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Comilla Victorians vs Rajshahi Kings 35th Match Prediction BPL Today Who Will Win 30 Nov 2016

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Comilla Victorians vs Rajshahi Kings 35th Match Prediction BPL Today Who Will Win 30 Nov 2016At long last Comilla Victorians back on winning track as Ahmed Shehzad’s half-century helped them to beat Barisal Bulls in their last match of BPL. While they began well in pursue of 143, with openers Imrul Kayes and Shehzad including 93. However, when he was gotten down the leg side by Mushfiqur Rahim for a 56-ball 61. Comilla were inside 23 keeps running of triumph.

The Shere Bangla National Stadium is set to have the 35th match of the progressing Bangladesh Premier League 2016 between Comilla Victorians and Rajshahi Kings. The match is planned to be played on November 30 and live broadcast will start at 5:45 PM neighborhood time.

Comilla Victorians vs Rajshahi Kings 35th Match Prediction BPL Today Who Will Win 30 Nov 2016

Rajshahi Kings to win

The last three recreations at the Shere Bangla have been low-scoring ones and the wicket has been somewhat dubious to bat on. In spite of the way that two of the past three matches here have been won while pursuing, we feel the group that wins the hurl on Wednesday may in any case need to bat first. Rajshahi Kings won their last three recreations batting first thus wagering on them would be the best thing to do in the event that they bat first once more.

Opening batsman Nazmul Hossain Shanto beat scored with 41 in Comilla’s first match against the Kings. He is the main run-getter in the side and the one to keep an eye out for with the bat. Sohail Tanvir is the key bowler. He has taken 10 wickets so far and he packed away a four-for against the Kings.

The 35th t20 match of BPL 2016 calendar to play between Comilla versus Rajshahi groups on Wednesday. Channel 9 communicate live match as it begins at 17:45 nearby (11:45 GMT | 16:45 PKT) from Shere Bangla National Stadium, Mirpur.

Updated: November 30, 2016 — 12:29 PM

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  1. Rajshahi won toss and elected to field

  2. Baba win the game, I am so happy, love you baba, only baba the great and john sena rock in second match

    1. Khanji

      You missed me

      Even i told Comilla

      1. hmmm, sorry for that, Yuvi also rock last day match, love you yuvi and for your great prediction also, keep it up and make people happy all the time with your kind help

  3. Dear friends unfortunately my 20th match predictions not successfuly done,I m not worried hopefully tomorrow my momentrem will be back .Now my predictions result 20 match 16 win 4 n8 by all2

  4. thanks baba….

  5. Baba the great win today, I was with baba, Cong’s baba, love you all the time

  6. Congrats all winnar’s??

    Tomorrow I give 100% match reports my fans , today this match lose my fans .

    So sorry for that my fans ,

    1. It’s k bro

    2. Please comment fast bhai

    3. Don’t fear everything is fine love kohli. Ur the leagend this site.

  7. Hi Guys

    Finally Cricket is Winning Today

    Hope people have enjoyed Cricket

    See you tomorrow

  8. Yes game slmostly gone from 9 over
    But we take some fancy to cover .and now focus ramslam both game

    Congrats dear baba

    See u there friends

  9. Yes6 over fancy pass. Wait for 10 over fancy
    But i want more 2 wkt down 8 th same over

  10. Admin bhai what’s wrong in my comments? Every time it gets ignored and even I want to be a part of team. So plz allow when it comes from my ip or email address

    1. bro its depend on comment

  11. Yes lsra take there 1 wkt before 6 over .wait for next 1 before 6 over

  12. 2 over they score 15
    10 over below 70/4

    1. When wkt down same over 2 wkt posible

  13. Lara bhai Kya kare ab batao please Kya kare

  14. Its a par score .hope ful only .but focus to fancy cover it .but keep our entry ss it is

    6 over 45 below /3 wkt we need down

  15. Wavoo wavoo

    Last 3 entry pass

    Last 3 0ver 30-35—they score 36

    Lambi 120+ or 130 below pass

    Agaon entry 118+ pass

    Its a par score

    Lets see what i can do

    Keep ur entry as ot is .its easy task for them .we cover it fancy score

    Tigether hope to win

  16. baba.say something

  17. Me, baba, yuvi with comilla
    Rest all are with rajshahi
    Let’s see

    1. Yeah

      Lets see Guys

      Cricket wins or Fixing

      Good Luck

    2. I am also with u comilla win the match sure

  18. Kohli bro here no fear

  19. baba.say something… about this match? I think this game will show more drama? what u think??
    plz answer

  20. Hi Guys

    Hope people enjoyed who were supporting comilla

    Now dont make any new entry

    make both side plus and enjoy the match

    1. Yuvi bro nice work

  21. 18.3over rajsahi end(all out)

  22. Yes we won 15 over fancy
    Lets see now my planing
    Lambi 118+

    1. Who winner

    2. They r not scoring and thowring wkt7

      Just some loose over csn make pass 110 even its par score lets see

  23. Kings i support but today Comilla will wim ..
    Just watch the game . I always support And follow Baba,lara. bt its my thought and my final prediction Is
    •• Comilla Victorians ••

  24. Lara bro every match not a jackpot match…match is over…all are loss but iam with u..u are gratef predector

  25. 20 over score 125 runs… Baba sir easily chase karenge..

  26. As well big drama .6 wkt down .this game is low scoring game as same last match .this both wkt can stand 15 over 20over pass 120
    Last 3 over 30 -35 runs gets .lets see what final score
    20 over 115+ or 128 below

    1. hi Lara sir.. wat u feel.. who ll win this Match.. thier r seven wickets down now

  27. Baba u r good predictor.

    Logon ki baton ka dhayan mat do.
    Kuch log selfish hote hai.
    Mila to achcha dub to gali

  28. Mera Kam khatam
    BOTH side plus karlo 18/20 odd hai
    Session v pass

  29. 11 over.. 59/6 …go for commila

  30. Baba plz come. We are waiting.

  31. Today is samit patel birthday.
    He may rock in bowling.

  32. Kya hoga MIB Rajshahi jitega ki nhi.

  33. After 10th 57/4 achive rajsahi don’t worried after 20 over rajsahi achive 155+ run,comilla didn’t achieve this score hopefully.

  34. 15 over below 97

    Lambi 140+

  35. Below100 rajsahi

  36. As well drama start without scoring 3 wkt gone .54/4
    Stay with ur entry .cool

    Snd now we need maximum cumila going favour.lets see after 14 over

  37. After six over 45/1 pass and after 10 over 68+/3 wic passend hey dekhta he khay hooo ga

    1. It’s drama game and drama start from 5 over to 9 over and again drama start 10-16 over thak samalke all of viewers wait for entry again with rajshahi ……..wait wait and wait

  38. Yes 6 over fancy pass.
    Waitt for 10 over fancy

    This both wkt shold plsy 10 over didnt loss wkt

  39. We lost first wkt now .so if some 1 want entry now with rajshahi then only now .after font entry

  40. Odd 43/45 hai kho jee bhar kar rajeshahi

  41. 6 over 44 yes

  42. Comilla Only
    1st One For Site

  43. 6 over 43+/0
    10 over 68+ /0

    1. Lara sir your wright pridection

  44. Start se end tak sirf rajshahi win kro sirf rajshahi

  45. Toss win ka baad Sammy ne bat le lliye MATLAB score yes hona chahiye after six over 45+with 1 wic

  46. Rajsahi win

  47. Hi Guys

    My Prediction for Today is Comilla Victorians

    At any cost Chasing will win

    Start Playing on Comilla from the beginning

    Will be live throught the Game

    Good Luck

    1. good to see u bro

  48. Yes as well lara said rajshahi won toss and bat first..pass

    Now make ur light entry with start .keep in touch on live give u more tips

  49. Baba should we start entry

  50. Sirf or sirf rajshahi win kro …. Ho sakta h comilla fav. A jaye … Per jitegi rajshahi hi confirm ?

  51. Welcome Bangladesh premier league 2016

    Hey my dear all of fans now the time is today match prediction…

    This is match number 35….

    Here two teams have many kinds of good key players so it’s a very exciting match for all so many kinds of confusion here but

    I’m here so Nothing to fear everything is fine

    Today match is COMILLA VICTORIANS vs Rajshahi kings..



    Match ~ RAJSHAHI KINGS..

    So no any confusion just go with RAJSHAHI KINGS and cash in lot——-

    Guys if need my prediction just reply my post my fans ——-

    Your’s kohli 100% Predictions allways.

    1. Toss to rajshahi won kia h

    2. Rajashahi corfirm kada

    3. Kohli sir I m big fan of yours.. Thank you

  52. Kohli bro u tell after Lara and baba pls I am waiting ur predictions


  54. Welcome to Addi’s prediction

    Winner comilla

    Jitna jeetna hai Jeet to
    Yahi match hai

  55. c??Bangladesh Premier League??

    *Match No : 34*

    Rajshahi Kings vs Comilla Victirians

    ❇ *Match Prediction* ❇

    ➡ *Rajshahi* will win ✅
    ➡ *Rajshahi* will win ✅
    ➡ *Rajshahi* will win ✅

    ? *Bpl Accuray 24/34 till Now* ?

    ?? Ram Slam ??

    Titan vs Dolphin

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    ❇ *Match Prediction* ❇

    ➡ *Knights* will win ✅
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    ? Ram Slam Accuracy 11/14 ?

    Regards ,
    *Asikur Rahman*

  56. koli bro,plz give early prediction……????????

  57. Kohli brother.. come and give a shot bro..

    Lara good job man

    Baba dont feel bad. Ur a good predictor. Bt dont loose ur patiance brthr.. think and tell. Dont jumb against opposition ( Non fav )

  58. Rajshahi vs commila

    Batting second will win

    1. sure hei bro???? raja babu post this

  59. Kohali bhai where is ur prediction??? Bro

  60. Dear friends,
    First match we win as well .focus rhis match .cumila is amazing perfomance otherday .but we go with rajshahi.good fight game expect .catch u sll in live

    Toss..rajshahi elected bat



  62. Jyada kuch nahni bolunga marji apka

    Follow karna ya na karna app ka marji

    Next 3 upcoming matches


    My WINER TEAM -COMILLA (non fav)

    My WINER TEAM -DOLPHIN (non fav)


    Aplogno ka marji…kya karna he mera team ke sath yahi team ke sath rahunga.chahe result Jo bhi ho.

    1. us.I m with u!

    2. I believe on u Baba &
      Maine comila pahle hi le Li.

      U r good.
      Kabhi kabhi galat ho jata hai.

      Dusron ki baton ka dhayan mat do.
      Some people r selfish mil Gaya to achcha dub Gaya to gali….

    3. Dada ur gr8

    4. thanks baba

    5. I have been closely watching all the posts from everyone for a while… I must say Baba is a sensible predictor. Only God can give accurate prediction if you want all the matches to be predicted 100% correct.

      Baba plz keep supporting us with your knowledge rest whatever it is we accept. Thank you.

  63. Dhaka win pass pass pass …. Back to back 3/3 pass
    Next match rajshahi win confirm rajshahi

  64. Bumper jackpot just invest on RAJSHAHI KINGS….
    So winner one & only ?RAJSHAHI KINGS✌


  65. ⏰✌⏰✌⏰ M I B ⏰✌⏰✌⏰

    ❇Bangladesh premiare league (BPL) Match Prediction❇

    ☀❀☀❀☀❀☀Comilla Victorians vs Rajshahi Kings

    *&*&*&*&*&Toss- RAJSHAHI KINGS

    *&*&*&*&*& Match- RAJSHAHI KINGS

    ❇Ram Salam Match Predichon❇

    ☀❀☀❀☀Dolphins vs Titans

    *&*&*&*&*&*&Toss- Dolphin

    *&*&*&*&*&*& Match – TAITANS

    ☀❀☀☀❀☀❀ Warriors vs Knights

    *&*&*&*&*&Toss- KNIGHTS

    *&*&*&*&*& Match –WARRIORS

    #### MADE IN BANGLADESH#######

    1. You are best predictor in this said

      ❤M I B ❤

    2. Thx dear keep predicting Cheer’s

  66. Comilla will win

    1. Good job adnan bro! I missed you so much. Please don’t leave this site. I m ur big fan

  67. Comilla will win

  68. Baba..A request from me 2 u..There are many followers of u who play in local n does’n get the opportunity 2 change in b/w
    They gotta play al at once at the beginnin of the game itself..So bhai..Pls dont change ur teams in b/w and just keepin this in mind..Give us your final report n prediction..
    Kholi bhai n lara..U both been doin good job guys!
    TAKE A BOW From my side

  69. Dhaka win the game

  70. Comilla Victorious VS Rajshahi Kings

    Winner:Comilla Victorious

    Jackpot match

    Non feverat team de raha hu

    LOOT sako to loot lo

  71. rajshahi kings will win today

  72. Last 5 matches 3 wins 2 loss..
    Will continue some good chance.
    Rajashahi kings will win.
    Open rate 75% n when rate increase 25%
    Its not jackpot match.

  73. Rajshahi kings…. will win 100% sure

  74. Rajsahi King will win…

  75. Plzzzz kohli bro give me comilla vs rajshahi match prediction. ….

  76. Dear friends Gd afternoon now time to my 20th number match predictions Rajsahi vs Comilla,My prediction Rajsahi will be win this match.

  77. Fan of you Made in Bangladesh

    Made in Bangladesh predict early bro

  78. Rajshahi kings win for sure nothing to say about Comilla any condition

    Winner **Rajshahi kings**

  79. Lara & Kohli plz prediction daw…….

  80. kings winn for sure

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