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Ireland vs Netherlands Prediction 11th T20 Match Group A March 13 2016

Ireland vs Netherlands Prediction 11th T20 Match Group A March 13 2016, IRE vs NED qualifier 11th match astrology prediction tips preview Who Will Win Today Match

Ireland vs Netherlands Prediction 11th T20 Match Group A March 13 2016Netherlands and Ireland will fight it out in the eleventh match of ICC World T20 2016 on March 13 at Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association Stadium, Dharamsala. It is hard to anticipate an unmistakable victor since both are great partner groups. Ireland and Netherlands have confronted each other five times in a Twenty20 worldwide match previously. Of these five experiences, both the groups have won two recreations each while one match did not get any outcome. This was the principal T20I that they played against each other, path in 2008. Ireland won the following two T20Is played in 2010 and 12. Netherlands then won the following two matches played in 2014 and 15.

Subsequently, passing by current achievement, Netherlands seem, by all accounts, to be the better group however the 2015 match was route back in July and most likely does not have much importance to current structure. On the off chance that we investigate their late amusements, Netherlands had one win and a misfortune against UAE and Scotland separately; the matches were played in February this year. Ireland’s last T20I arrangement was against UAE. It was a two-match arrangement with both the matches played at Abu Dhabi.The conflict in the middle of Ireland and the Netherlands will have no effect on who will make it to the last 10 of the T20 World Cup. Ireland endured rout because of Oman and after that bombshell, their odds of advancing to the following round took a hit as their conflict against Bangladesh was canceled because of terrible climate.

Ireland vs Netherlands Prediction 11th T20 Match Group A March 13 2016

Ireland will win

The downpour in Dharamshala additionally constrained the conflict between the Netherlands and Oman to be canceled, leaving both groups to share a point. Bangladesh and Oman have three focuses each and the previous is driving the table with a superior net run rate.

Bangladesh and Oman confront each other in the last qualifier apparatus and the victor of that conflict will make it to Group 2 of the 2016 T20 World Cup. It will be frustrating for both the Netherlands and Ireland to crash out of the competition in this style.

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  1. Oh my mine just love you
    Ricky bro
    Lara baba xxxbingo shawon nennu and finally the admin just i am very thankful you all you all just predicting in your ways guys
    jst think of it if “We have Rickey lara and baba in combination with admin then we can give fight to whole world just think of it my friends unity is power

    I just again Very thankful to all god bless you all my friends love you admin????????????????????????????

  2. I am agree with u sanjay
    plz Lara and ricky Clark bro
    And thanx baba what a performance

  3. Fan of Ricky sir & Lara sir

    Great prediction ..

  4. Llr Shopnil Shopnil

    Lara may tumhara big fan ho

  5. Wat a match frnds….
    Really thanks to ricky clark , lara ,baba , you (neenu),shawon,n finally xxx bingo….u all guys are just superb ..Specialy thanku so much to ricky clark n lara…u both r really just just awsome…hats off to u both yr
    Bt pls it is my heartly request u both dnt fight…we all r brothers…

    1. Ya don’t fight we r all frnds and bros kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk bye good nyt see you tata

  6. Netherlands won .Great work Ricky , xerox annd XXX Bingo

  7. hmmm what a prediction this group..ur great….
    Ricky.. xerox.. baba..Lara…ur all full talented persons….. thank u all nd admin….. keep going on……

  8. Wavoo..wavoo….i won
    Netherland won..

    R u happy friends

    1. Happy happy happy tomorrow sl vs pak who will win ?

    2. Yes sir & don’t make any changes in you Kisi ko kuch pasand aata hai Kisi ko kuch I like your WAVOO WAVOO
      Keep it up
      Great job sirji WAVOO

    3. predcit soon yar ind v nz

  9. Lara n baba n Ricky n Shawon are best predictiors so far..great job.. Keep going East or west u popular are best

  10. My follower I think u enjoy my prediction

  11. Ricky sir, hats off to you. You are the worlds best predictor. I am your greatest fan. Please please dont compare yourself with anyone because Sachin cant be compared with any uthapa or mohd kaif. Pls do your prediction for your fans like me.

    You are great Sir Ricky Clark.

  12. A mad fan of ricky clark

    thnx lara and baba

  13. Can’t say anything now it’s 6 over match so can’t comment which team will win

  14. Our Ricky sir is great. For u Ricky sir Winners don’t do different things,
    They do things Differently

  15. admin can i ask why u hv not posted my post. is it any thing wrong in asking about warm up match please say admin

    1. Dear, in warm up matches teams does not play with their full force, they just warming themselves, teams does not playing their full team so how can you predict those matches, it will called “tukka” not prediction

  16. Thanks for my all friends to give me such a great COMENTS this is my answer for u.. My friends n followers always giving u answer in huge numbers.. Why don’t understand n accept it..

    Thanks deepu n Dhoni agree with u guys..

    1. sakhee ayan[only true predictions]

      hats of you ricky sir
      i agree with you
      you are a great

  17. ireland win

  18. Ireland
    This match

  19. Netherland will be winner guys ..

  20. Winner is ireland

  21. Today’s winner netherland bec they have good chance for high score if they score 160+ sure win

  22. Icc world t20 world cup 2016. Ireland win this match easily 10 over—-70 to 79 20 over—-153to159

  23. Sakhee Ayan(only True Predictions)

    Ricky sir i respect ur predictions.. You always right am also your big fan but today winner is only ireland

  24. Netherlands will win

  25. I’m giving u the winner before match.

    No details for this match as i have no time

    *******************************IRELAND WIN THIS MATCH**********************************

  26. Ireland winner

  27. toss Ireland
    match natherland

  28. Hello everybody,
    Ireland rocks today..

  29. toss ire
    Mat ire
    Gud luck….!
    bat 1st wining chances

  30. Toss Netherlands
    Match Netherlands

    I’M Je n K

  31. Hai Lara friend!

    This is KOHLI .

    East or west KOHLI that best .

    Today match IRE win KOHLI . OK

    Today match NED win LARA . OK FD

    This match decided East or west best???

    OK naaaáaaa.. Haaaaàà haàaaa aaaaà

    KOHLI .

  32. No matter what so ever keep believing your self
    All my folks in this site are superb
    Plz be calm about Ego….
    Bro Ricky ur awesome….
    Lara,bingo,baba……u people beauty
    So I concern every one has bad day…..
    Keep believe ur self
    Keep calm and respect others…. All we need is to predict not hate….

    Respect… Believe…. Support
    Urs lovely bro Je n K

  33. Ire win da 99%

  34. Ireland




  35. Ire will win the match

  36. Sakhee Ayan(only True Predictions)

    Total match 10
    Won 7
    Lose 1
    Ireland vs oman
    No result 2

  37. Ricky bro urs predictions always bindass..gr8 job bro..I m ur big fan

  38. ricky sir please predict ire vs netherland as 1001%.

  39. Guys does need any logic or calculator.. Netherlands r always on top against Ireland clear winner Netherlands..

    Toss- Ireland

    Match- Netherlands

    Choices I’d always urs guys to whom u will go..

  40. Sakhee Ayan(only True Predictions)

    See guys all of you
    Today all tippers says that netherland will be wi

    After match see my report
    Only winner ireland

  41. 13/3/16

  42. Netherland will win




  44. Ireland v/s nedarland I expect that Ireland will won the match if they have won the toss and choose field.

  45. I’ll go with bingo& lara

  46. Ireland will win

  47. Ireland win 100%

  48. Dear friends!

    IRE vs NED this match IRE win.

    KOHLI .

  49. Ireland win

  50. Today match

    Ireland v netherland

    Winer : netherland

  51. Dear friends….
    Netherland vs ireland…

    Both team good..we can expect a crack game ..both r won each together also…bu my calculation is folowing..

    Recently year netherland playing good cricket.2014 and 2015 netherland won aganist ireland a margin victory.all rounder vander merwe joint with netherland got big boost..

    Last match ireland lost aganist oman and netherland lost aganist bangla also good perfomance show ..narow 8 runs lost..

    If u satisfied my logic then u can follow me..


    Good luck

  52. Ireland is febaret

  53. ireland will win

  54. Ireland will win

  55. Ireland win

  56. Ireland Win…

  57. Rajon (the little predictor)

    Netherland will win…their spinner are better than Ireland….


    TOSS—–(((((((( NETHERLAND)))))) {{1000000000%%)))

  59. Ireland win 100%

  60. Yesterday was wonderful
    So let’s try to make today even better

    Netherland / Ireland

    Dead rubber match,
    But much to carry home as prestige of winning last match

    Both teams look equal on terms
    Tough match

    Comparison both teams have good player’s with lots of experience

    But the one team which has played better under pressure

    Other teams performance is not so good in recent times

    So nothing much to choose between 2 teams

    So today
    I’m going with the team which is performing



    Xxx bingo ££££

    1. Most of predictors might go with Ireland but today I’m ready to take risk on netherland



  62. Toss – ire
    Match -ire

  63. Another fighting match::::::::::::::::::::
    Ireland winsss::::::::::::::::::::::—-+++++—-
    Its PoPaT 100%::::::::::: prediction

  64. i think ireland will lose the game…last match the lost against netherland…

  65. Ireland win

  66. Guys break this % dt 91.63% will win this match by.. Twist “keep it in ur hand after that will tell u whole thing.. It was a code of 1001% Hope u all r smart n can understand my actual mean..mind it this is only for my true friends n followers in huge numbers..

  67. Toss=ireland

  68. Netherland will win ….

  69. Happy Sunday to everyone…..
    Ireland vs Netherlands

    This to sides face each other in 5 encounters .
    2 for Ireland 2 for Netherlands 1 no result.
    This is the opportunity they are waiting for to prove the best,a big event like t20 world a dead rubber game only playing for pride its also a question that these 2 sides will get a next chance to participate in a big event like this r not is a ???????

    For Ireland this could be the last game for Kevin obe’rien and on the other end a last game as well for Netherlands skipper this is hinting a tight and best game of the qualifiers so far….so figers crossed, both r equal in all department’s as it cone to experience Ireland are little bit more than Netherlands ,as for big games experience will play a big role in victory as both playing for pride.


  70. Ireland will Win the match…..!!!

  71. Netherlands will win for sure

  72. Hello everybody on this site …
    This King R.A.Y
    An addition to top predictors on this site.Accually,gonna na best predictor on this site
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    I have my own reasons and formulas behind my prediction which not known by many predictors which got me 0 loses till now
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    If interested wait for my prediction
    I’ll give my predictions 1hr before the match…

    1. Welcome to our site, plz dont use betting language here

    2. its not more than 30 mins left now king??

      1. ——————–King R A Y IS HERE——————


        1. ————KING R A Y————-

          WARM-UP MATCH

          Australia vs West Indies

          Winner only and only

          ——–Australia ———–

  73. Ned Will Win

  74. Ireland Win for sure

  75. Nedarland will be win sure

    this is very interesting game.both teams r out of the turnament.its both their last both of them will want to win this match.head to head played 5.both team won match not this world cup IRELAND will not win a single match.their bowling is weaker than netherland.middle order bats man r struggling to score,on the other hand netherland middle order is looking good…so
    mybirgh,borren,T cooper,b cooper,barresi,
    today only winner is..

  77. Netherlands will win…

    No chance for Ireland…

  78. Netherland will win////90%%%

  79. ireland will win

  80. Toss-nedarland match-irland

  81. Toss-nedarland and opted to bat today this match is jackpot and match win by irland 100001% sure… friends

  82. By the way I leading upon u Sa vs Aus series with 2 n Sa vs England series 6 matches so total recently upper than u was recently.. If I count in all matches a miles ahead upon u.. This is truth in that series u leading by 2 wins but what about previous n recently if u will said.. It was past then.. Ur 2 wins. It’s was also a past.. So think about today.. Hope u will chose a right team otherwise I have report of this if u will chose wrong.. God can’t save u..

    Bythway I effects lot on ur mind.. U r going to be a mad.. Am feeling not good for that.. May be good will help u.. Don’t worry take it easy buddy.. Shame shame oh what a days going for u.. Who r u?

  83. I won last 2/2 but dear addmin previous game u not post my predict hk vs Scotland…

    now time to prediction
    IRELAND Will win today

  84. Ricky why you fight evry week with some one . you should respect others. Why you take everything on ur ego.
    You are among the hood predictor.
    Baba, George , Neenu, Last year, lara, xerox, Sandeep all are good.
    Our admin never takes anything on his ego.
    I won 10 matches yesterday that were in my street. Oh come if you want gain popularity then you should respect everyone and predict difficult matches.

    Even I do respect of you but everyday you are loosing ur follower because of ur behavior.
    Sorry to say but u need to change. U are good predictor.
    Respect each other will help everyone to be more stronger .

  85. Ireland Will Win sure.

  86. I feel Ireland wil win this match

  87. YOU(NEENU) UNKNOWN.........??

    Netherland will win straight win
    Sure sure sure sure sure
    Toss. Netherland
    Match . netherland
    Telling for you all
    From u

  88. Toss – Netherland
    Mach – Ireland

  89. Today winner ireland

  90. toss Ireland
    match Netherland 100%

  91. Ireland will win this match.

  92. My prediction netherlund win

  93. I won afg, scot, south, engW and indW

  94. I won afg, scot, ind and engW, indW

  95. Ireland vs Netherlands
    ((( Netherlands )))
    Ricky sir and laraji aap dono ka
    Mai bahot bada fan hu aap ka predict
    Ke lite waiting

  96. Netherlands win 10000000$$$$$$

  97. Toss- ireland

  98. t20 world cup ranking after finish 10th match

    prdictor-match-win-lost-draw-no result-no coment

    1.BABA— –10—–7——1—-0——–2———–0

    2.LARA —–-10—–7—–1—0——–2———–0

    3.SHAWON –10——7—–1—0—–2———–0

    4.ADMIN —–10——6—-2—-0—–2———–0

    5.GEORGE —-10–—6—–1–0——2———–1

    6.XXX BINGO-10—6-—-2—-0——–2———–0

    7.XEROX —–10—–6—-2—-0——2———–0




  99. Ireland wil win surely

  100. Today match winner is Ireland Ireland Only Ireland


    Pitch and conditions

    While the HPCA Stadium has taken a lot of rain, and is likely to take more, the pitches have been kept covered well, and shouldn’t change from their slow and low nature.

    **After five Twenty20 internationals against each other, Ireland and Netherlands are tied 2-2 with one match washed out

    **With the stumping of Soumya Sarkar on Saturday, Niall O’Brien reached 24 dismissals in Twenty20 internationals. Ten other wicketkeepers have reached the landmark of 25. One of them is opponent Warren Barresi

    **Experienced players like Porterfield, Stirling and o’Brian

    **Good combination of pace and spin

    **Have emerged victorious more often than not against Netherlands

  102. Ireland win
    Dear admin pls post my cmnt

  103. Netherlands will be this match…
    99% sure…

  104. ***naga***3rd match*$$$

    Dear frnds,
    Ire is favour ,ire 1st bat Nederland bowling not good so ire 165+++ pakka Ned not chase
    Ned 1st bat 150+++ after paka chase by ire
    (((((**yesterday 2win see my comment***))))
    Thanking uuuu
    Fan of Lara sir

  105. One geleous person started underestimate other it’s wrong from him
    We know he is very good but other are better than him in this time. So I think everyone should be agree with situation.
    BABA is a person who never comment to any one & always agree his win/loss.
    Haar gaya (Sach bat man gaya) ye bolne ko bada kaleja lagta hai.
    Lara good job go ahead..
    Had luck to my dearest pridictor

  106. Ban vs OMAN, Dharamsala
    Starts at 07:30 PM IST Mar 13
    Match winner= Bangladesh

    IRE vs NED, Dharamsala
    Starts at 03:00 PM IST Mar 13
    Match winner= Ireland

    Aus vs WI, Kolkata
    Starts at 07:30 PM IST Mar 13
    Match winner=Australia

    Good luck…
    Shanku 100% tips
    Total prediction score
    Match 12 , Won 7 , lost 5 ,
    Win= 58.3%

  107. Hello everyone.

    Again a tuff match ,
    yes they have past records .2/2 both team win each other. And now thay r playing only for yours MITHAI .hope deeply understand.
    Its a 101% jkpot match. Do trending and wear BABAS strategy.
    kabhi bhi market ke situation ke sath badal sakata hai winer..any way..

    Fir bhi my winer team today NETHERLAND
    ———————————————————–kaise follow karna hai apaka marji..milte hai match ke bad..thanks.

    Note– app sabhi ke liye ek post/comment HONG KONG vs SCOTLAND forum mai likha hai padh jarur Lena..

    Admin ji post karva dena .log

  108. Its very difficult match.I think Nederland will win this match.

  109. Guys as u can all r see there is a BIT HALF SHORT MINDED person.. Who always talking big so many times.. I beaten him That’s y he jealous with me n my 1001%.. Cause he can’t see my superb confidence in SOUTH AFRICA Vs Australia 2nd,3rd t20..WHICH I WON AGAINST HIM.. THATS Y BUT ANYWAYS GUYS.. I KNOW ABOUT U GUYS WILL ALWAYS WITH ME.. THATS Y I GOT AN IDEA FOR UR BEETER..

    So guys without wasting my time. I will never give him any answer after that he will only talking with his self. What a LUCK OF WAVOO MAN.. He lost BY ME in South Africa Vs Australia match.. That’s y talking big today n yesterday.. Why don’t prove ur self by predictions..

    Everyone knows the reality of mine.. Who am I so I don’t have more time for HIM.. plz carry on with ur words to be a GOOD BUT ACTUALLY WAVOO MAN IS A BIG LOOSER.. I think u r fake person..

    Anyway guys, who wants prediction n who wants report just leave there comments—- for my followers n friends.. I will give a unique code by % If u will break this code.. Then u guys will win almost 95 out of 100 matches. IT’S NOT ANYHOW DREAM FOR U GUYS.. ITS A RELAITY OF OUR CRICKET MATCHES.. I KNOW PLANTY OF FOLLOWERS N FRIENDS OF MINE. SO FAKE PERSON.. NOT ALLOWED.. PLS KEEP UR ID IN UR HAND N COMENTS BY UR ID.. I WILL GIVE IT TO U AFTER THAT..



    1. Who wil win today?
      Netherland vs ireland?

  110. Dear friends …
    Last day i saw some 1 post WT20ranking list lara and xerox rank 10..thank u problem even rank 15 also.if i am eligible only put me on top.but i saw a funny there…total 6/5 i got rank 10. Total 6/4 superman man rank 3…..

    So its proved that how much his hungry for reach top 1.if u want becime no.1 u need hard work.

    ALways superman telling …EAST OR WEST I AM BEST.I am super man …no.1 ..

    So if ur the best …2 option for u?
    1.u must win every game ..i know its dificult for take 2 option…
    2.every series u won?
    Then u won?

    NOW big dailog making before proved that WT20..dailog can make every1.we need on papper………wt20 cup its big everybody…old ur record keep ur poket

  111. Dear friends…..
    Everybody know very well lara respect every1 here.but alltop predictors comlaint aganist only that superman ….XEROX bhai…SANDEEP bhai told alredy…BABA also tel superman tel him his prediction is childish and filmy.

    U know friends lot of good predictor we hav.everybody like a friend and they won or loss they didnt rause his finger.

    Only this superman if some one won aganist him…he want to raise his finger aganist him…he want insult him.what a attitude this.

    Mr.superman man….u should learn how to respect to people…this full site tell u same soundly.

  112. Dear friends….
    Yesterday i won both match afgan and scotland.hope so u r all happy.

    As predictor he can predict any kind of stlye.important the result.b4 i am predicting other site..some years b4 my prediction style not like this .that time i am writing history and records…after i know its not corect.we should think ourself..then i start to predict with logic.

    Here some 1 superman thinking his prediction is right.other people prediction all childish.he told BABA also same ur prediction is childish.

    Internet available for records of the pitch and about the players.u make copy and paste then its call prediction???

    Internet we got the information is basic knowledge.then we shold think with present situvation with logic.its u r calling filmy or childish its proved that ur low knowledge suuperman.

    So friends …think ur idea and logic …then predict..but important u win or no.?

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