KPL 2015 Schedule Fixtures Date Time Venue Info Sep 2015

Get KPL 2015 schedule complete components. Karnataka Premier league 2015 all matches date time and location information. KPL starting from 2ns September. After Indian premier league there will certainly be another cricket league for Indians to play a little league like Karnataka Premier League 2015. The league will certainly be started from September 2nd 2015 and this ends at 19th September 2015.

There will be a great deal of action by bowlers, fielders and batsmen. They will certainly not bear if anyone challenges the other. Bowlers will certainly hunt batsmen and batsmen will smash bowlers hard. The league remains for 17 days consisting of the semis and final. The first match will be played at 2nd September 2015 and there will certainly be 2 opening matches on very first day of league. Semi Finals will certainly be played at 17th and qualifiers will be dipped into 17th and 18th September. The schedule is provided below.

KPL 2015 schedule fixtures right here:

Match Date Group Versus
1st 2nd September 2015 Mangalore United Belagavi Panthers
2nd 2nd September 2015 Mysuru Warriors Namma Shivamogga
3rd 3rd September 2015 Bijapur Bulls Bellary Tuskers
4th 3rd September 2015 Hubli Tigers Rock Stars
5th 4th September 2015 Mysuru Warriors Mangalore United
6th 4th September 2015 Belagavi Panthers Rock Stars
7th 5th September 2015 Hubli Tigers Bijapur Bulls
8th 5th September 2015 Bellary Tuskers Namma Shivamogga
9th 6th September 2015 Mysuru Warriors Hubli Tigers
10th 6th September 2015 Bijapur Bulls Mangalore United
11th 7th September 2015 Rock Stars Namma Shivamogga
12th 7th September 2015 Hubli Tigers Belagavi Panthers
13th 8th September 2015 Bijapur Bulls Namma Shivamogga
14th 8th September 2015 Mysuru Warriors Belagavi Panthers
15th 9th September 2015 Hubli Tigers Mangalore United
16th 9th September 2015 Bellary Tuskers Rock Stars
17th 11th September 2015 Belagavi Panthers Namma Shivamogga
18th 11th September 2015 Mangalore United Bellary Tuskers
19th 12th September 2015 Bijapur Bulls Rock Stars
20th 12th September 2015 Hubli Tigers Namma Shivamogga
21st 13th September 2015 Belagavi Panthers Bellary Tuskers
22nd 13th September 2015 Mysuru Warriors Bijapur Bulls
23rd 14th September 2015 Mysuru Warriors Hubli Tigers
24th 14th September 2015 Mangalore United Rock Stars
25th 15th September 2015 Hubli Tigers Bellary Tuskers
26th 15th September 2015 Bijapur Bulls Belagavi Panthers
27th 16th September 2015 Mangalore United Namma Shivamogga
28th 16th September 2015 Mysuru Warriors Rock Stars
29th 17th September 2015 TBC TBC
30th 17th September 2015 TBC TBC
31st 18th September 2015 TBC TBC
32nd 19th September 2015 TBC TBC

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