Bigg Boss 9 Winner Prediction Final Contestants Name List

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Bigg Boss 9 Winner Prediction Final Contestants Name ListBigg Boss 9 is the contention’s one and testing show going ahead 11 October. Bigg Boss is the high TPR reality show facilitated by Salman Khan. This show is one of the appears where famous people live in Bigg Boss house and face the difficulties. This time this show accompanies new topic as “Twofold Trouble”. The show called as “Twofold Trouble’ on the grounds that this show accompanies new contort that is the hopeful is isolated as couple with distinctive identities will blend match to finish the errand. This “Bigg Boss” season is very surprising from past season. This season is extremely testing and fascinating for the candidates. Salman Khan Shoot nine promos and every show delineating the feeling and nature of the individual. The hopeful’s names are pronounced. This show discharged on 11 October at 9 pm on Colors TV.

Bigg Boss 9 Winner Prize Money

Salman Khans fans are extremely eager to see Bigg Boss 9 and here your hold up is over Bigg Boss 9 is going ahead 11 October 2015.This season accompanies more debates with new faces. Watch Bigg Boss 9 on Colors TV Monday to Friday at 10.30 pm. Here you can watch online Bigg Boss 9 scenes trough live stream and live sustain. In the event that you need to watch Bigg Boss 9 online then go in Bigg Boss 9 from Bigg Boss house live 2015.This show will air on Monday to Friday 10:30 pm on Colors TV, so observe day by day scene of Bigg Boss 9.Something let us know this 17-year-old on-screen character is going to get o our nerves really soon due to her inflection (say thanks to God the challengers are not permitted to talk in English inside the house). She is additionally whimsical to the point of being irritating and is a finished devotee to the ‘Princess society’. Case: She washes in milk on her birthday consistently, wears a gold tiara and silver shoes (yes you read it right). Our inclination is that she can transform into a churlish little child the minute she gets heaps of family unit errands to do, and would we be able to see feline battles later on? Without a doubt.

Bigg Boss 9 Winner Prediction

Sovereign Narula: Here comes the OTT competitor of the season. He is overconfident to the point that you feel both irritated with, and have pity on him. In the wake of watching his bio and pitch no less than five times amid the debut scene (on account of the considerable number of young ladies who rejected him), we now realize that he has won Roadies X2 and took an interest in Splitsvilla and is “110%” sure about winning Bigg Boss as well. He will disturb alternate contenders without a doubt on account of his shenanigans and his shrewd Alec disposition. We can soon see him including routinely in the week after week selected contenders’ rundown, however having said that this could swing whichever way and may simply wind up getting him support from the viewers.

Kishwar Merchant and Aman Verma: Paired together they can be the ‘Mean Girls’ or ‘Tattle Girls’ of the appear. The two-who’ve known one another for a long time – have as of now begun calling so as to remark about alternate competitors them a pack of exhausting individuals. Aman Verma looks sufficiently sensible to have a decent run and can without much of a stretch be the first commander of the house. Most likely ready to be one of the pioneers he’s additionally a known face for quite a while – his accomplice Kishwar then again may wind up chafing alternate candidates as a result of her gruffness.

Bigg Boss 9 Winner Prediction Final Contestants Name List

Suyyash Rai:If you have seen Suyyash in MTV Splitsvilla, you would realize that he was a remarkable inverse of what we saw on Bigg Boss on the debut scene. An average rascal, Suyyash was the one to start ruckuses and was extremely forceful, so either the fellow has truly changed or he is faking it. In both the cases, you can expect a considerable measure of show. We additionally sense some enthusiastic dramatization blending between the couple, Suyyash and Kishwar, considering the previous is exceptionally defensive about her.


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  1. Price will b the winner of bigboss9.. Bloody selfish Irani dosenot deserve as a winner…she doesnt have any human being

  2. …I want to see Prince Narula (The Desi Boy) Winner of BB9. fact my 234 friend followers have already vote for Prince…so Now Do whatever u want to do..PRINCE is The Winner????????.

  3. obviously PRINCE will be the winner of the Bigboss9.
    Mandana can never be the winner. everyone one hates her bcoz of her attitude. if she will be the winner den everything is already fixed. I as a viewer doesnot lik mandan , the kind of behaviour which she had played wid housemate is really bad. i reallly hates her.

  4. RESPECT#PRINCE NARULA#THE ONLY ONE PERSONALITY TO WIN THE BIGBOSS9 mandana can never win the show becoz she is only girl in the house not doing the task seriously n not respecting the #BIGBOSS

  5. Luks like Manda iz not going 2 win bcoz mandana is from Iran and a shia and no sunni muslim will vote her bcoz of shia sunni factor, other side prince narula will get benefit of a punjabi, bcoz bunjabeez are financially well and he has also roadies and splitsvilla fans.

  6. Mujhe Prince aur bb8 contestant Ali Quli Mirza mein bahot si similarity nazar aati hai, dono ki shaklein aur hair style similar…dono loud mouth, dono ki physique ek jaisi, dono hi bahot baatooni, dono hi overconfident. lagta hai jaise bb8 mein ali 3rd rank par baahar hua tha is baar Prince 3rd rank par baahar ho jaayega, winner either wud b mandana or rishab…

  7. Manadana – Yek Minute, Yek Second, Kyuki……Kyukeeee….Drama Queen like Raytawal…

    Prince – Ek number ka ladkibaaz, chhichora, thharki…

    Jo bhi ho, Prince, Mandana aur Rishabh mein kaante ki takkar hogi…koi v jeet sakta he…

  8. Mandana Ku k wo bht acha khel rhii h usny koi friend b nhi bnya or rishab prince to sub larkio ko cherty h so vote for Mandana

  9. Prince is good at making hundreds of love stories and finally what happened he got caught in his own net.Atlst Rishabh is a sensible gentle man.He knows well his limits even as frnds and quite descent even when he is naughty..I think character of a person is essential quality of a winner and Rishabh deserves whether he wins or not for me hez a winner alws.

  10. prince?really…he s only a romeo…..real winner is mandy..she is d nly one understant wat bigboss is…and she played the game nicely…..she s d real winner…love u mandy

  11. Wanted kish to wint but as she has been forcely evicted than i support for prince !!! Best of luck prince!!!

    Luv u kish.. if u wont leave u would be the ultimate winner

  12. Only rishabh and rishabh.. Tiger does not hunt in a group like prince, roch… and keshwar. he hunts alone because he knows his ability to hunt and survive. prince getting so much help from so called cool group. that is why he is still in there otherwise he would be gone. Only task is not important, how you carry yourself, how much you improve, whats your stand etc… Only three tigers were in the house (2 of them are tigress) Rishabh, Mandana, Priya. Priya out, mandana is so irritating and her bahaviour is so bad and she should not be win. Only one is standing : Rishabh. Cheers for Rishabh. Whether rishabh will win or not, i will vote for him and he is the only winner for me….

  13. the finalists will be prince ,keith,rochelle[even though i dont like her],mandana n ofcourse my fav rishabh
    and i wish rishabh wins…………….luv him:)

  14. Prince prince and only prince will win.. he is worthy of being a winner else he wud not have won splitsvilla and roadies.. desr prince my all wishes to u only .. win bb9 and make kishwer win with u.. gud luck

  15. Priya mallik…a very confident,strong,indivisual ,fair game player.Thogh she is a woman..she fought every task and won hearts of everyone…she deserve to be at winning position…than anyone else…!!

  16. Rishabh supports wake up..Guys few days left for finale..pls vote for Rishabh..if all family members cast vote from their own fone imagine hw many votes cud be garnered !!! every single vote counts..Every drop makes a mighty ocean!! jitna hosake fb,twitter nd other social sites main comment for him,poll karo jo bhi karo but i alws say later regret nahi karna pade.


  17. Rishab should win the BB9 Show because he has been consistently good entertainer n many good qualities in him so he should win this game, pls vote Him

  18. either prince or keith should win.
    mandana=Drama queen+annoying
    priya=pretends to be over intelligent which doesn’t appear from anywhere.
    i wish Kishwar should not have been evicted in that unfair manner.

  19. Supporters of Rishabh pls vote..type RIS to 56882..sirf comment nahi vote karo, later regret nahi karna pade..Finale is near !!!!!

  20. rishabh rishabh rishabh….
    AKELA DON HAI….. Dil ka saaf aur jesa saamnay wesa peechay… plz indians vote for him…………plz

  21. Prince is the winner, nd ye gane hai prince kya bewkuf hai kya ki game chor ke chala jata ,bhai vo jitne ke liye aaya hai paiso paiso ke liye nhi….

  22. Vote for rishabh. … all who vote for prince are fools . He usee people and makes fake relationships to his advantage.

  23. Bty- vote for Mady (Mandana), she is understanding the game very well and always get the attention from in-house member even they tried their best not to give her the credit….

  24. Mandana should not win at any any cost wake up guys learn to differentiate between genuine guys and fake Mandana is a fake


  26. Oh !! What are you all saying?
    Prince is the Prince of big boss
    He will win ????????????????????????????????????????????????

  27. It’s not about playing in a group or playing individually it’s all about how good are you at playing !! If mandana is playing individually it’s her strategy and if prince is playing in a group then it’s his strategy !! Ultimately one has to win and let people with great mind and good heart win !! BB9#prince narula# u deserve it !!

  28. Prince nd only prince.. Rishabh me ldkiyo ko gaali done k alwa show m kiya kya h yrr..usme h bski k 40 ghnte koi task mre..fatty rishabh..prince roxxxxx….luv u baby..go win the show..

  29. Prince is d winner.☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

  30. Keith left the Bb house for 3 weeks and wo kabhi kuch bolta hi nahi koi stand nahi leta. Rochelle ka khud ka dimak hi nahi hai Risab ne usko captaincy task main support kiya aure rochelle ne risab ko hi nominate kiya party badalti hai kbhi mandana tho kabhi kihwer tho kabhi prince…prince mauke ka fayda uthata hai rochel and keith dont desrv to win. Risab and priya truely derseve to win.

  31. THE TOP TWO CONTESTENTS were going to be PRINCE NARULA 70% of winning the game and MANDANA KARIMI 30% chances of winning the game

  32. Definetely its mandana karimi ! The most deserving one in the entire house..:)
    The one who plays fairly and is real from day 1 *)
    The one who never opts for playing safe unlike others :.)
    So its mandana for sure

  33. Keth, rishabh and Rochelle. Prince is a liar. Us ne apni mu boil bahen ki laaj nahi rakhi. Jhootha insaan. Kishwer ro ke gayi hai us ki bad dooaye lage gi.

  34. Behen kishwer out bhai prince ne diya dhoka nahi kiya sacrifice. prince ka drama khatam hua sach ka samna hua. prince ko sirf punjab vote dega but Rishab ko pura India vote karega. prince reality shows kar chuka hai pehle thats why usko pta hai kaise logo ko use karna hai aur girls ke saath love story karna hai kya character hai?? Rishab much much better.dhoke se rishb ko sand task main haraya tha ab dekho kishwer out. Karma

  35. Please vote for Priya Malik cuz she’s the most intellectual and strategic player in the house and also the driving force behind rishab. and to those who want prince to be the winner, all i can say is “Go get a life” and to you insane prince i’m a punjabi and i’m not a vote bank for you and i just hope that other punjabis too think rationally and vote for someone as deserving as Priya malik and not Idiot prince.

  36. Of course rishabh sinha must be the winner bcuz he is playing the game well confident has gud strategies gud gameplan not a coward entertaining and brillant rishabh will be the winner runner up prince narrative

  37. I always vote for Rishabh. Priya also very interesting and strong. But my favorite contestant Rishabh Sinha.Supporters of Rishabh please vote Rishabh through polls and sms as I do.

    Welove# Rishabh#

  38. Comment is not enough..We have to vote for Rishab guys..please do it and make him win……I alws vote for him

  39. No contestants innocent +good hearted +good person like Risabh rest are losers..for voting hired PRs fake voters.

  40. If bigboss fair rishabh will win. I request biggboss and salman khan. watching bb only and only for rocking rishab

  41. Bb9 most deserved rishab..Fake prince ditches her so called sister Kishwer for finale ticket and all season doin drama of bhai behen wht the ****. No wonder how he can use people for the manipulative..kishwer must be regretting ki kisko bhai banaya..

  42. salman ji i request that please let win prince narula i vote for him

    he will win bigg boss season 9 double trouble

  43. Prince bolta hai ki pura punjab usko vote karega but Rishabh ko sara HINDUSTAN VOTE KAREGA.Jai bholenath ki fikar nahi kisi baat ki..Pls vote karo Risabh ko aur Prince ka gamand thodo.

  44. People seriously think Mandana is real while Salman himself has acknowledged she is capable of getting attention by creating drama and being Fake. That may be a good quality of a player but not a good person. The only real person in Bigg Boss is Risabh Sinha. And he deserves to win.

  45. Priya or Rishabh should win, because they are the ones who have been bullied through out the season and stood up for themselves. Everyone else… Prince- is a bully and hides behind kishwar Kishwar- all she’s good at is fighting and he uses prince as her shield Mandana- is just plain annoying and she’s full of her self Rochelle- is a cry baby and she just hangs with the majority Keith- he was deserving at first but now he’s just going with the flow

  46. supporters of other contestants look more like prince haters….they cant even stop themselves from using prince name….this in turn proves that he is the strongest contestant of the show… so its clear that there are only prince supporters and prince haters….no supporter of any other contestant

  47. no matter what happens, prince is definitely going to win…….And as long as playing in group is concerned then its simple to understand that if you can get the work done by making friends then why make enemies…..

  48. This time wild card should win..housemates treat wild cards as outsiders so disgusting. Priya and Rishabh rocks..Rishabh rocks and priya strong,sweet and loyal towards his frndship with rishab.

  49. Rishabh and priya .. rest all are bullshit of the big boss house .. gande log gande vichar aur gandi sajish… rishabh and priya u both r playing well and i want you to win.

    • Priya n rishab r just making positive image.. Dt’s y they try to involve in any matters. They r fake.. Prince ll be winner

  50. Only Rishab rest dosent matter..punjabis blindly voting tharki dogla prince narula.kishwer spits in food shame on her and ppl made her reach finale which she dosent deserve. Vote for Rishab he actually deserves to win.

  51. My vote for Rishabh and Priya. Rishabh does not get carried away by girls in the house unlike prince narula who always keep on kissing and hugging evrry girl and try to make love stories with girls jus for game. Physical strngth is not everything and jus winnning the task should not resemble that person a winner.

  52. In my opinion The deserving winner is Priya. She has got a logical brain which others are lacking. If not Priya then Reshab. I dont think Prince is at all worthy of this fame..he is a back stabbing con in the house

    • prince my be the real prince but rishabh and priya are the real king and queen of the house therefore they should win

  53. Either Priya or rishabh or Mandana should win.

    Prince is just body builder , just showing his attitude and fake person
    Keshwer : She always need brother or husband …she is of no use …..If Prince was not there in Sand task she was just gone case and i do not see any entertainment from her, and what she did in task i do not understand…
    Rochelle : let her cry , anyway she is crying baby who needs keith for everything….

  54. Only and only rishabh should win ,he is real and fair and prince should not win becoz he is very agrssive ,very flirt and really not a good Guyana

  55. RishAb Sinha deserves to win Bigg boss genuine and good hearted person. Prince and Kishwer fake, double standard, chalu, chalak lombdi.Prince a back stabber. Priya was the hero of the sand task sherni. Prince and Kishwer damn losers ugly people with ugly hearts.RISHAB YOU ARE THE BEST COS YOU ARE A GOOD HUMAN BEING WHO DONT CREATE UNNECESSARY TROUBLE TO OTHERS UNLIKE PRINCE AND KISHWER. #JAI BHOLENATH KI FIKAR NAHI KISI BAAT KI# WELOVE RISHAB..BIGBOSS WINNER KAISA HO RISHABH SINHA JAISA HO..GUYS PLS VOTE FOR RISHABH AND MAKE HIM WIN THE SHOW

    #Welove# Rishabh

  56. i thnk rishabh will win the show coz sher akela hi ghumta savar to jhund mai hi ghumte hai like a cool group

  57. Rishabh, Priya or Keith should Win for me, they are the one who played the game well and understood it all the tasks, strategy and decoded other contestants.

    Mandana, doesn’t respect anyone, she is just so selfish but playing her game well.

    Rochelle, I am not sure how she is Miss India, doesn’t know anything about India. I always thought Miss India contestant has good IQ and GK like Beauty with Brain, But she is neither Beautiful nor has Brain.

    Prince has more chances to Win the shows based on history of Big Boss but don’t want him to Win. He was always in group, Sher to kahin se nahi hai.

    Kishwar, the most irritating lady in the house, she cant think beyond her self, God help Suyash.. If I have to live with her I rather want to die. DONT WANT her to WIN at all.

    My Pick is Keith but chances of his winning is very less credit goes to Rochelle Devi..

  58. prince plays the game on a group and kishwar is mastermind no one deserve to win the bigg bosss except rishabh sinha winner is here

  59. rishabh sinha will win the show because he is strong enough and he will be the first wild card that winning the show on on stand

  60. Yeh badtameez aur behaya Mandana bandari sab bewakoofon ko pasand hai….. Na jane kyun… Sabke Dimag karabiner dikhte hain????

  61. Prince is real show stopper unlike other inmates who were indulge in unnecessary fights. He perform his all tasks very well. Real winner.

    • yez he played the game on beside of girls yuvika and nora and a cool group he does not desrve only to win rishabh sinha played fair there is no doubt that first wild card win

  62. Mandana and only Mandana. I am not saying she is the best human being nut what I am saying is that she is genuine. She tells straight away what she felts inside her heart. Also she has been abused form the very beginning by everyone in the house and till to date. It’s a sign which means, she is playing the game properly. People who talks about her arrogance, please put yourself in her shoes, you’ll see a killer.

  63. Mandana r rishabh should b d winner…dey play alone not in group…dis show how real are dey…deserve to b a winner totally…

  64. Mandana should win. She plays the game the way it should be, she gives weight to the show and is a strong, sensible,good humanbeing.
    Priya is also a fair, straightforwrd woman..Good!
    Rest all are useless, Can’t stand Kishwer, she is a scheming, coniving and fake person.

  65. Only mandana has played a fair n good game….baki group bakwaas. …if one needs support to win the show then this show is not meant for the cool group contestant…those were waste of time in big boss….the worse is kishwar. …n prince…rest all chamchas. ..mandana is the winner and she deserves it…good luck to mandana

  66. Keith is coming up and is a good human being….prince is very aggressive and is overconfident and is very loud mouthed…he looks like a monkey…

  67. rishab sinha will win bigg boss 9 bcz he is the real gamer in the house usko sb bewakoof kehte hain magar he in vry clever

  68. i support rishab but why is he behaving like coward, why he doesn’t raise his voice. Most of the time he’s an asshole. If i talk about suyash, he’s my balls. Prince only knows yelling at people.

  69. Mandana Will and must win the show. She is a strong personality to represtent how strong women is. First runner up will be Prince and the second runner up will be Kishwar.

  70. Mandana is going to win.. she has suffered alot in this game. Everyone makes mistakes but the way other members react on mandana’s action in this show truly depicts their insecurity.

  71. MAndana will definetily win the shiw she is one woman army she looks great on tv.she has d ability to play the game.a big booooooooooooooooooo for transgender prince. He is a nuisance pack using dumb girls like nora to win the show mandana id playing independently so guyz just vote for mandana snd she will become the ultimate winner.

  72. Prince will win as I saw his spitsvilla he is a marvelous contestend and mandana ,rishabh both are dumbo and fukers and suyash is a girl

  73. why you people support mandana. she is totally fake & mean contestant in house. Also she cannot respects the other peoples in house. see her attitude to others. she think if salman & big boss supports so she will win the season. All peoples are thinking mandana will win so they are totally wrong. A big f*** for mandana. No manners in mandana Karimi.

    • You are just a prince fraud like any other person .mandana has taken her own stand since the beginning

      • she is the fake person of the house. And nobody is win, only take a stand for herself/himself. Also she is a Queen of Abusing & drama. Prince also takes a stand for her but she doesn’t take stand for anyone. she is selfish & thief of the Big Boss 9 house.

  74. Mandana will be winning the show because her thoughts are not dependent on other persons & she puts her opinion forward without getting scared of people unlike Prince who has no point of view & speaks unnecessarily only for the camera

  75. mandana will win. because every time she get the attention of audience and the contestonts.every one was against the mandana.same will happen with gautam.the finalists would be prince and kishwar

  76. Mandana throwing stuff at people and abusing all the time and showing attitude and arrogance. On top of all this she LIES all the time and cleverly twists words to her advantage. She really is a role model to win the show right? I feel sorry for people who want her to win… she thinks after all that Salman will support her…fortunately her game is over now. She is being too over confident.

    • For all of you who think madana use abusive language. Does she have any other option? Most of the time everybody is against madana. She feels lonely and frustrated. Everyone is playing in group. They all have someone but madana is playing all alone!! SO definitely she deserves to win the show..

  77. Mandana one women army
    Mandana vs transgender prince, kishwer, suyrash,keith,reocells?
    Quit not fair but ok
    Remaining are thali ki baingan …………….
    Great wish for mandana to win
    Also see has a chance in salman sultan

  78. Mr.Wasif I am sure what I am thinking lakhs of people are thinking the same way. She is a dumbo who does not even know which alphabet comes after H and still thinks she is ‘intelligent’ even kids are better than her..BTW game does not mean you can behave in a disrespectful manner and show racism…Biggboss is all about how you potray urself and how people perceive it. A monkey looks good to watch but difficult to stay with..nd yes u rightly sad She deserves to win the SHOE!!!! i would like to add SHOES!!!. So cut the crap and dont use my name in comment.

  79. Rishab is sure to win the show coz he respect Indians, Indian culture and language, hez the heart of the house..As far Mandana is concerned, it is clearly revealed she is a self centred girl, the country which gave her name, fame nd recognition she says “f*****g Hindi.She hate Indians it is clrealy revealed.”Jis thali maon khaya usi main ched” this proverb suits her.She is ungrateful and arrogant person. Still u people want to become blind and vote her Seriously Shocking !! Her family members did not come to meet her nor did they send any kind of msg for her in BIGGBOSS HOUSE.It proves her behaviour is not only annoying in house bt for her family too and lot more…Mandana will definitely not win the show..atlst for myself I wl neva vote a person who is disrespectful towards my country,my people and my national language.

    • oh pallavi you think a lot just chill its only a `game dont take it so personally,,for your information mandana n only mandana deserves to win the shoe

  80. No Doubt Mandana is gonna be the Winner Of BB9 coz she s d only player who plays the game in the way as it should be played. Eventhough she has big group against her, the cool fails very badly to tackle her. They all are so jealous c has been people favorite right from the begining.

  81. Definately Mandana…
    1) She playes well..
    2) No added couple advantage to her unlike kishwer and rochelle..
    3) In the game since the beginning , not wild card entrant.
    4) Not over confident , like Prince.
    5) Decent screen presence , ( noticeable on screen )

    • I doesn’t like Mandana to win because she has left her real religion of islam and married a hindu man. I also dont like Prince because he is very arrogant and overconfident of his winning. He has announced his winning 2-3 times as looks he is a god and knows everything. I want Rochelle to win bb9.

  82. I would want Keith or Rochelle or keshwar to win. They totally deserve it. Mot prince because he’s being too over confident about his moves. Moreover, he’s trying to defend Nora in everything, whether right or wrong. Priya is also an amazing contestant but I believe she’s losing her zeal somewhere between friendship and hardship.

  83. Pls open up your eyes people..dont vote for Mandana..She is queen of slang abusive language and disgusting behaviour..She jus know to use people..friends for benefit..Bad example.

    • Hi Pallavi, it looks u worry about Rishab, m happy that u care for him coz i like him too.But pls remember this is reality all things happen here, using of abusive words is not a new thing and mandana is not the only person to abuse some1 in the show.I dont think u can stop MANDANA from WINNING this season by tellin don vote fr her. MANDANA is The WINNER

      • Manda is fake and make racist comments to rushing when she said go back to your village Manda should be evicted from big boss house long time ago

  84. One man army Rishab..dosto ka dost aur dushmano ka dushman..fair play..I hate Prince and group cowards..dey think dey own the world..Losers.

    keith-winner(love him)
    prince-runner up1
    kishwar-runner up2
    mandana-runner up3(don’t like her)

  86. Prince Keith rochelle. Time to
    Vote Mandana and rishabh out. The two cannot complete any task are egomaniacs hell bent upon alienating others to get noticed.

    • If I have to cast 100 votes it’s going to be only MANdana shes played all alone and she has played it right big boss is all abt entertainment and. Without MANdana it would have been so boring

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