India vs England 3rd ODI Prediction, Ball By Ball Scores Who Will Win Jan 22, 2017

India vs England 3rd ODI Prediction, Ball By Ball Scores Who Will Win Jan 22, 2017, England tour of India, 3rd ODI: India vs England at Kolkata Toss Prediction

India won an exciting second one-dayer at Cuttack to procure an unassailable 2-0 lead over England in the three-coordinate arrangement. With the hosts having officially secured the arrangement, the third and the last one-day worldwide to be played on January 22 at the Eden Gardens is just a dead elastic. The match starts at 1:30 PM nearby time.

There is an enormous hurl inclination at the Eden Gardens. Since the last four ODIs at this ground have been won by the side batting to start with, the group that wins the hurl on Sunday will probably toss the ball over to the restriction. India batted first the last two circumstances they recorded wins here thus we recommend wagering on them in the event that they happen to bat first once more.

India’s key with the bat are their present and previous captains Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni, both of whom have struck a century each in this arrangement. Kohli has a hundred and a fifty at the Eden Gardens and we anticipate the run-machine to play another noteworthy innings on Sunday. The English players have found the left-arm turn of Ravindra Jadeja the most hard to manage and he will be the go-to bowler for India.

India vs England 3rd ODI Prediction, Ball By Ball Scores Who Will Win Jan 22, 2017

India will win

India are getting a charge out of an astounding one-day shape with nine wins in their last eleven matches. Seven of these have been played at home with India winning five. Their execution at the Eden Gardens however has not been sufficient with four annihilations in their last seven matches.

Jason Roy and Joe Root have hit fifties in each of the two recreations and both will be significant to England’s trusts with the bat. Roy has been the attacker of the two and we foresee the in-shape batsman to score a lot of keeps running in this match too. Chris Woakes expelled the main four Indian batsmen in the last amusement and the conditions at the Eden Gardens will make him a considerably greater danger.

Britain have lost three ODI amusements consecutively and have confronted crushes four circumstances in their past six diversions. The two recreations that they won came against Bangladesh. Britain have played three matches at the Eden Gardens and have wound up on the losing side in every one of them three.

Both groups have nothing to lose and have the flexibility to completely convey what needs be as the arrangement has as of now been chosen. The Indian group will be the one overflowing in certainty as they figured out how to haul themselves out of unpredictable circumstances both circumstances and after that went ahead to win.

Britain realize that they have never won an ODI at the Eden Gardens which is something that could play on the back of their brain. Additionally, the English batsmen have looked uncomfortable against the turn couple of Ashwin and Jadeja all through the visit and we expect the same when the two groups meet at the Eden. This could be another tight challenge however we anticipate the hosts to prove to be the best at last.

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  1. Wavoo..

    Newzland win test .pass

    Yesterday market give favour draw .coz of rain 3 rd day stump. But i clear replay for ABDUL ..what my calculation and non favour newzland win.
    Hope u r happy

    Tel me ABDUL u win or no,?

  2. Hey yuvi bro
    Just calm down
    You are doing a great job by helping the followers to win the matches

    But in this site as of my knowledge we should only care about our followers and our Prediction

    Because here we are only to help the followers by giving our best Prediction
    You are doing great job and I don’t want you to loose your concentration by getting into all these things
    Even I accept your words
    You said exactly right but it is better that we shouldn’t get into these and just concentrate on our Prediction and do our best always

    Hope you understand what exactly I means

    Your well wisher KRANTHI

    • Thanks for your support and concern

      I will try to do the same

      From now only Prediction will be my job

      Thanks again

      • Most welcome bro

        Even I have same opinion on few PREDICTORS but the thing is that I don’t bother about them and distract my mind and get into any issues

        So I gave you the suggestion like how I will be here by just concentrating on the Prediction on followers

        As you are doing good job by helping out others so I don’t want others to point you

        And thanks again for taking my words positively

        From your well wisher KRANTHI

  3. Lara is really Great Man Great Predictor
    But why yuvi Sir cretisizing to Lara Sir
    Please do not do like that each & Every one is doing their Best for their Fans & Follower So please do not Cretisize to any one Just do their Best

    Hope Yuvi Sir Get my Point

    Thanks to All predictor

    • It is point of view not criticising

      My point is don’t decide your self great by a win or two lets people do it

      More over you also should be aware or agree if you loose game

      For example india won and SA lost

      So hisaab Barabar

      Aap kehte ho mein jita aur haar ko bhul gaye

      Yeh nahi hona chahiye

      Jit aur haar dono ko yaad rakho tabhi aage bhadoge

      Hope you get my Point

  4. Thanks God….
    Passed my today’s two predictionss…

    Srilanka–WON ( I said Jackpot)

    Dear Admin,
    Thanks a lot to post my predictions..
    Congrats all winners SP# Lara sir

    ?keep me in your prayers?

  5. Dear friends and yuvi,

    First talk about match.

    I am playing difrent way intrnational match and keage .international matvhes calculation mostly work out coz icci behind for that.but leage full fixed .but both games what they r doing its not my bisiness .what i hav a plan pls chek after toss what lara writing there.
    This pitch is good to chaise hav good batting line up .rain also cone .sreelanka doesnt hav death bowler.
    its not a big loss coz as per my calculation they make mistake .so a normal entry only for me .

    Astralia favour .but win .its profit.

    Hongkong win .its depends of howmucj money u put that much u win more

    England game start to end i am with england .i am not change .i am not fans put both side .market based non favour is i got england and i took big profit for that.

    I am proud to be indian .but matches i am not give importance for personal feeling .only jmportance for money .thats make us win cash lot

    • Lara sir please help me for Newzeland vs Bangladesh test match……..
      Sir I am The fan of the great predictor LARA…
      Dear Admin sir please post my request…

      • Dear abdul,
        This match already i predict nezland win .anyway unfortunatly day 3 white washed coz of rain .now we hav 2 dsys and tomorow game start early .newzland need trail 29 runs and 3 wkt in hand .they should lead runs minimum 50×+ to allout i expect .and look like this match is draw also i think newxland can win if complete match posible .if rain effected again shold way for bangladesh win this match .now the situation odds favour draw .so if no rain tomorow non favour newzland win hold is better .lets see tomorow i will update running match if i am free.

        • How are you sir?? I am manoj sir yesterday your two passs thanks sir but tomorrow bbl ka 1st samifinal perth vs star who will win we are waiting your cmment? ??? plzzz help us?

  6. Guys one thing i need to tell to all punters is
    Betting means not winning a match.its all about how much u earn.
    It is how much ur getting money it doeant matter either u won or loose.
    Y i predict matches because that team will give some profit not if they win or not.
    U win or loose it doesnt matter how much u won is important.
    For example,
    Even i used to predict n go on play the match what i used to predict atlast loss if that team lost.
    So for few days i played like that then i realized n playing on both team if i get chance.

    • Even i know here that if some predictor wins he will go on praising himself.
      Suppose if he loose he wont even praise n wont even reply for that.
      Even some more waste predictors( am not mentioning or telling anyone) if he loose he will tell market knows that i supported this team or that team.

      International matches dont fix because it will be their reputation.
      Every team would love to international team will love to loose.

      Sorry frnds if u feel bad about it.

      • What a match realy Lara and sujir and xxx bingo bro u guys to good and bad luck to kohli but kohli bro is also awsome senior will be senior i always with u guys and sault to u 4 guys love u all and plz do help us thanks and good night waiting for BPL semis and final guys fallow them lara gi sujir boss xxxbingo brother and kohli bhai and Made in bagadesh is also good fallow them i calcute there prediction and i play the match thanks ones again
        Thanks admin bhai

      • Well said suman

        I agree with you

        If people win they say they are king

        If they loose they say its a fix

        For me all it matters is money

        At last punters should win either the team loose or win

    • dear suman bro, I’ve been following your predictions several times…. I know that you are too good and your analysis is the best analysis…. I pray to God that you be well always….. I’ve a request to you that you predict the winning team and the 1st innings runs also…. plzz analysis about the lambi plzzz…. plzzz consider my request…..

      • Jd bro, to be fair i wil be busy on the match.i cant come here n predict once again.thankyou bro.but next time i will try to come n give some tips on the match.
        Bro i will tell u some technique follow that
        In t20 game, if they hit first 8overs they 9th n 10th over they wont get runs.
        If u wont get 10th over to 15th over runs then mostly u will get runs in 19th n 20th over.
        Hope it happens 70%.
        Team that hits more than 15runs in last over will lose even this happens 60% times.
        In t20 never play lambi in 1st 3overs .play after 3overs finished.

        Actually in t20 cricket the game was like this before
        1st ball 4 or 6 then low scoring game
        1st ball wide then high scoring game
        If u get wicket in 11th over then then bowling team wins.

        So many drama cricket changed.what i know i said u bro

  7. Hi yuvi Bro u think Wright in this match No one loss this game both side earn profit we r Indian N proud our betsman won loss part a game that’s u r great Bro and top on in bbl love u Bro





  9. Today is my 1st day so pls I’m sorry agar m kisi ka naam Bhool gai Mai Itna Nahi janti sabko but yes I want I phone 7 plus and after match I’ll goted so ?Thanx evryone who predpredictions today match

  10. Hi Guys

    Few points to Notice

    People say this and that but finally the win matters

    Most of the people make book of both side and play

    So this match both side 30 odds so everyone earned huge.

    While Pandya and Jadhav were in middle there was pin drop silence

    While ind req 6 runs out of 4balls there was pin drop silence

    If anybody would have told at that time i would have believed him as GEM

    My point is when England was Favour with 30 odds i told still india win so after that last over india was favour with 20 odds

    So no loss huge profit who ever wins

    I’m not a KING like others I’m just human with some skills to guide

    1 point i would ask what about who predicted South Africa T20

    I didn’t predict that match bcaz i was not confident i thiught there would be some gamble

    It was on sided

    So People who say they predicted AUSTRALIA win i would like to tell them it was one-sided so no profit match

    Also people say and divert mind by saying wicket will come come

    So what I’m trying to tell is choose 1 team and make both side plus qhen odds are 30

    No 1 is GOD here don’t believe any 1 blindly

    Every 1 has some sense so follow yourself sometimes

    See guys I’m not against anyone but when people say like i told you wicket, i told you runs

    Comeon this is cricket either wickets and runs are common

    If i choose 1 team i will say wicket will come

    If you choose other team you will say score will come

    Human psychology so think twice choose wise

    Here are people Stats below who predicted


    2. SOUTH AFRICA LOST- HUGE LOSS (I didn’t preict)


    So don’t say you made a profit its a nutral day

    Once again Congrats to all winners and predictors

    Good Luck

  11. Sorry
    Rahul Patni, Y, sanam
    Mai lambi k time busy tha is liye post nahi Kar paya
    But I think you are in big profit today

  12. Yahooooooooooooooooo

    Eng pass****
    What I told u friends
    Eng means only Eng
    HOpe everyone filled der pockets with huge amt

    Congo all Eng supporters

  13. Today is bigg profit day

    Australia,hongkong,england 3/3 pass

    India match i have lot of hard work u can see start to 1 st innings .even score and wkt perfect .when willy 2 ov 8 runs 1 wkt take then he injured make me disapointed. But also as i said wkt falling make me more confident ..


    Congrats all winners .our site 90% public with infia today .so i can imagine a jackpot amount u got today .enjoy. lv u all

  14. Khulla kahenge lara lara jammm k kahenge lara lara..Lara hi Lara h cha rha aajkal..

    I didn’t play today..But follow brabar kiya tha bawa.. Congratulations Lara Sir.. U r just awsm..

  15. One and one only LARA is a KING ???

    Of international matches.


    India won this series 2-1

    But lara won 3-0

    First and second match won with india.
    This is twist for lara

    R u get big amount friends?
    R u happy ..?

    All calculation pass

    • Hi Lara

      Firstly Congrats on your win

      For your information mostly 90% people were with England

      Secondly if you say you are good at international

      Pls explain about South Africa Loss

      Your prediction went wrong

      Nothing personal but just want to know why your prediction went wrong?

      If that is the case people didn’t earn anything today

      Bcaz even Australia match was one-side with lowers odds

      Correct me if I’m wrong

        • Sorry Admin if you feel bad

          Its not interrupting

          Now i get a point to raise

          You tell me if I’m supporting india and some other supporting England

          I just support people by india will win

          The very next comment come wicket will come

          Is that not interrupting

          Thats fine but you tell me what you feel if it gets repeated

          Hope you got my point

          That is where i lost control

          Otherwise nothing personal

          Anyway this is my last message as i feel even you are backing him

          I wish you and everyone good luck

          I hope i have justified by posting daily predictions till date

          See you tata bye bye

  16. Well played kedar jadav and pandya
    It was all matter of calm and relax untill

    6 runs from 4 balls

    Then kedar jadav felt the pressure of finishing the game

    Anyways well played INDIA

    As an Indian I’m proud to the effort of our Indian BATSMEN especially kedar jadav and pandya

    Congratulations for the England and England team predictors

    • Hats off to you and your comments.

      You are a gentleman and true indian fan

      You don’t show attitude in words as other post here.

      Once again Congrats

      • Thank you yuvi

        And I’m thankful to admin for giving me this opportunity to predict matches and help my FOLLOWERS to cashin lot

        All the best yuvi for your upcoming prediction
        I wish you all the best and wish our followers to cash in lot

        • Hai kranthi bro…nice today i got two matches winning note….as u predicted……its my humble request to u bro…..plz predict even big bash wbbl also……plz…on Tuesday and Wednesday i will be followed most blindly ur vauleble predictions…….egarly waiting…wbbl..perth vs Brisbane
          Hobert vs sixers…
          men’s perth vs stars
          Brisbane vs sixers……plz predict with any analysis about the matches…..East r west kranthi bro is the best…i hope u will give 4 out 4 winning matches….love u bro….tc

  17. What a match almost close to victory

    Anyway better team has won the match

    People are in no loss today

    Hope they have earned both side

    Congrats to winners and Predictors

    See you live in next match

    Good Luck

  18. Someone needs wickets and Someone want runs

    It a game of cricket change like pendulum here and there

    Lets see who cross the line

    India will win

    Good Luck

  19. Tpandya and jadav need soon .required runrate good .9.52.

    Realy missed willy its our los
    Anyway lets see 3 over more(45) we need wkt

  20. I am only sad missed WILLY over

    .if he can bowl my planing perfect .but also stil game in my condrol .we focus this wkt jadav now .lets see

  21. Surprised Jadhav is Still Playing

    He was suppose to be out at 168runs or 32 overs

    How Lucky he is?

    Isn’t it

    Anyway whatever the situation i still say india till the end

    Good Luck

  22. Way to busy schedule tonight!


    Now India needs 322 runs to win the match.
    Nd currently the game is equally balanced 29.1 overs – 157/4

    165 runs in 20.5 overs required.

    Here’s my prediction:
    India Will Not Win Tonight!
    It’s a t-20 game now. But they will not be able to chase the target.

    ●Winner Only n Only England✌✌


  23. Hi Guys

    In cricket wicket goes and run comes

    Its very common

    What it matters is win

    We will make it 3-0

    This is my belief

    India will win

    Good Luck

  24. Wavoo..wavvoo
    Its lara prediction.26 over before 4 th wktdown predict.
    25.3 ball yuvi out

    Now 133/4

    Next jadav out before 168 runs or 32 over

  25. Another good news
    We won hong kong .

    As i said 15 over before we get chance for kohli out.but droped.anyway .we need any 1 out inside 5 overs.

    Runs are condrol.15 ove 74/2

    Focus below 20 over wkt






  27. Wavoo..first a happy news
    .now second prediction match progressing.. wait for HONG KONG win.

    This match dud u see what is lara planing .match start i inform u 300 is target .40 over 225/4 i told u 310+ ..its happy to get 321.

    I agree that dew is factor.but we should take wkt early inside 10 over 2 wkt can presure india .game arounding kohli,yuvi,dhoni…so maximum give presure to them early wkt .
    Until now my calculation ok pitch going to start swung also .england hav good pacers .see my master plan work how.present form based rahul wkt should down first early.lets see .all the best england

  28. Good late hitting by stokes and woakes

    Target is 20 runs more than we expected

    India might be struggling little bit in first 6 to 8 overs

    As the wicket is helpful for seam bowlers Indian BATSMEN should play few overs early on even 45 in powerplay without loss of any wickets is pretty good and there on chase will be going because the outfield is too fast and later on we can expect due and it will lot easier to score by wickets in hand

    So Indian supporters don’t panic

    Target is good but Indian BATSMEN can chase it
    (Fast outfield,due factor,deep batting line up)

    So let’s hope we can go through the line

    Finally India should win

  29. ★Cricket is an unpredictable game where fortunes can change in a matter of time…
    ★So, Please be careful & play safe…

    Today@: India vs England
    Target : 322
    this score will not be chased today !! India will not reach 300….
    Match@: England

  30. Good finish by england.

    321/8 in 50 overs.

    Good score to defend.
    Eden garden crowd still so silents. They will support huge in chase.

    As everyone knows cricket is going to be fast and fast. So i dont think its so hard to get. Yeah its good score on the board. But india fancy to chase it.

    If you compare in all 3 matches.

    1st match => last 10 over 115
    2nd match => last 10 overs 120
    But today => last 10 overs 96

    So good bowling.

    Come on india we want 3:0 we need

  31. As of now Indian bowlers have a done a good job not allowing BATSMEN to get a big scores

    Whatever the target below 300 is easy chasable

    Let’s hope India bowl well in last 6 overs

    As of now score is 253-6 44 overs

  32. 40 over 240/4 i expect

    But 15 runs short we r 225/4.

    Its ok .i want taget 300.

    But final 10 over minimum 85+ need

    310+ is expect.lets see.

    Dear varma ..i am calculate diferent method for this game .until now its ok .dont wory.lets see final score.

    • Lara sir your calculations is too good but can you explain how you get this calculations,it will help us in session.
      So plz expain how to calculate.

  33. As i said we got a platform based.

    26 over 136/2

    Runs is ok.wkt dont want loss more..
    Should 40 over 240+ need even 2 wkt loos no problem.lets see

  34. Break
    In 20 over 98+ pass
    40p me India khaya Hai ab 50% amt se India lagao
    Time for wicket
    Fir se 70% amt se India kha lena

  35. Dear friends,
    We hav t20 match today vs sreelanka

    1 st t20 mostly public suport sreelanka coz playing with out there seniour bowlers and batsman .but i told u i know the new cap players .they r well form in ram slam .as well its cool to we win with .

    Today rain is there.sure chaising is chance to win .if chaise forget for sreelanka

    .match running play is wait or 50% suport now .we should know game posible or how many overs..etc.. elected bowl


    Good luck

  36. Dear friends ,
    Toss is only a advantage india won toss and choose to bowl.

    If u toss win u jav to option make u confused pitch based bating first good .but dew will vome last 15 overs ,so captain shold force to choose bowl first.
    India hav change that rahane in for dawan place .rahul last two match also form out .so early wkt only can presure india.
    Emgland also made chage that lyn ,root.baristow,billings in.root is good form .but i wish both this guys can bat well today .they r good form..

    Pitch is bit of slow .so if england chaising dificult aganist spiners like aswin and jadeja .dew only get advantage .but relaxly england can score good (atleast 300) beter.all the best for england

  37. England will come 30p fav for sure. Just got report from my sources.

    Most Probably England only win but book both side as a safer side@ 30 p England

    • Dear Raja

      I’m also work in office. But allways live matchs seeing.

      That way live comments no ways my side dear

      Understand me my fan..

  38. Ind vs eng 3rd odi

    India is going to rock again but only England will win

    Copy correctly only England will win

    Bcoz kholi should make 100 if ind chase big targets he will get out with in 30 runs so England going to win

  39. Dear all my fans !!

    Ind toss win gd dision blow first…

    This match fav up and down changed.. finally Ind won .. PLAY safely..

    Ind today clean sweep 3-0…

    Match ~ INDIA win for sure…..

    Your’s KING KOHLI 100% prediction’s allways



    Today big toss win blow good ….

    Match ~ INDIA win for sure..

    Series clean sweep 3-0..I think.

    Match rates up and down changed play safely.. finally some amount Ind win cash in lot—-


  41. Hello everyone

    Ford trophy

    Wellington – no result (due to rain)

    Otago – no result (due to rain )

    Central District – won

    So it’s another win in my account

    Ford trophy Prediction was for whoever asked me and I have give you perfect Prediction to start by a win

    Central District
    Central District
    Central District


    Hopefully everyone are happy by the win and filled your pockets

    Happy Sunday to everyone


  42. Hello friends

    Today many of big predictors supporting England today. I think their calculations right in there way.

    Come down to my calculations.

    Eden garden india’s best stadium. Huge crowd. Egnland has best alronders, but remeber this is not small ground to hit hit and hit. England will play for pride and that will make them under pressure. India already won the series. Confident is very high. India looking to make it 3.0 and they will.

    Yuvi and dhoni in middle order. The good news that they got their form. England have challange to face. They want wicket after every gap.

    25/3 earlier 3 wickets but still score 381
    64/4 but still india chased down 350

    What they can do now? They cant get 7 wickets under 100 runs.

    Now England is confuse.
    Even they won the toss they cant decide what to do. India bat 1st giving huge score. Bat second india chasable any big score.

    My winner for todays match

    ~~~~~ India will make 3.0 today ~~~~~~

    Note : this is my calculation and opinion i will not force anyone to follow me.


    • Hallow kk Misrajee i am Manoj… India will lose don’t worry tomorrow bbl ka 1st sami final star vs Perth who will win? plzzz help us? ?
      India bala match ma last ovar ma fixings ho gaya because bat change karka???

  43. Dear all my fans





  44. Good afternoon dear friends,
    I am shubham
    Today we will talk about
    India Vs England 3rd odi,22march,2017
    Eden garden is a high scoring ground and very good for spinners too.
    In my opinion India has good spinners like ashwin and jadeja with a good batting line up too.yuvi,dhoni,jhadhav,virat are in good form.
    On the other side England has weak bowling which will make them cry in kolkata.
    So India will win.

  45. Yes I think u r correct this time this is defenatiely going to be a nail biting match nd final result will be ENG win.
    One more thing it’s going to be a low scoring game.
    Nd finally laga sae match ghumaega 3 paisae sae.

  46. Dear friends,
    This match predict before some preview.1st oneday 350 engaland make mostly indians hopless game for that.and we lost regular wkt start also.but its hapy perfect paln we win jackpot with india.second match also same we lost start wkt also a nail bite game enter we won india .we won series 2/0 now.
    Now my logic is this.

    Last both matches we saw that both team equel power.even india playing our home pitch also india cant over advantage aganist england.a nail bite game our luck to we win both a bats man india depend kohli,yuvi,dhoni only.early wkt is get presure for our legends.two time we escape.but once again its happend maybe not.dawan maybe not play i think.
    Other hand england is playing as team work.there score not only deppend only 1 person.everybody contribute runs there.include allrounders they r 10 batsman.very good openers they have.if they make a platform game going smothly.buowlers also good .indian bowlers aswin and buvi only some threttening .
    Pitxh is bit slow and pace mixed shows.spiners can good here.but if u chaise a dew also posible its going dificult mostly chance toss winer bat england cause they r good look to chaie coz there batsmans also form.and i think form our lyn is not playing .sam billings play.
    Any way this match i am not sure indian all seniours playing or not coz already done series and up coming game maybe they resy.england lost then big shame for morgan get white this particular sutuvation and market odds based i would like to go with england.

    Toss..ENGLAND elected bat



  47. Dear frnds today we must blindly follow our admin,Lara,kholi Bcoz these guys are really awesome predictors …..Tq all brother

  48. Malamal
    todays winner

    India india
    10 Over 42
    20 over 86
    30 over 134
    40 over 178
    50 over 271

    it malamal

  49. Dear all of my fans!!

    This is your favorite predictor KOHLI prediction today match



    Match~ SOUTH AFRICA…

    So no any confusion just go with SOUTH AFRICA AND cash in lot—-

    INDIA vs. ENGLAND 3 rD ODI prediction soon plz wait all my fans …

    Your’s KING KOHLI 100% prediction’s allways…

    Australia & SOUTH AFRICA winnars today

  50. ❇1st match is ☞ Australia Vs Pakistan❇

    Toss ☞ Australia

    Match ☞Australia

    ❇2nd match is ☞ India Vs England❇

    Toss ☞ England

    Match ☞ India

    ❇3rd match ☞ South Africa Vs Sri Lanka❇

    Toss ☞South Africa

    Match ☞South Africa

    so best of luck and enjoy your success with MADE IN BANGLADESH.
    have a good day……

  51. Hi friends
    It’s so tough to pridict between to team which are equally balance
    India Dhoni, kohli, yuvi, these are three wings
    England root, Roy, Morgan.
    England team is more good than Indian team on paper
    Home ground advantage to india
    But finally winner

    TOSS england
    MATCH england

    Jackpot match
    Good Sunday
    Loot lo


  52. Hey my dear all of fans now the time is today match predictions….
    Today totally 4 matches reports for all……
    International matches is ~
    1st match is ~Australia Vs Pakistan….
    Toss ~Pakistan…
    Match ~Australia…
    Key players ~Warner, khawaja, Smith, Head, Maxwell, Starc and Faulkner…
    2nd match is ~India Vs England…
    Toss ~England…
    Match ~England…
    Key players ~Roy, Billings, Root, Morgan, Butler, Willey and Woakes…
    3rd match ~South Africa Vs Sri Lanka….
    Toss ~South Africa…
    Match ~South Africa…
    Key players ~Khun, Smuts, Bruyn, Miller, Parnell, Nigidi and Tahir…
    4th match is~Hong Kong Vs Scotland…
    Toss ~Scotland…
    Match ~Scotland…
    Key players ~Barrington, Coetzer, Cross, Macleod, Munsey, Davey and Sharif…
    So no any confusion just go with Australia, England, South Africa and Scotland and cash in lot… Bcz I am here so nothing to fear everything is fair and lovely so no any confusion just stay with me your Sunjir boss 100% tips always…..

  53. What prediction you all know when India won they wins it all if they lose they do that from starting.

    As Virat says at post match presentation that they r playing only 75% of their strength & they are looking to explode all their guns in Kolkata..

    My prediction**Clean Sweep**

    At the starting whatever you get on India take that (my opinion)

    Play safe always follow ur ?…

  54. ????MY WINNER TEAM’S ARE????

    ? PAKISTAN (70%)

    ? INDIA ?

    ? SRILANKA (70%)

    Note : Today my all Asian team’s will be winner 🙂
    Don’t follow me and if you play bet then please play your own risk.

  55. As per my knowledge most of them goes blindly with India.
    But India will loose the match.
    Jackpot if India bat first in very low rate you can go with England.

    Jackpot match

  56. The Ford Trophy ?

    Auckland vs Wellington

    Match : Auckland

    Otago vs Canterbury

    Match : Otago

    Knights vs Central District

    Match : Knights


  57. Hello everyone

    Here I’m giving the prediction for ford trophy

    There are three matches tomorrow

    Match 1 : Wellington vs Auckland
    Both teams are undefeated in their last two matches

    Winner will be Wellington

    Match 2: otago vs Canterbury
    Otago yet to win a match and Canterbury won one match and lost one

    Winner will be otago

    Match3:NOTHERN KNIGHTS vs central stags

    NK win one and lost one and central stag’s yet to win a match

    Winner will be central stag’s

    So my winning team for tomorrow are
    1. Wellington
    2. Otago
    3. Central stags


    Keep an eye on me and my prediction

  58. Hello everyone






  59. As per my knowledge tomorrow england will win because
    1.for their pride purpose they will win
    2.this month 26th is first t20 match .its replublic day on such occasions india wont loose
    3.india comming with straight 6 wins i.e 4 wins test n 2 in odi.
    4.this track is its not spinning track.its pace track
    5.atleast for their pride england will win
    6.tomorrow u can see different indian team because they will replace some good players because of comming australia series.
    7.this pitch 300 runs to score is difficult.this pitch changed a lot.
    8.tomorrow if u eat on india definetly u will gain.
    9.the main reason y am supporting england is this track has changed from spinning to pace attack n india will change their main bowlers
    I hope tomorrow england win

    • Am thinking that score will be below 275 runs.
      If india chase today all market will think india is best chasers n can win the game.
      This match am hoping india win toss n elect to bowl.
      England showed their batting ability but today they wont show .today mostly they show their bowling ability

    • HAI suman today match. ..India vs England keya khyal hai is match ma……….keya white wash hoga engaland????…I think India you know me I am Manoj

      • Manoj das bro
        Bro even after i predicting england will win then y u ask again who will win.
        Bro i mentioned clearly that england win.y u ask i dont no.
        Which manoj ?
        Sorry for asking bro i didnt recognised u

  60. India vs England.
    England had there chance of win in first 2 matches but but but there is no chance of winning in kolkata.india have good quality spinner.
    So I will go with India


    Toss :INDIA 50.50

    Match:ENGLAND 100%


    ♣♣♣{ Australia vs Pakistan }♣♣♣

    Toss :Pakistan

    Match :Australia 100%


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