…they r the champion in t20…Bangladesh has no real form right now…srilanka r also inexperience but they have some good players like malinga,kulasekara,chandimal,Mathews,dilshan,…….previews matches clear the scenario it will also a low scoroling match…one or two big over change the whole match…Lankan batsman has the capability to do that…winer Lanka….

  68. Bangladesh must be win against sri lanka. Bangladesh smash comprehensively over sri lanka .

  69. Lanka win this match

  70. 85% fevret team win
    If you always fevret team predic
    Your 85 % prediction pass

  71. bangladesh will win difinitely today….

  72. Dear friends…

    Dont confused…coz we have some good predictor in this where u trust then u go with that team.

    Sreelanka is a worldcup champions and defending chambions.we know theyr strong and experinced.
    But i choose bangladesh for the present perfomance of bowling .its too danger they r now.and srelanka b4 hav midile order jayawardhana and sangakara.when they goafter sreelanka battinguntit not strong.its prooved that sre vs UAE.
    Coz i amconfidentwinner bangladesh.

    1. U great lara. Luv u 2 oooo much

  73. @ – Asia Cup – @

    5th Match: Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka
    _at Dhaka, Feb 28, 2016

    #Prediction: Sri Lanka will win

  74. Today Bangladesh will win sure

  75. Bangladesh will win

  76. Thanks shawon lara for your prediction

  77. Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh

    Sri Lanka will win The Match . Nt so easy to win Very Tight Game Finallay Lankan’s will The. victory

    Match : Sri Lanka
    My Result : 4/4

    1. Today Pakistan will win this match……..apka vai lolipop

  78. DEAR ANAM…

  79. 1st bat team wil win sure

  80. win in sri lanka

  81. congatulation
    shawon bro
    xxx bingo
    ricky clark bhai
    for last night match
    today shawon bro,lara i will go with you
    hopefully bangladesh will win

  82. i am really confuse
    shawon,lara= bangladesh
    ricky,xxx bingo=srilanka

  83. This is my first prediction
    Toss – srilanka
    Match – Bangladesh


    Toss +++ SRILANKA
    Top batsmen
    Dilshan (45+)

  85. Today toss :Sri Lanka will win

    Match ***Bangladesh ***
    Mini jackpot banega

  86. Toss Bangla
    Match Bangla

  87. Toss winning team will win today ,,,,,,according to me ban will win toss and ele to field

  88. win bat first

  89. I have predicted 8 matches and I have won all the 8 matches (8/8)
    Today match Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka
    winner will be ………Bangladesh

    1. Today winner is lanka sure 1000%

  90. Sri Lanka is gonna win the match today.

    Watch my predictions till the end of Asia cup.


  91. Today confused lara with bangla n Ricky wit srilanka. .. Xxx binho, Mann, baba, Xerox plzzz predict

  92. Bangladesh vs srilanka
    $$$BANGLADESH $$$

  93. ban—48%
    so srilonka will win match

  94. Sri Lanka will win the toss and the match

  95. Another very big blow by the great n one n only predictor in this site the great legend RICKY CLARK..

    mere Bhaiya super-start, mere Bhaiya super star mein fan hua unka, mere Bhaiya super star–the one n only GREAT predictor RICKY CLARK SIR..


  96. Toss =Bangladesh

  97. Guys as per compare both team are looking well balanced for this match but as per experience n some senior players r back in Sri Lankans team they are favourite to win this match n it will remains favourite. 4 times both teams come fev to win this match but this one is win by Lanka only..

    TOSS- Bangladesh

    MATCH- Sri Lanka

    Lanka will win this match as well.

    1. Deae ricky clark
      thanks for prediction..but this time i think u would be wrong.bcz today only winner is bd.

    2. Is it 1001% bro

  98. sriLANKAN team is more expirence then bangla… How to take presure Methau well know ….so today man of the match player is metheu and it is 7 time bangla vs lanka…. 100% sriLANKA WIN THE MATCH.

  99. Bangka will win… Also…
    In finals… India and Bangla… Cheers….

    DD is here for you !!!

  100. Ban can win this match home ground benefits same time inexperienced Lanka team

  101. Yesteraday i read all comments many of them saying pak will win but u guys (lara n ricky clarke) r too good hats of to u guys,m big fan of u…

  102. Intellect(Me) enlightened being

    Here is my 2nd prediction guys Bangladesh vs srilanka. It is a important match for both the teams. But it is a do or die game for Bangladesh in the home ground in front of home croud. Bangladesh has the variety action bowling unit AL amin mustafizur. Srilanka batsmen is not in a good form. Bangladesh is with young blood. Sure Bangladesh going win the match. Intellect(Me) enlightened being telling that close ur eyes and go with bangladesh

    1. Its not a do or die match it is a one side match kulasekara herath mathews roczzz in bowling lanka will win the match 2day dam shore

  103. today I blindly follow Ricky bro…..yesterday I was against Ricky bro…..but came to know how dangerous it was…..if Ricky say 1000% then don’t go against……!!

  104. Intellect(Me) enlighted being

    Here iam back with my second prediction . my first prediction is highveld lions. Its final match. I have experience in predicting matches from my childhood. Be bold and believe me you can win some cash. Please friends don’t believe in baba he comments only what he thinks but not the facts. Ricky clark is a good predictor but when he says 1000% many matches lost. I think lara is the best predictor in this site. Soon I can replace that best predictor position. Good luck Lara great going all the best from my side. Intellect(Me) enlighted being came here to change UA fortune guys

  105. No Compromise Only Win Bangladesh

  106. Yesterday many said confidently that pak will win.but i m with india
    Asiacup 4/4pass

  107. Bangladesh is the winner…this is fixed…so go with bangladesh

  108. SL win at any coust.

  109. Intellect(Me) only meee

    Lions will win the match surely this is my first prediction remember Lara Ricky baba hi George its only meee

  110. Bangladesh will win the match

  111. SRILANKA win the toss and chose fild first….. And bangladesh score 130 to 140….
    SRILANKA chase and win 3 wickets

  112. cobra vs lion
    final match
    pls predict

  113. today won bangladesh

  114. Ricky Clark << bro u and ur predictions awesome bro………..u r unbelievable………..once angain u proved tht d match u told 1000% Wil neva loose ……….keep up d good wrk buddy ………..and please this is my humble request for today's match just give me ur sure and pakka report ……….cause going against u last match I faced d consequences so I don't want that to happen again fo tdy ………………………….Please predict as soon as possible…….and give ur 100% report. Urs (( keeru ))

    1. Dera friend. . . . . . . . . . ricky clark sir say today srilanka team win.. So no confution we with SriLANKA…

  115. Toss : Bangla Choose to filed
    Win : Srilanka will sure win

  116. toss Bangladesh
    match Bangladesh

  117. toss:Bangladesh

    match: Bangladesh

    Rocks :mustafiz’all amin’sakib

  118. Bangla will bat first and will win the game

  119. Dear and respected admin plz give us toss prediction also , thanks

  120. Srikanta jeetega 1000000%

  121. Srilanka will win the toss ,

  122. Bangladesh will win

  123. Dear Admin,

    The match between Cap Cobra vs Lions is gonna be started very soon. Would U like to add this match as well…!!

  124. Srilanka win1000%

  125. Bangladesh tiger is favorite

  126. Ricky sir you are fantastic … God bless you sir and keep it up .

  127. Toss – Srilanka

    Match – Bangladesh

  128. Give ranking to the top predictors.

  129. Winning Chances
    Bangladesh – 50 %
    Srilanka – 50%
    If Ban Can Score 130+ Or Restrict Srilanka To 120 Then BD Will Win ….

  130. till now
    i hv predicted all my
    13 matches and all r correct

    but for today’s match
    its going to be difficult for me
    b’coz lanka is a strong team
    and recently the host (bangla) r in form of thr life but cricket is all abt intrest

    for me its going to be tough for bangla to beat the xperienced side

    so as per stats nd my logic i would prefer lanka more than bangla


  131. Abhi the real predictor

    Bangladesh will win sure

  132. toss- bangladesh
    match- bangladesh

    won by 4 wicket

    chase target of 125-130

  133. Bangla win 80 %

  134. Rikey baba Lara sohan wassim
    Both r u gret
    I hands up

  135. It will be a one sided match and Bangladesh will win with an ease

  136. Bangladesh will be the most possible winner

  137. Asia cup maches Accuracy 4/4 today is jackpot match 4all supporters hope u trust me now And go with my tips today…
    Toss :$rilanka
    Match:updated after toss
    Soo let’s see predictor which team select today”
    “Chahat 100% tips”

  138. * Bangladesh lost all of their t20 matches against srilanka, (4 out of 4)

    * Srilanka is good enough in t20 against any team.

    * But this time Both teams seem to be same strong while Bangladesh got a strong bowling line up.

    ## Bangladesh will win the match ##

    Mustafizur & kulasekara will be on fire…

    1. Bangladesh will win

  139. BD will win 100%

  140. Dear friends…..
    Bengladesh vs sreelanka..

    This match more important for bengladesh coz there 3 game and they won 1 only.
    But srelanka there 2 game and they won 1 st game.

    My calculation for this match…
    Both team play aganist UAE..but a comfertable won bangladesh.

    Srelanka have seniour like dishen..chandimal ..mathews ..malliga.
    But other batsman for sreelanka hav not much experince in bengladesh pitch.

    But bengladesh have very well know the pitch and home support also.they have 4 fast bowlers al amin..taskin..mortaza…rahman.they r very suit to bowl this danger pitch condition.some month b4 they won series aganist india and coz there danger bowling unit.

    I dont think so toss is that much important..coz dew is a factor coz captain won toss and chaise..but like this danger bowling pitch f u u can bat first 130-135 score enoughu can defend.

    I wish midile order rahim and shakib they return there form bating..i am confident for bengaladesh win today.


    Good luck

    1. Great u r superb…tnx a lot lara bro..

  141. SL will win today why am saying class is class home or non home

  142. bangladesh win hobey aaj

  143. Told u guys that Pak can’t win against India for the maximum time even though they display a very good performance.

    Now its Ban vs Srilanka…

  144. Ricky clark






  145. Who win today lanka vs bangla

  146. Bangladesh win 1000%

  147. Kal bhi maine kaha tha india jeetega aur aaj bangladesh jeetega

  148. 1 st bat bangladesh…& win..for sure

  149. bangladesh will win for sure
    srilanka match me fight karega
    bangladesh win

  150. Bangladesh bowlers are doing excedding well so far to the asia cup on the the pace pitch, also they have better batting line up.

    Who will win
    SL 30%

  151. Ban won tass then match sure won by BAN

  152. my results 2/2

    what i predicted yesterday india will win & kohli is hero…i passed.,feeling happy

    today’s prediction is SRILANKA will win


    1.Sri Lanka has good batting lineup than Bangladesh
    2.Sri Lanka has good bowling attack too…malinga & kulasekara in has more chances to win SRILANKA

    all the best friends…love u all

  153. Sl can Win not sure

  154. Bangladesh will win 100% today
    toss bangladesh
    match bangladesh
    today malinga is not going to play

  155. 100% tips

    banglash won the match today

    good job admin

  156. Today Bangladesh vs sri Lanka
    Bhaiyyo he tho bahut hi tuff game hai
    Mere hisab se winner only only
    (((( Bangladesh ))))
    Laraji aur rikkyji and babaji aap bhi
    Thoda soch kar boliye

  157. Toss-srilanka nd choose to bat score will be around 140

    Bangla will chase and ein this match.key player sarkar nd sabbir
    100%bangla will win this match

  158. chahat boss pls prediction ban vs sri who will win 100% tips

  159. Is me each people there out of how many prediction pass rate shows aisa much kar mere bhai

  160. Today is my first prediction.
    Sri Lanka will win the match…

  161. Toss ind
    Match ind passs

  162. Bangladesh will win for sure

  163. Srilanka win the toss….
    Srilanka win the match……

  164. its imprtant match to bangladesh but bangladesh cannot beat srilanka srilanka team is too tough easily today going to win srilanka ….if u want huge amount just follow me…..! ……………….srilanka srilanka ,,,…………[email protected]

  165. BANG/SL
    Yesterday was a great day at the office, but yesterday is gone today is a new day new hope,new challenges,
    Today match both team look to be same on paper,might be almost same
    Bang has been good with the bowl but with bat they have failed to impress with bat in both the matches
    Same is the condition of Lanka

    So both teams equal in bowling. But Lanka has better experienced batsmen ( match winners)
    So both teams perform well with bowl, Lanka will go through with bat with little experience
    Another low scoring game,
    Bowlers will come to party

    Lot will depend on opens Dilshan & chandimal,
    Middle order will be held by Mathew

    Lot will depend on toss,

    I think Lanka will bat 1st. Today

    Score round about 135 to 140
    Bang will fail to chase

    If bang bats 1st. 110 to 120
    Lanka will chase with lot of drama

    10 _ 55 to 60
    20_110 to 120(bang)
    135 to 140(Lanka)

    Toss LANKA
    Match LANKA

    $$$$ Xxx bingo $$$$

    1st or 2nd bat LANKA win

    Mark my words

    1. Lanka/ Bang have not played t20 against each other on this ground
      Overall stats
      Bang played 16
      W_5 L 11
      Lanka played 3
      W _3 L_0

      The only worry is about mahlinga fitness
      Lanka on the first match what the pitch had to offer,this time they will be ready
      So WINNER


      $$$$ Xxx bingo $$$$$

  166. Dear friends….
    I will try to predict as soon as posible ..coz i am not in india now .my time is totaly diferent there and here.but u can chek my predict time …but some time our admin upload is late .i request to admin before also this.

    So enjoy my prediction .i mention my prediction coz of what reason i hold that team and y? My logic and calculation also.
    So if u got my msg late then chek my predict time.sory coz personaly i am too busy.but i try my best.good luck yours lara

  167. Ya its good move no one are to impress other but to share knowledge u have given platform. So only predictions are required form members to all. Think new like every like or dislike (vote) for common result. U give result meter.

  168. Wavoo..wavoo…..

    Dear my loving friends…..
    U can check my prediction yesterday pak vs india….i am clearly write there what situvations going to happend in game….

    As i told its happends …an its come true…did u belive that?

    Yesterday i told u if pakistan early 3 wickets down midile order take responsability…butbat no.5 and 6 akmal and afridi…but dont forget afridi out of form.
    But if india early wickets los also bat no.5 and 6 yuvaraj and dhoni…after the bats man ..i am comfertable this bating line up.
    Especialy yuvi bat and bowl wel play aganist pakistan records proved.its also worked.

    Its my point i mention perfectly work out.pakistanmafe mistake what was i told that same.more details there my prediction i wrote.

    I amvery happy won like this dificult match and big victory.i am sure u r enjoy the day…

    Yours lara

  169. sri lanka will won

  170. Bangladesh can win.
    it’s 60/40 match. srilanka have 60% chance to win. but bangladesh have good boling side.

  171. Admin ji site pe fast comment update karaneka option rak lo and give the ranks for best predictor that will help to motivate to others
    Create top 5 predictor in below of page

  172. Bangladesh win one sided match

    mahmudullah,nurul hasan/nasir,taskin,alamin,
    chandimal,dilshan,kapugadera,siriwardana,,dasun sanaka,AD Mathews ,malinga, Kulasekara , T Perera , Shanaka, herath,dusmanta
    now ANALYSIS :-
    SABBIR. / mathews
    MAHMUDULLAH. / kapugadera
    musfiq. / parera

    Bangladesh side sabbir,mithun,mahmudullah inform.
    sl side chandimal,kapugadera inform…
    plenty good name on paper sakib,soumya,mushfiq,dilsan,mathews,parera
    but they r suffering few days…
    so batting ban 60-sl 40…
    now bowling—

    1. good analysis

    2. Ur gd predict

  174. Both the team had suffered a quite against UAE, batting looks bit weak for both the team. Toss is key..

    To bangla win shakib needs to fire & opening partnerships should be at least 50 & keep the wicker in tackt against slinga malinga…

    To Lanka to win bowling Rocks as usual, Dilshan needs to fire..

    Prediction 55% for Lanka & 45% for bangla… Keep in bangla has a poor tactics when it comes to 20-20..

    If bangla wins the toss it’s 50-50 match..

    Nail bitter match..In the end Lanka wins..

    Believe in Sara..

  175. Toss sl
    Match ban

  176. Today 50:50
    Bangladesh not good batting side

  177. Srilanka will be win-:)

  178. Toss – SRILANKA

    Match – SRILANKA

  179. Ban…. win this match…100%.
    Toss.. Sri Lanka

  180. Excellent prediction but your last prediction was Wrong India vs Pakistan.

  181. I think every one will be Bangladesh.. But m sure Srilanka will win chandimal,herath ..rock today..

  182. Dear admin plz tell members nt to predict in % other members gt confused if they r sure like ricky clark,lara then only predict % or else don’t it confuses on which to play,
    And admin plz moderate the mess (predictions) as soon as poss.

  183. Today
    Momentum cup winner
    Only only only
    Bangladesh vs Lanka jackpot
    Winner Bangladesh or 30/40 p both side
    Sab ka bhai locaaaaaa

  184. SL will win sure

  185. Sorry friends…& followers..

    Congrats Ricky,Lara you both won .

    And my self take a break for 2/3 game’s better preparation for huge friends/followers…Thanks.

    1. It’s ok bro…it happens sometimes…though it choose a very wrong time for me….bt I know u gonna rock 2day

      1. Trending is the best policy this kinds of matches.. After earn mithai…Bangladesh supporter’s wish bangla win & srilanka supporters wish srilanka TV enjoy game..

    2. Thanks baba.coz that game our thought ddiferent..any way good luck for up coming mathes

  186. Winner only……srilanka

  187. Like & Dislike Counter Removed, will try new technique soon, if you people want to share anything please comment below

    1. Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka Prediction
      My prediction ::::::Bangladesh

    2. Bangladesh will win the match
      Toss sri lanka

    3. I hope today your prediction is correct… Yesterday was a crucial match and you predicted wrong…

    4. Bro who will todays match

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