KPL 2015 Match Prediction 5 Sep MW vs MU 5th Match Preview

KPL 2015 Match Prediction 5 Sep MW vs MU 5th Match Preview, Mysuru warriors vs Mangalore United Saturday 5th September 2015. Karnataka Premier League 2015 Predictions on MatchPredictions.In

KPL 2015 Match Prediction 5 Sep MW vs MU 5th Match PreviewMysuru warriors versus Mangalore United fifth t20 live spilling review 5 September. KPL 2015 MW versus MU match expectation live scorecard highlights feature and live TV television stations information. You can watch live broadcast of this match on Sony LIV.

Match will be happen in KSCA Hubli Cricket Ground, Hubli between MYSURU WARRIORS and MANGALORE UNITED. Climate is suitable for match. Match will be begun at 02 pm Sharp on Thursday 5 September 2015.

Mysuru Warriors and Mangalore United both have awesome group squad. Them two had awesome endeavors to reach on this association in the past Karnataka Leagues. This is first match of both groups against each other’s. MYSURU WARRIORS (MW) versus MANGALORE UNITED (MU) will be great. MYSURU WARRIORS and MANGALORE UNITED will be battled for the Tournament CUP on the grounds that them two have great players.

Mysuru warriors vs Mangalore United Match Prediction Who will win


MYSURU WARRIORS                      60%

MANGALORE UNITED                    40%

As both of the groups has played 1, 1 match and did not win the match. Both groups have lost one, one match that played. Mysuru warrior lost its first match against Namma Shivamogga. Then again Mangalore United lost its first match against Belagavi Panthers. Mysuru United lost by 8 wickets and Namma Shivamogga lost by 6 wickets so the expectation is supportive of Mysuru Warriors who lost by 6 wickets.

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