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Brisbane Heat vs Adelaide Strikers Prediction 23rd Match 2016

Brisbane Heat vs Adelaide Strikers Prediction 23rd Match 2016, Heat vs Strikers at Brisbane
January 8th, 2016 Today Match Prediction Tips Who Will Win Today Big Bash League Match

Brisbane Heat vs Adelaide Strikers Prediction 23rd Match 2016You Can Watch Brisbane Heat versus Adelaide Strikers 23rd Match Astrological Toss Who Will Win Prediction. T20 authorities figure, Big Bash League on Jan 8, 2016, Brisbane Cricket Ground, Woolloongabba, Brisbane D/and we moreover give live scorecard free investigation. BBL 2015, 2016, 232th T20 live score ball by ball redesigns.

Brisbane Heat v Adelaide Strikers 23th Match will be played on Jan 8, 2016 and it will be a skirmish of Eagle v Sparrow in the purplish blue sky under the domain of Fate Golden Scales Angel. Brisbane Heat has shown to a great degree poor execution in all matches playing unmistakable gatherings she endeavored to win the match however fate changes her triumph into obliteration and adversary as a result of indicating laziness in the preoccupation ground. Every gathering beat Brisbane Heat, to a great degree eminent thing why she lost all matches must ruminate the purposes behind whipping.

Brisbane Heat vs Adelaide Strikers Prediction 23rd Match 2016

Brisbane Heat will win

To begin with Melbourne Renegade beat Brisbane Heat on Dec 19, Hobart Hurricane beat Brisbane on Dec 22, Perth Scorchers beat Brisbane Heat on Dec 26, and Hobart Hurricane again beat Brisbane Heat on Dec 29, a to a great degree poor execution in all matches she has showed up. In a matter of seconds she is playing her fifth match against Sydney Sixers is identified with by Mercury the pioneer of Gemini is making a hard square edge with Mars, a killer planet submitting mistakes and inciting demolition to reward enemy.

The moon is in like manner applying a square point of view Mars and the associated Mars trading its light to Mercury the pioneer of Brisbane Heat demonstrating defeat concealed in Fate Pitcher peeping through the edge with obloquy. In case Brisbane Heat might need to win the match she ought to play first if she wins the throw and ought not offer the taking care of gathering to bating. In case she does thusly, she will submit a blunder to be expert the target and won’t have the ability to fulfill the goal. Winning the fling, it would be high time for Brisbane Heat to bat first.

Examining over the normal significator of both of the gatherings, the moon is applying a sextile perspective to Mars is in the decan of Mars and the is making another sextile point of view with Saturn that is in the decan of Saturn both are killer planets and at the same making a square edge with Jupiter also coordinating Brisbane Heat’s whipping unmistakably.

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  1. Again pass adelaide wins
    Now it’s 6_1
    12.08 pm prediction

  2. I love you guys

  3. BANG BanG and BanG On TarGat !!!!!

    Just Check IT Friends !!!!!


    Last Time It was a Fixed match !!!

    Thunder vs Brisbane
    That’s why Brisbane won !!!!

    And According To me Every match will not be fixed in Brisbane !!!

    So Just Go iT

    ——–Full Report ——–

    Toss- Adelaide
    Match- Adelaide


    6 over – 42-48 runs

    10overs – 70+

    20 over -175+

    Ludeman (3ovr stand 40+ will score) , Head , Jaywardane

    Bowling – One New bowler (faster) , rashid , Richardson

    Most Run By a Player of Brisbane

    Dis is difficult one But Go

    Feketee / Lalor

    Chris Lynn will be OUT early.!!!!


    1. wats ur prediction on the afg vs zim game ? thanks 😀

  4. Adlai xerox tip pass

  5. Sandeep xerox bhai yea toh seedha seedha adilade le gayi ????????????

  6. !!!!!GANESHA PREDICTION!!!!!!!

    176 target for Adelaide strikers

  7. heat will win 5 to 10 run difference

  8. Brisbane 155_160
    Adelaide match

  9. Sorry friend go with ads lyan jald jayega aaj

  10. Brisbain heat will win today

  11. dude burns r not play…adelaide r much stronger brisbane but..home support r brsibane so tht much change above adelaide…most importand adelaide main bowler r going to aussie richrdsn

  12. Chasing will win.

  13. Brisbane Heat Will Win For Sure..

  14. Briisbane Heat

  15. Today brisbane heat won the match

  16. Brisbane will win this match
    Full report

  17. guys u have to see my BRH vs ADS prediction time MAtch will win ADS time is 7 jan 6.16pm ..i telling it caused those guys who predict heat will win and they will burn in today”s burns will be burns today that means jo burns will be play maximum 30 runs innings..i am direct match predictor.dont like to discribe why my team will win..but now am telling u guys ..brh a loosser team in this bbl 5 edition n it will be remain in last possition n chrish lyn played all match well but this match he will be fail n so many people will take brh caused brh will be fev in todays match if brh will win this match bookies n ausis ckt will not make money also the situation n condition demands to results of poitns table 75% has been done but still PTS not clear as well that”s why today ADS will be Strike once again..

  18. I would like to go with xerox,
    Match adelaide
    My prediction till including 20 overs score
    4 pass 1 fail
    Can cross check

  19. guys pls watch this website on 2:05 every1

  20. afg vs zim plz predict

  21. Go for Brisbane guyz.. !!


  22. I think brisbane heat win win.

  23. Brisbane toss
    Brisbane match 100%Success today

  24. Sunil Vai plz come and give your prediction BH vs ad match.

  25. today f bat sccore 170+

  26. Friends, Be careful – 100% Fix match

    Please read my message below !!!!

    If Brisbane bat first then its going to be win for sure…

    I just came to know some important thing which I would like to share.

    1 These team met 4 times head to head and Scored 2-2..

    2. Brisbane Team will have 1 lac home fans at ground to Support them ..

    3. Andrew Symonds is the Vistor Mentor for Brisbane today.

    Yesterday i said Adls but after this I suggest you go for Brisbane…!!!!

  27. my 1st prediction
    confirm report

  28. Hello everyone…
    Adelaide will win reason for that
    Adilaide have the best balance …ludeman, Ross, Manila, hodge Travis and rashid all are in good forum. other side simons and richadson are not playing…
    Sandeep bhai aap ke against jaane ka dil bhi nahi kar raha… Reply.

  29. Brisbane Heat will win the match this is my 5 prediction out of 4 all pass

  30. Noman from bangladesh

    Heat will win for sure

  31. As per the PT Ads has son 4 out of 5 and they are at 2nd on the basis of run rate and if they win tdy they will have 5 out of 6 and on top of the table …

    But if not wrong perth wud be on top , so heat shd win the game of

    Even the bbl history says that if heat has lost 4 matches on the trot after that they have won all the matches after the 4th loss

    history of bbl says almost all the time only one team is at the bottom that is ST .. so this time too they might be as out of 8 times they were at the bottom for 6 or 7 times ..

    So heat wud nt end the tournament at bottom

    Heat wud win the game ..

  32. Brisbane Ground gabba last three matches high scoring every time first batting scored 180
    i think today also high scoring match and batting 1st ll win.

    what u think guys??

  33. Today Chris Lynn will be out early !!!

    Ghodds Feeling !!! ????

  34. Last Time It was a Fixed match !!!

    Thunder vs Brisbane
    That’s why Brisbane won !!!!

    And According To me Every match will not be fixed in Brisbane !!!

    So Just Go iT

    ——–Full Report ——–

    Toss- Adelaide
    Match- Adelaide


    6 over – 42-48 runs

    10overs – 70+

    20 over -175+

    Ludeman ➡(3ovr stand 40+ will score) , Head , Jaywardane

    Bowling – One New bowler (faster) , rashid , Richardson

    Most Run By a Player of Brisbane

    Dis is difficult one But Go

    Steketee / Lalor

  35. Toss :B heat bat first 175 to 185
    Match:B heat 160 100% SURE

  36. Toss-ads
    Confirm report…mine previous 3 report pass

  37. Today is definitely ……
    BH will be the winner.
    Thinking it will be scors around 1st bt 167-172.

    Afg vs zim……zim will win.(83%).

  38. Xerox and Sandeep u r amazing but I will go today with Brisbane bcoz…
    1.if Adelaide win they will qualify for semis, aisi bhi kya jaldi h Bhai abhi unhe 3 me 1 match jeetna h

    2. Brisbane k pas khone ko much nahi

    3- home ground advantage

    4- Chris Lynn’s dangerous form

    Player to watch

    Lynn simmons
    Adil rashid go for runs.
    Best of luck friends

  39. Prediction is my passion nd m back….!! IPL is comming nd i m the king…

  40. Brisbane will win

  41. Adelide striker 2000000000% will win the match

  42. BH,Afghanistan will win

  43. Ad will win the match its sure no doudt

  44. Today is my 1st prediction guys
    Who all in loss , make profit .
    Play eating to BH .
    Surly it vill win .

  45. I fallow sandeep bhai

  46. Adilade strikers surely win the match

  47. Adelaide is the underdog team and ross, head, hodge, jono are hard hitter more than brisbane player ,
    This match is fixing and it’s referred to Adelaide b,coz Brisbane will not come top four.
    I think Adelaide will be the winner in today match.

  48. Boss
    Afg vs zim 1st t20 who will win…

  49. landi simons is not playing!!! God knows whose gonna win!!

  50. heat will win d match

  51. i go with sandeep bro brisbane win

    1. Guys ..I have six sense.. Go with Brisbane.. Don’t go with adeide and lose.. Brisbane will pakka win this I have earlier stated thunder will chase within 16 over and they did in just 15 over.. Do believe me n play for brisbane

  52. Bh will win 100%….dis is my frst prediction

  53. Adelaide win this match today

  54. Adlaide win 100%jackpot match

  55. Looking at the points table, and form of the team and players,
    Adelaide strikers will win,

  56. Toss.B.Heat . Match. Adilaids. 99.% chances Bhai log.

  57. i go with xerox

  58. Brisbane Heat will win. Because Kane Richardson is not playing tomorrow in Adelaide Strikers for odi selection. This is my 1st prediction.

  59. I will go with xerox….Adelaide to win as Afridis team syhlets win one match in BPL and then lost all matches and was at last of league table..same is fate of brisbane heat going to happen in Big Bash…so.lets go with Xerox prediction…Adelaide to win tomorrow….

  60. Sure adilaide win.coz u can see the point table.brisbane win or loss they go match important for adilaide and they win.see u tomorow

  61. I go with Xerox adilaide strikers

  62. Brisbane will win

  63. Go with bh kal sab logo lagayenge ads marenge sab logo

  64. i go with sandeep…brisbane

  65. ha where is sunil we are miss you bro plz come and joined give your predictions plzzzz

  66. Sandeep n xerox bro .. U both are excellent predictors . We always want both of u to predict in this forum.. And Suni bro we miss ur predictions as well , pls keep posting 🙂 ..

  67. Of course ADL will be winner….

  68. Dear friends .brisbane loss also they didnt loss any possition coz they are the bottam table .but adilaide should win coz they need to stay final 4 team .tommorow wondering all brisbane fans …coz
    Adilaide winning amazing play

  69. sandeep plz predict abt d cup… who will be the champion……

  70. Sandeep bhai brisbn bol rhe hai
    Xerox bhai adilade

    Confusion ol around kon jeetega

  71. Ads bat first 10 over between 70-75 & 20 over between 190-180 ……

  72. Brisnane will not loss any match from now he will win bbl5

  73. Md. Easin Arafat Dip


  74. I am new hear but now watch my prediction…..
    Tomorrow match winner @
    Thanxs and follow me ……

    1. @Adelaide strikers will win the match
      Adelaide won the toss choose to bat first……
      6 over 35+ runs and below 43 runs
      10 over below 79
      20 over 180 to 190 score
      Brisbane heat again loose openers in early overs
      In middle Lynn and Floras or hopes make partnership….. But in the end
      4 over above 45+ runs needed
      And now Lynn departs ….. But they didn’t give match…..
      Going close to the victory and Brisbane losses wicket and defeated by 20-25 runs
      King #script

  75. !!!!!GANESHA PREDICTION!!!!!!!

    Toss : Brisbane heats
    Match : Brisbane heats
    Sure result mine today result also pass
    And yesterday also pass

  76. Toss BH
    Match BH surely

  77. harry potter,kumar & xerox plz comment all r wating for your prediction

  78. Xerox brother… i really do need ur suggestion.. plz comment ur predictions… ill b waiting for you.. plz comment as soon as possible

  79. Adelaid never loss a game in brisbane…

  80. Adelaid will win pakkah1000000%

  81. I think its a competition
    Sandeep come back ( as a player)
    He hit 4 six in a ball
    2 six clear & 2 six r in the air
    Xerox also come back & hit 6 six in a ball
    U r all genious

  82. Sandeep I was also referring Brisbane but if u see the upcoming matches then Aus will not be able to make money. Only 3 team will be at 6 points fighting for 4th place …

  83. Brisbane can win the match is it conform

  84. Yes ricky clark.its a fix game .even brisbane won also they cant reach final 4 team . And adilaide have chance to final 4 team .should the match winer adilaide

  85. Tos . adilade
    Match heat, it will bat first & 185+

  86. Hi Fiends,

    There are many other Good predictor who predict better.

    Indexing of PTS referring Adls ….
    Well ,tomorrow it would be Adelaide only..

    Brisbane will be out of the League tomorrow and will win one match in future to get other on the same PTS.

    Adelaide will be key in future to get other on the same point that’s why tomorrow they will win and will lose one upcoming match..

    A sudden turn will come in this match !!!

    1. dear xerox bhaiya prediction please
      brisbane heat vs adelaide strikers

    2. xerox plz clear the match prediction……?? confuse comment heat vs adelaide?

  87. My First peridiction was Pass
    My 2nd Peridiction is

    Both team have full confident of their last win .The Adelaide bowling is very good at death and the Brisbane batters are able to chase any score .Brisbane bowlers are leaking runs in death.
    So guys Go with Brisbane Heat
    Match is fixed beacause whole tournament is fixed.

    But Adelaide pura match me chhaya rahege.

    In Last 5or 6 over me Brisbane jeetgaega

  88. yes lara caused today away team won that”s why people thinking tomorow home team will be win n also chish lyn facter comes on them mind ..but tomorow again away team will be the winner and chris lyn will be fail tomorow.but speak up others expert about it ..i want it …xerox,kumar,hary poter,nazir n meri jaanat.

    1. Xerox:pls give ur predictions based on cup rate etc etc

    2. We should flocus the match how to going.adilaide going to stronger .asian players not easy to play aus .but jayawardhana smash last game.and theny win vs hurricans.sure adilaide win

    3. Dear friendsu yesterday i told u adilaide won toss and eleted to predition corect

    4. Dear frIds yesterday i send u all msg u can chek …a to z pass my prediction .even start to toss until win adilailards 19over.pls chek and reply

  89. Adilaide won the toss elected to bowl
    Brisbane score below 160
    Adilaide win the match 19 over

  90. Adilaide won the toss elected to bowl
    Adilaide win the game …..

  91. Tommarow joe burns play. ..
    Bh team- Simmons,Pierson, burns, Lynn, reardson,hopes, flors, cutting, badree,satkee,

  92. San deep bhai 10 over or20 over me kya rage ga. Low score match tu nahi h bhai plz Sandeep bhai comment plzzzzzz session plzzzzzz bhai plzzzzzz bhai

  93. Tomorrow Brisbane will win any how….Simmons will play a cracker….Hodge and Head flop…..

  94. Thanks sandeep

  95. is it fix sandeep bro?

  96. Xerox bro.. plz comment

  97. 2nd batting will win the match tomorrow.
    99% sure.

  98. Tommorow brisbane jeetegi pkka frnds

  99. Dear friends …i saw mostly everybody prediction brisbane .but sory.until now my prediction correct and tommorow
    Adelaide is the winner

  100. tmrw report..
    toss – brisbane.. choose to bowl
    match – brisbane
    100% pakka.. if it go wrong i stop my prediction fa sure..

    1. Tomorrow adeilate winnnnnnn 100%

  101. Frnds my prediction is
    Toss : Adelaide
    Match :Brisbane

    100000% fixing match

  102. Adilede win tomorow

  103. ADS100 Per

  104. Ya sorry frnds My toss : ads
    Match : Brisbane

  105. Toss adl striker
    Match bh.

  106. Strikers wl win

  107. Yo yo..bang on..4 on 4 correct predictions…I told u,I am the best!!! Kal brisbane will win!! Go for it guys 🙂

  108. Wherez xerox?

  109. Sandeep bro always correct luv u broo

  110. Sandeep bro u said heat will win d match advance report any changes ?

  111. Sandeep bro u predicted brisbane na b4 nw adilaide im confused

  112. Sandeep bhai cnfrm its adilade or briabn bcoz earlier you wer sayin brisbn

    Xerox bhai plz predict

    1. Brisbane bro match winner
      New post pe type mistake Hogaya tha

  113. My all Prediction IS BANG on target expect zim..tomorow ADS will win 1000% caused mind it one thing guys maximum leauge n domestic cricket matchs r fixed…toss prediction is always not possible for predict b”cos toss r not fixed..that”s univarsal truth.
    with my knowledge tomorow Adelaide Striker will win..i am waiting for XErox,kumar,harry poter,kumar,nazir,wasim n meri janat prediction i dont know what”s wrong these guys why they are not predict fast…but with my best knowledge ads will strike once again..

    BHT vs ADS Match -ADS 1000%

  114. I’m new to this frnds ….toss heat n match adilede

  115. Friends there is no competition amongs us !!!
    We just always try to help u all n that’s it friends …

    Correct xerox bro n sandeep bro ..

    We just love u all
    And always try our best To make u happy !!


    1. Waseem bhai, kal kon marega?

  116. Adilede 200%%

    1. Ade. Str. Will win surely

  117. W r u boss…Xerox….waiting for u boss

  118. Go for brisbane toss ADS

  119. Xerox bro don’t be silent plzzzzzzzzzz ur just a unique and fabulous. It was just a try with a champion like u bro. Plz predict for me bro waiting for uuuuuuuu

  120. Striker win khelo

  121. big bash Report

    lynn& landi simons jackpot match hai

    1. Sandeep bro, you had given toss: ads match: brianane in advance report, are you changing it now? please confirm bro

  122. My frist prediction was corret

  123. frndz see my last report again pass.
    toss – sydney
    match – perth ✌

  124. Heat win

  125. xerox bhai plz tell ur prediction

  126. brisbane heat may win

  127. nach B H wiin mach

  128. I am because of u ….u r great ever nd forever…rocking again u boss

  129. Sandeep and xerox bro say your’s predictions plz

  130. Util now my prediction going right way .
    Tommorow sure adelaide win the match

  131. Xerox please predict thanks

  132. Adelaie will win …brisbane deppends only lyn wkts take early then match can over


  134. on the way on the way sandeep is on the way

  135. Xerox plz predict plzzzzz plzzzz u r amezing plz predict mor plzzz


  137. HI XEROX bro plz tell prediction dont be silent am ur fan bro plz tell and help urs loving fan

  138. I have been watching Xerox from a couple of days u really rock dude very nice keep up with ur good work n keep helping ppl ????????

  139. Adelaide Strikers will win….

  140. Dear Xerox its not an any competition so son”t take it we r all brother..we all want our team will be the winner..dont be a child..its not any competition don”tmind it..

    Xerox if u will never predict i will also never but according to me ADS will be winner tomorow..n mind it xerox bro if u will never predict it will be also my last prediction. .

  141. Xerox and sandeep brother , this is just discussion forum and both of you r our mentor , so keep predicting ,. Sandep bro this not betting site , why you r doing this , we really following your tips,

  142. Xerox broo its not an competition..every1 has its own prediction.the person who will go wrong he will automatically go silent there is no doubt..plz keep predicting.its aour request….but hatsoff to both of sandeeps and xerox bro prediction….

  143. Dear Xerox there’s some opponents may be two or three but other side you’ve hundreds of followers and they like you. It’s to requested that Don’t be silent.

  144. Xerox u r rocking….but plz keep predicting..its a free prediction website where we all have some hope….plzz predict…xerox bro….u rock…!!!!!we are waiting for ur advise….

  145. hi friends
    **xerox and **sandeep
    who win the chance???

  146. Heyy xerox there is no competetion here we are all ur fans
    Some fools may bark something u dont mind them plss predict for the next match pls plss plss we all love u
    …….come back with ur predictions

  147. plz inform tomorrow match prediction about Brisbane v adilad. afg- Zimbabwe

  148. Tmrw heat ???? will win

  149. Xerox and Sandeep bhai thanks again plezzzzzz give us your prediction… Both of you rocks

  150. this is my first prediction
    brisbane win

  151. sandeep bro really predecessor

  152. Sandeep bro nd xerox as usual amazing prediction all t best awesome guesses guys

  153. cheasing team will win the match

    1. You r wrong bcoz you aspect heat will bat second. AS dont’t chase 176. 100% BHeat will win the match.

  154. Sandeep I m despirately waitin for ur nxt prediction

  155. Sandeep u rock yr….

  156. Sandeep bhai xerox bhai v all appreciate keep it up v r following you soo don’t b slient and keep predicting…sandeep#xerox ????????????

  157. Bhai log Maine last Jtne v predictions kiya hai aplog cheek kr liye pakka predictions horha hai mera 2morro jackpot match Brisbane win pakkaaaaaaa

  158. Xerox why will you be silent? Please keep predicting..its not a competition,its a forum where we all predict.Thanks again sandeep and xeroxx..Rock on!! Vaise tomorrow I personally like BH

  159. Brisbane Heat for sure

    If BB bats first only 50% of chances to win because of their bowling attack is not that good to defend.

    If BB bats 2nd then 1000000% win is confirm with total upto 170-180

  160. AS I TOLD in my first prediction of mls ..u guys can check it 99% prediction will be right..if i say 100% it will be wrong caused there is no body who can predict 100% right..caused they r not guys i said it again prediction is just prediction no one can perfect but some guys r superb n brilliant…like XEROX N SANDEEP,WASIM,HARRY POTER AND KUMAR.

  161. Hello Sandeep bhai thanks for prediction

  162. Brisbane Heat will win

  163. as i told guys i think perth will win but not sure just watch out my time 3.25pm ..but guys u can say that its a half prediction…b”cos of some big predictor has told that syd thndr will win that”s why caused i thought and still thinking they are better than me..but wasim n harry poter this time u guys were wrong..but don”t take it ill bros(My word)..still you guys are superb…


  164. Ads win 100%

    1. bh will win

  165. Dear All, thanks for ur love!!!
    Both reports are correct !!!

    I am silent now !!!

    No competition… ATB friends

    1. Why bro ,u wont predict 2row match

    2. Xerox bro we need ur prediction please predict for next match… U r genius

    3. Hey bro kindly predict for 2morrow’s match we need u always dont be slient.

    4. Enter your comment here…xeorx bro,plz tell us who can win.we need ur prediction.plz,keep our request.

  166. Sandeep xerox dono ki ultimate predictions hattsofff

  167. Toss:Brisbane

  168. today my report
    sri vs nz
    toss pass
    match pass
    toss : fail
    match : pass
    advance report deya tha 3 din pehele he ab kardo comments dekte hai

    1. Sandeep

      There is no doubt that you are GEM

      Only sometimes it misses the stumps you target

      So keep going as you predict always

      Don’t mind negative comments because the count positive comment are quiet higher.

      We really value your post.

      Keep Going.

    2. sandeep bhai apne to prediction se hi sabko jawab de dia…thanks sandeep bhai……

    3. !!!!!GANESHA PREDICTION!!!!!!!

      Your are unpredictable
      Good and superb

    4. Sandeep Bhai

      What about 23rd match Brisbane vs Adelaide strickers who will wiin

    5. Who will win tomorrow between
      ADS vs BH …and what about both of session

  169. My 2 predictions pass
    Stars vs Hobart win stars pass
    Perth vs Syd thun win perth pass

    1. Bro who will win
      Zimbabwe or Afghanistan
      T-20 match

  170. BRISBANE!! 🙂

  171. thanks to all predictor… and pls predict whose win nxt match

  172. Hiii friends tmmr the match score is 158 and the winner will be the second batting that is brisbane heat 1000000.% sure

  173. toss-as

  174. Brisbane Heat will win 10000000000000000000000000000%

  175. its my first prediction in this site

  176. toss: adelaide
    match: brisbane

    1. B.H.wil win tmmr.sure.& opening chris lynn.batting better.

    2. Adrliade will win 10000000000000000000%

    3. Toss:Adeliade. Match:Adeliade

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