CPL 25th Match Prediction BT vs GAW Barbados vs Guyana Thu Jul 28 2016

CPL 25th Match Prediction BT vs GAW Barbados vs Guyana Thu Jul 28 2016, 25th Match – Barbados Tridents v Guyana Amazon WarriorsToday Match Prediction, CPL Ball By Ball Live Score Cricinfo Yahoo Cricbuzz Scorecard

It’s the 25th diversion in Caribbean Premier League 2016 as the activity moves to USA for the last class stage. Barbados Tridents will be up against Guyana Amazon Warriors in this experience will be played in Lauderhill. The Tridents will trust that the adjustment in venue will get a change their fortunes too. Since with the things as they may be, they could get thumped out of the opposition on the off chance that they don’t win their staying two matches or if nothing else win one of their staying two and trust that no less than one of St Lucia and Trinbago don’t win both of those.

Barbados have seven focuses from eight diversions which places them in fifth spot, behind Guyana, Trinbago and St Lucia, who have 10, nine and nine focuses individually from eight amusements. Be that as it may, what will hurt the Tridents is their late frame which has seen them lose two matches in succession.

They went down to the Jamaica Tallawahs by 36 keeps running in a downpour hit match, before St Lucia pounded them by seven wickets in another diversion that saw a decrease in the overs. Both thrashings came in uneven matches, expanding their constantly developing worries that the nonattendance of AB de Villiers will hurt them severely. De Villiers left the current year’s CPL as he hopes to rest and get ready for his national side’s duties and that has left the Tridents in bit of a trouble.

CPL 25th Match Prediction BT vs GAW Barbados vs Guyana Thu Jul 28 2016

BT will win

Guyana, while set second in the CPL 2106 focuses table, have issues of their own. After four diversions they had eight focuses, having won each one of those matches however from that point forward, in the following four matches, they have won only one. This abandons them with a great deal to do out of the blue, as they hope to make it to the playoffs as well as completion in the main two.

A main two completion gives groups leeway over the rest, and with Jamaica Tallawahs having effectively taken up one of those two spaces, it will be down to a battle between Guyana, Trinbago, St Lucia and Barbados for the other one.

With de Villiers out of activity, Barbados will require captain Kieron Pollard to lead from the front and thusly need the adolescents like Nicholas Pooran to come great. Pooran has officially bested the 200-run mark in the competition and he has Shoaib Malik for organization, who has himself made 173. The rest have found the going intense.

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  1. Sunjir boss iz a no 1 predictor in this site now….
    He win 7 out-of 7 in a row & we all are respect them he is great man & help to all in this site followers….. Jumma mubarak sunjir boss…… Luv u bro…. ?

  2. Wow wow wow!!!

    Bang Bang On Target

    I hittttt and Ball went out d ground an lost ??

    Now What you say Guys !!

    Every thing pass hope again everyone is enjoying and recovering their losses !!

    Wait for Next cpl report

    No prediction only reports

    ♦♦Waseem Siddiquu♦♦


    1.BT 100%

    ♥♥♥♥BEST OF LUCK♥♥♥♥

  4. Toss- BT (2bat)
    Match- Guyana (7007%)

    Play Huge once again

    Big Big jackpot

    High scoring

    Smith (35+) , Maddinson (quick Out or 45+) , Chris lynn (early out or 50+) will rock tonight no one can stop them …

    NoTe : S Malik , Pooran will fail tonight but pollard can fire !!!

    Most Run by Bowler – Rampaul / Wiesse

    Mom- Tanvir / Chris Lynn

    ♦♦Waseem Siddiqui♦♦

    • helloo guys

      sunjir the boss u r great…

      waseem bhai u again rock nd roll…

      for Made in bangladesh better luck next timee…

      yuppiiii GAW win win win!!!!

      natwest losss cover in cpl t20..

      sunjir the boss is hero

      waseem bhai is champ…

      We aree love u guys….

      Sunjir the boss
      waseem bhai
      Made in bangladesh…


      ?? Tara- Sitara⭐️⭐️

  5. Welcome cplt20 match number25

    its a must win game for Barbados Trident but these teams are equal of game changer for this reason its a 50-50 game.but according to my analysis BT cant qualify for play offs.that’s why its a game for gambling for BT.so today I will go for Gaw…

    so today winner will be GAW with JACKPOT…


  6. GAW vs BT

    No doubt BT will win this match to make the tournament interesting & will lose the next match against GAW which the last league match.

    Mom: Pollard
    Key players: Shehzad, Pollard, Malik & Weise

  7. kaafi din se open nhi ho raha tha comments box
    ye best hy dusre predictions site se mai dekha hu baaki me dedh hosiyar bhare huye hy
    Guyana Amazon warriors
    win the match

  8. please admin inform Sunjir boss that now he can predict in your site..he has predicted in another site..please inform . we need Sunjir boss here.

  9. Hello friends.
    this game is very hard to predict.think before you support particular team.

    Barbdoos => Team was very favorite in the market when AB D was in this team but unfortunatly he left out.but i don’t think so that team will be much worried about that. Pooran will may rock like ABD.
    Top Players : Sehzad,Malik,Pollard,Hope,Pooran,Wiese,Rampaul,

    Guyana => team is in very good form but they might miss guptil. they have still some fire launching batsman. bowling is now main power for the guyana.
    Top Players : Lynn,Smith,Maddinson,Mohammed, Tanvir,Zampa Emrit.

    both teams looks fancy to win.
    Here is my prediction

    ~~~~~~ Barbdoos Can Win This Match ~~~~~~~~


  10. to
    mr bangladeshin mr s boss

    us gyan ka kya fayada jo deri se mile
    agar apka gyan kisi k kaam aaye tab na koi baat ho
    aap itna late se gyan bantoge to kya fayada kisi ko
    usse accha gyan mat he do

    apna gyan apne paas rakho


    • Admin pls post it
      Cheap Charlie can’t understand it is prediction
      and require to work out the things players playing
      ground conditions and all same details of the match

    • Ye kya dear ADMIN apna site our dushra site me fark kya rehegaya ? jahna predictor ko izat na mile kaun Prediction dene ayega yahna..hamara site match ko lekar criticism ho but predictor ko leke na ho .sare top predictor dushra site me bhi Prediction dete he .but ajj tak baba ne kabhi apna site chod kar dushra site me Prediction nehni diya he(ye bat app bhi jante ho) . Knyu ? Wo izzat app or apana site ke viewers se milta he.(halaki ajj bhi dushra site PE missing list me baba ,Lara ,gooly he)..mera ye kahana bhi Galt ho sakta he ki by mistake ye post hogaya hoga ..
      -site ke old sinior predictor ke hishab se me hamesha chahunga -made in Bangladesh or sonjur boss jeise predictor Prediction dete rahe continue

  11. Today’s winner will be

    Barbados Pollard bfgr

    Guptil gaya Guyana gaya

    Pollard will never loose thrice

    Say yes to barbados

  12. Today match

    Barbados Vs Guyana Amazon Warriors
    Toss ~Guyana
    Match ~Guyana

    Play safe..

    Gud luck…

    • Yes admin ji. Tnx i was little bit upset about ur site bt at last its nw ok. Everyday i tried to enter in ur site bt faild again n again. Hop no server isue problem again.tnx 4 ur hard working.

  13. Hi brothers
    its *made in bangladesh*
    your most favourite and trustworthy match predictor.

    now its time for prediction.
    today a very important and exiting match ia going to be held between Barbados Tridents vs Guyana Amazon warriors

    Two teams are very good and balance in all department .
    both team have some very good and experienced players who can chance the game by his own performance .

    So it is sure that the match is going to be very interesting and exiting that’s why its very difficult to predict for anyone

    But its *made in bangladesh*who gave you 100% correct match prediction for a long time.

    I hope this time you wont be frustated.
    so no tension just trust me and be gained .
    match prediction for today

    toss:Guyana Amazon warriors

    match :Barbados Tridents

    key players :Shehzad,Pollard,Mallik,Pooran,Rampaul&Wiese,

    best of luck .
    Stay cool and calm with your most trustworthy match predictor,**made in bangladesh**

    ❇মেড ইন বাংলাদেশ❇

  14. Today natwest t20 prediction solutions is only GAW………today winner is GAW..

  15. Today natwest t20 prediction solutions is only GAW……win only GAW…….

    • sorry for miss take…today CPL match prediction solutions is only GAW……today winner team GAW……..

  16. Hellow guys welcome to cpl match between bt vs guyana

    My winning team is barbados

    Alot of drama will happen here tonight

    Barbados will win the match

    Yours lovely love

  17. CPL 25TH MATCH




    ############GUYANA AMAZON WARRIORS#############

  18. TODAY…..ONLY

  19. Mib waiting fr ua predictions pls give crct one because today baba and lara are opposite my option depends on ua prediction

  20. Admin aj agar BT jit gaya to kal SE Baba ka prediction post mat karna…
    Baba aj apne post me khudko challenge Kia hai ke aj agar GAW har gaya to ye unka last prediction hoga CPL ka

    Noted the point

    Waise Baba maximum loose hi hota hai.

  21. why admin this site was off few days????why we can’t see any comments from this site admin sir???

  22. Hi dear friends, People’s Champ is here.

    Match : Barbados vs Guyana

    Guys one imp point is to be noted captaincy will be changed in Guyana team, since Guptil will not be playing, Rayad Emrit will be captain of Guyana.

    Barbados has pollard as captain and he has played well in Lauderhill ground. Barbados has faced 2 loses continually and are on fire to win both the match against Guyana

    Both side has power batting, Expected to be high scoring game in Lauderhill.
    Bowling unit of barbados has Rampaul, Stewart,Imran, Weise, pollard. Well they got some pretty god bowlers.

    Coming to Guyana, Tanvir, Emrit, Perumal, Jacobs, Zampa, Emrit. With this bowling unit they can defend the set score and bring match to extreme condition.

    This game creates best impression in CPL league, Guyana will not take risk, if they lose this game Barbados will enter into playoffs.

    This match demands a win for “GUYANA” they take a win and enter into playoffs.

    So this all the theory of today’s match. I give u clear winner of this match,

    **********************************WINNER IS GUYANA AMAZON WARRIORS*****************************

  23. Guyana Amazon Warriors

    Will wins….
    Any conditions any situation. ….
    Its not applicable. …guys….

    So Be Sure When play…try your confidence. ….


  24. Dear baba,
    Domestic game is cheating game.thats y cleverly they fix the FIXTURE each team going to finish there last 2 games aganist the same team.anything plan here.market based going game .so today what ever result stay with us

    Baba&friends..some my calculation share now.read fully.u get lot of idea.

    JAMAICA..13 point .they dont hav any tention even they loss they can playoff.they r ready to drama with st.lucia last 2 games.

    GUYANA..they hav 10 point only.if they help to BARBADOS they cant play off coz ST.LUCIA&TKR 8 point each.

    ST.LUCIA..8 point..countinue 3 game win reach safty then market denand they help TKR coz they know next 2 game aganist JAMAICA.1 game help enough they can qualifi playoff.

    TKR…8 point..they want playoff coz they won last match 63/5 a stage they r also won drama.u r thinking y that game ST.LUCIA droped 3 catches to help TKR?
    Coz next 2 game the play aganist ST.KITTS.Market hav no value for st.kiits .so market full suport TKR both game .public won also .that situation they wwant avoid .coz TKR won aganist st.lucia and 1 game win over st.kits then they got 10 point playoff.

    BARBADOS..today they win i tel coz for market demand .with out help didnt get from guyana then not easy a win for barbados .both here match aganist guyana .guyana if help they out .so this game they help .next game guyana win .barbados become 9 point out of playoff




  25. After reading the prediction of both Lara and Baba I’ll go for Lara.I think Baba is too much confident…there is no logic in his prediction…Even he is Gud but now I’m not agree with him.And another side Lara define everything so Lara is going to rock…Keep calm n play safe?

    • It’s ok and choices always yours guys,.
      But in scripted cricket no logic should be applied…Lara is righ with cricket logic,,And baba all time best for scripted cricket.
      -remember- Baba has a logic-life time do this ,who play cricket -treding is the best policy and you will never loose.this is today’s cricket logic.

  26. after mr lara and baba’s pred
    we r waiting for
    made in bangladesh
    sunjir boss’s


    come on guys do it fast.




  28. Dear friends,
    Guyana vs barbados

    I already post what is my calculations.so barbados is not going to playoff .but they win today.last game i told u TWIST win for TKR.its happend even (63/5tkr).
    Today ground is high scoring even 200 runs on the board keep cool ..maby its chaised its not wonderingits a flat pitch.batsman enjoy there .this game if barbados loss the way open for st.lucia and TKR.we know well market demand increse the part all the team hav posibilty to playoff showing.thts y barbados want to win.chausing more chance to win this ground also all drama expect from guyana

    Winner ….BARBADOS ..ONLY

  29. Admin sir where is sunjir boss plz post my comment plz sunjir sir we need u n today I m with baba n made in Bangladesh

  30. Dear friends,
    Hope u r all happy won last match with TKR.
    i told u that is a twist match.my calculation based i post after league point table in 24 th match site TKR vs st.lucia match start before.if all people didnt see that.once again i post..after i explain my logic.
    Jamaica….15 point
    St.lucia ..10

    Last match Tkr win i sure calcute y?coz i didnt see like this master plan FIXTURE.league final 2 matches each team play aganist only.
    St.kitts vs tkr.(2 game)
    Barbdose vs guyana ( 2 game)
    Jamaica vs st.lucia ( 2 game)

    Did u know y they make like this chart ladt 2 games they play agaist same team?
    Coz who need help other team give.

    Coz i told u TKR win .y?
    Next 2 game they play aganist st.kitts.sure they can won 2 game .but st.kitts hav plan to win 1 game like RPS won in ipl.so market full bowled out.that drama before tkr win.

    My calculation based BARBADOS not playoff.
    Coz st.lucia get help from jamaica .even they didnt win they qualified.Tkr get help from st.kitts. so automatic barbados go out.if a little chance them if both match win aganist guyana .but its not posible coz guyana going to 1 win for there safty.now u understand my point table calculation

  31. Dear admin,
    Thanks lot u bring back old system.coz its easy for everybody.all the people can see all the coments.u apriciate ur new thought.but its some dificult find all coments.even i didnt see some my coments post.
    Any way u r the real leader what we like,u r with us .lv u admin

  32. another jackpot match Guyana win
    Pitch report high scoring pitch
    Bowling guyana super comparing to BT
    Batting Lynn,Smith and maddinson super don’t weary just go with guyana cash in

  33. Hello to everyone,
    Interesting match wo bhi Florida me ,kisi ko koi condition ka idia bhi nahni he..but baba ko 101 %- match result (idia)nahni confirm result malum he ..aj me ye chahunga mujhe hi follow karna acha he.(fir bhi choice ap ka he)


    —- -GUYANA and GUYANA & GUYANA—–

    Chahe kuch bhi ho -DL/Super over/full match/jkpot ho ya kuch or bhi ho result.— -GUYANA WIN–
    (ye mat dekho kaun khelraha he kaun nehni.catch miss kar rahe he ya no ball kar rahe he ya wide boll ya extra runs de rahe he ya to filding bekar -jo bhi hoga script ke hishab hoga )… reson???–america me cricket ko lokpriya banana he .or twist nahni hoga to maza keise ..so total script se hi hoga ..app darna mat.
    (If any condition ajj Guyana har jayega to -CPL ke liye ye mera last Prediction hoga )so app samjh sakte ho kitna confident hnoo.)….
    According to my prediction –
    99.9%-GUYANA will win TOSS and chose bowls first.
    Kuch bhi matalab kitna bhi Runs banaye BARBADOS harna tay he .runs GUYANA chase karega ..

    So my clear WINER -GUYANA.

  34. Hi frnds betting raju is back…..27 july hum bola tha TKR match winner ….
    Mera 1st match ka prediction is pass ..
    Mera 2nd match ka prediction ……….

    29 july BARBODAS TRIDENT match winner…
    Follw me guys….

    Frnds mera name yaad rakna betting raju….
    Crickets no 1 predictor…..by frnds….and enjoy the match cash in…………


    26/07/2016 – 4 match win out of 5 match.
    27//07/2016 – 4 match win out of 6 match.

    I am Not Happy With this Result.

    Anyway Now

    @@ Today CPL 25th Match Prediction Time @@

    !! Guyana Amazon Warriors VS Barbados Tridents !!

    Toss – Barbados Tridents

    Match – Guyana Amazon Warriors

    $$ Lets See $$

  36. dear friends,as expected the points table is getting tougher for 3rd and 4th spots.to put it that way guyana will lose today.never mind form and favour of guyana,just go with barbados.

    the prediction is:

    ricky,made in bangladesh,memon,baba and lara plz post your predictions soon for this and natwest

    thankz adminji

  37. Dear friends

    BT vs Gayana cpl 25 th match.

    Lauderhill , Florida,United states of America this ground batting pitch, bhoth team’s are play well this match bhoth r teams are favourites, BT team devilliers not playing this game big lose BT. GUPtill not playing GAW team but Madison’ recovery this man GAW .
    This game will be FAvourites GAYANA.

    Toss : BT

    Match : GAYANA win this match.

    No Rain , this match completely 100%.

    Dear guys SL vs Australia 1 St test match very interesting guys ,

    In this Ground AUS didn’t won 1 match also So be careful my followers

    In Tomorrow test I post Result kk

    Dear Admin pls post this

    Admin Ibpost my predictions in these email due to nice LOGO I got

    Pls post my comments in this email regularly

    Thank u ADMIN


  38. What happened admin.
    I think this is third time you made changes and then back to old one.
    My friends it’s seems you want to create something unique. I like this quality to be better everyday.


  39. Dosto

    Aap ka Vikram Singh Gandhi

    Match hein Jamaica vs Barbados

    Ye ek jackpot match hein

    Is match mein toss jitke Barbados fielding Lego.

    Ye hoga jamkar khane ka mouka.

    Ye match Gyle hi jitega .

    Kiuke USA mein Gyle storm dikhana jarur i hein warna COL ko popularity kaise Milegi.

    So aajki hamari team hogi

    Gyle wali mein fir se repeat karta hu Kalki hamari team hogi Sangkara wali Jamica thalawas

    Bye bye take care .
    Love u all.

      • Sorry every one

        Aaj ke match ka prediction ye hein ke Barbados vs Guyana

        Ye ek high scoring match hoga.

        Toss bhi Barbados jitega.

        Aaj ke match mein West Indian kale hi aacha score karenge.

        USA me in cricket ko popularity Milne ke liye.

        Magar yaaro match Guyana hi jitega

        Match ko interesting banayenge jarur Polard bhi aacha khelega aaj .

        Koi baat nahi Aaj ki hamari team hogi Guyana .Guyana.Guyana .

        Maddinson Wala team

        Ok bye

        Take care

        Love u all


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