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KPL Today Match Prediction Sep 21 2016 Bulls vs Mangalore, Bellary vs Mysuru-W

KPL Today Match Prediction Sep 21 2016 Bulls vs Mangalore, Bellary vs Mysuru-W, 10th Match – Bijapur Bulls v Mangalore United, 11th Match – Bellary Tuskers v Mysuru Warriors

KPL Today Match Prediction Sep 21 2016 Bulls vs Mangalore, Bellary vs Mysuru-WMangalore won its last diversion against Rockstars by a tremendous edge of 53 runs and has launch to the second position on the table with 2 focuses; they will go up against Bijapur Bulls, who crushed Hubli Tigers by 7 wickets to gather 2 focuses, on 21st September at Hubballi. While Mangalore guarded 195 keeps running easily against Rockstars, the Bulls pursued down 189 runs effectively with 2 balls to save. Both groups have performed well in their late matches and will be enthusiastic to keep winning here.

KPL Today Match Prediction Sep 21 2016 Bulls vs Mangalore, Bellary vs Mysuru-W

Opener Ravikumar Samarth posted an unbeaten 87 off 54 to control the group towards triumph against Hubli; he was very much upheld by chief Robin Uthappa, who scored a well-made half-century from only 33 conveyances, and Naveen who played a helpful thump scoring 20 runs. Prior, the bowlers took normal wickets yet couldn’t stop the hard-hitting Tigers from posting a testing all out.

Nishanth Shekhawat posted a splendid 106 off only 61 that comprised of 5 intense sixes and 8 limits, taking the group to a tremendous 195 runs batting first; Shishir Bhavane and Harsha Basavraj kept the scoreboard ticking while the bowlers set up a decent appear in confining Rockstars to 142 and winning by an enormous edge of 53 runs.

Both groups have won one amusement each and will attempt to build the focuses in their kitty with a win here; nonetheless, we feel that Bijapur Bull with its batting power and a decent blend of twist and pace combined with experience of Abhimanyu Mithun and Robin Uthappa, is better put to win this round.

Updated: September 21, 2016 — 1:35 AM

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    11 match reuslt
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    3rd umpire

  5. Kya bat he agar post hota to bahutno ka kama ata ..but kuch gande logno ke bajha se admin ko site ko ……phir bhi 110/2 odd -BELARI 40/43.mujhe follow karne balno ka to kam ho gaya hoga …8/10 se 40/43..mera kam hogaya ap sabhi ka pata nehni

  6. Bt win match

  7. Today Match Report KPL

    Bellary vs mysore

    Winner::: MW

    Yours sincerely
    Real face

  8. Hi dear frnds, People’s Champ is here.

    First of all sorry for delay.

    Match: Bellary vs Mysuru

    *********************************Only winner is MYSURU WARRIORS******************************

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  10. May I question to ADMIN ,
    Can you post again live comments for this match?

    1. we will do this again after 3 to 4 days

  11. Hello admin where from Kolkata any idea I request you to please help me to find him…

  12. 2nd kpl today..wat is ur final call baba!!

  13. what about next match … Gays 10 over par side… Baba ji what u say dear and rajababu plz save my id.

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    hello frnds my recent record 9/9 in kpl one match no result
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  15. what about next match … Gays 10 over par side.

  16. some good news trickling in folks.rain god have finally relented.umpires are out for inspection

  17. Sari Mehanat bekar gaya .wohi hua jiska dar tha.match no result..bich me barish ruka tha ,chahete to match 5 over ka bhi ho sakata tha..but wohi sun ne ko Mila ,ki ground staff jyada active nahni he….tabhi malum padjayega ki match sayad complete hoga .mood off bahut kuch milte milte…….

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  18. Auto approval option ……..thanx admin I requested many days before to do this auto approval option thank you very much…… And dear frnds plz don’t missuse this

  19. Karnataka Premire League 2016

    10 match 9 win

    today match ~ rine win

    Match No ~ 11

    MW vs BT

    Toss & Match ~ BT ( rine can win )

    3rd umpire

  20. Karnataka Premier Leage

    10 match 9 win

    today ( no result ) i think BB win.

    match no 11

    MW vs BT

    Toss & Match ~ BT ( can win this match )

    3rd umpire

    1. First time I followed u

  21. —–tip tip barsa pani , pani ne aag lagayi ——

    or ye 1st match hua cancel

    ab 2nd

    tera kya hoga kaliya……

    hahahhaa .————–

  22. No result …….

  23. Any update from ground??? May play resume from here??

    1. Match has been called off.

  24. rine rine rine

    1. Any update??

  25. Bellary Vs Mysuru


    Match:Mysuru (Super jackpot)

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    Bellary Vs Mysuru


    Match:Mysuru (Super jackpot)

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  27. match tension de raha he…kahni market ko jyada losses ke bajha se no result kahni na kar de….one side jo load tha …sab chalk he….jaishe 2 nd t20 me kiye the _ india vs west Indies match me

  28. chasing team will win

  29. Rain spoiled the game

  30. Ram tam WHR r u

  31. Fixed match

  32. Next match:
    =D> MW……. Win =D>

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    1. Sir aapne to 1st match
      Me loss karwa diya.
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  38. 39/6 …..baba fir 2nd match me miljyaga,agar fir se site quickly post hoga to

    1. Dear MR.Baba,

      Regarding 2nd match weather channels predecting 6pm & 8pm rain kpl organaizers are following VJD method is it favouring 1st bat or chasing team

      1. Dear snj
        VJD OR DL both favor chasing team

        1. Thanks for your reply i think in VJD methods suppose 1st batting played 20 overs
          and 2nd batting team get 10 overs to bat they will count 1st battings
          highest run rate of 10 overs and they deduct 5.5% on that total but iam not sure

        2. now 62 for 2 in 8.1 overs actually B.T they dont have chance to win but in my opinion B.T are going to win because i think this match fixed 1st 3 overs arround MSW score 18 runs and they bring Kondaji and shift the momentum he conceed 18 runs again verma he bowled 18 for 3 overs again they bring kondaji and shift the momentum these all drama i think B.T are going to win this match

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  40. This game now totally finish..35/5 wow.

  41. Abhitak jitno ne baba ko support karke chal rahe the – kam 90%- bangaya he.6 over 30/4 wik…agar dubara mauka Milne tak wait karna padega,agr or support karna he to.-bijapur 7/9 odd now

    1. Baba avi ka match kon jitega

  42. Abhitak jitno ne baba ko support karke chal rahe the – kam 90%- bangaya he.6 over 30/4 wik…agar dubara mauka Milne tak wait karna padega,agr or support karna he to.

  43. I am new friends pls follow me
    Winners (bb) (mW)????

  44. Second match winner ::₹₹₹₹₹₹MYSURU WARRIORS ₹₹₹₹₹
    ok milte hai 2nd match K bad

  45. Or Jo suru se hi support karke chal rahe the ,thoda remove karo ,or wait karo dubara support ke liye.

    1. Hello friends

      next match mein bhi mere sath rehna.
      kuch accha jarur hoga.

      Next match mein apni team hogi

      Maysuru maysuru


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  47. Bijapur win

  48. Royal Enfield bro aap ka prediction nahi aaya isiliye abhi ka match maine drop kar diya. Plz bro next match pe please predict kijiye. Nahi to aaj pura din loss ho jayega

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  59. Guys im in hubli ground …its drizzling here from 45 was practising. ..every one are in the dugout…only i can see few school ball boys near the rope

  60. Hi Megha sir aaj BT jeetayge Kya.

  61. Today no play only rain

  62. 1st match bijapur and 2nd match mysur……….best of luck

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  72. Today Match winner
    1), B.B
    2), B.T
    GUN SHORT any doubt No Moor chance

    1. Are u sure on both or sure on single…

    2. Hi Megha sir aaj.BT jeetayge Kya.

  73. **Karnataka premier league**

    My winning position 3\3 .
    ** Today “Bijapur Bulls ” win this match .trust me.


  74. Karnataka Premier Leauge 2016

    Match No ~ 10

    Bijapur BollS vs Mangalore United

    Toss ~ Bijapur Bolls
    Match ~ Bijapur Bolls

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  77. Who will win ?

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  79. Baba ek number aur ram tam bri pls predict fast….

  80. Prediction 51.51
    Toss brother soooon

  81. today kurun nair playing or not??

  82. Dear friends

    Today winnig my teams ;

    1) Bijapur vs mongulore : Bijapur win

    2) bellary vs my sure : my sure win


  83. My prediction(51%-51%) boss plz predict quickly. I m waiting for ur sugession.

  84. Admin why everyone put their number it looks ugly

    1. thats why i didn’t open forum 🙁

  85. Kpl second match- MW WILL WIN
    Yaad rakhna muje kyunki muje fame zada pasand h paise se
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    pak gaye the in haramkhor faltu logo ka bakwas padh padh k

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  89. Today paka paka
    Bijapur bulls sure shot match
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    All the best **

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  94. Bro r u real Sandeep whom we know?? U said u from Bangladesh. But ur num is indian. Then how could we believe u??? Plz ans.

  95. admin sir block this person he is update mobile no…

  96. Welcome to KPL

    Match no-10

    BB Vs MU

    Match no-11

    MW vs BT

    Remember me in your prayers who’s following my report???

  97. Akib Zabed (?Prediction~ Boss©??☑?????" and Star Of Bangladesh)

    KPL T20


    6/6 win

    BB will win 1st match ……….

    1. Brother where is ur team??

  98. Admin plz change the icon of real predictors…… It is important for us.



  101. sandeep bhai ram tam bro royal enfield anna plz predict early

  102. pakka win this match BB

  103. who will win todays match????

  104. today match production

    1st match BB

    2nd match mysure

    1. This is real royal Enfield or fake bro

    2. Is that real Royal enfield I don’t think so :S

    3. admin is it real

    4. Royal Enfield bro are u real

    5. Bro is that u?? Bcz here is too many fake people now. We r egarly waiting for u….. Ur fan….

      1. Ur right bro

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    6. type mistake….prediction

      1. Anna nvena akada.

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    10. great call bro keep it up i think day by day your call is going superb

  105. my predication (51.51%)
    September 21, 2016 at 10:01 am
    Today match:

    Bijapur Bulls vs Mangalore United,


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  107. Bijapur and Mysore warriors win the match

  108. i know u dear
    aaj k bare me kya bolta hai
    jaldi bolo bhai
    time ho chala hai

  109. Plz give today’s match result

  110. Plz predict here directly

  111. Bro today matches?

  112. amzad boss ( Bangladesh)
    today kpl match win
    Bijapur & mysure

  113. Who is today winner of kpl

  114. amzad boss ( Bangladesh)
    today kpl match win
    Bijapur & mysure

  115. Hey ricky tendulkar clark bro where r u?no prediction feom last 1month..wat happy?from oct 1 matador cup N aus v sf series start ho raha hai?m eagrly waiting for australia series prediction..mean the bull eye report …plzz com back as soon as possible..i miss u so much…

    Baba exlerience acha its too boring to read his commnt…so baba plzZ dont comnt lyk essay..we want only report lyk bulls eye ricky bro…dont want ur experince..if u hav a good sensing person then think about my word…

    N again told to ricky bro plzzz come back soon..

  116. Only report guys

    Todays match between
    Bejapur bulls vs mangalore united





  117. hifriend

  118. admin bahut sota hai wahan ka
    so raha hoga ghora bech ke

  119. Royal Enfield sir please post kijye

  120. Royal Enfield sir tel me today s match prediction plz

  121. Today winning team

    Bijapur bulls

    1. admin is it real sandeep boss???

      1. I don’t thik so 😐

        1. boss can u post royel infeild match prediction

    2. Good morning dear .koi pehechane ya nahni.but baba apaka logo ko dekh ke to ye kahaskta he ki welcome dear ,jahna tak mujhe malum he ap ek do line me hi apna post karte ho or kam bolte ho.nazar purane dostno ko hamesha dhundta he.

      1. How r you sir

        1. fine bhai how are you

          after long days back i a m back to site


    you have created this site for match prediction…and those who are here for nothing …kindly remove them Else the purpose of this site will not be fruitful. Baba Kohli Lara few more come here and predict only…and thats what people love…Please remove if somebody write or mention mobile no apart from prediction

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  124. ♥♥Mymensingh ♥♥

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  125. ^^^^^^cricket 360^^^^^^

    Karun nair is playing today. So play medium.

  126. Cool man Royal Enfield ram tam Sandeep where r u all ???

  127. Tell me who will win

  128. Royel in field where r u????

  129. Who will win today kpl match

  130. Hi guys I’m giving Today !@@@ sure to winning match report …

    B B/MU

    Winners is ++BB

    MW/ BT

    Winners is MW

    God is great it’s god choice… Recovery ur all loss ..

    1. Trust me go with my winners teams..

  131. Where is Royal Enfield??

  132. (51.51%) Please Prediction
    Brother Laltu

  133. (51.51%) prediction Please

  134. Kuch log nehni chahete ki sab ka acha ho. or ye system band ho jaye.. ADMIN strictly kaha ki rules and regulations ko follow karo..but ye booki log chalte nehni he ki kisika acha ho.. nehni to apane mobile no ko yahna knyu janbujh ke post karte..itna hi report he khud knyu khel nehni lete..sab log avoid karna chaiye ye booki logno ko…

    raha admin jee agar ap ke pass options he to turant delete kariye ya ban kariye unka id ko

    1. Agree with you baba
      I am also disappointed

    2. Ha Admin mai Baba sai agree karta hu.aaj yah ho kya raha h.humari site pai yah ho kya raha hai.kher kuch bhi ho hum Baba,kohli,sandeep,aur humare jo best predicter h unske he sath rahenge.karlo jo karna h

    3. 2nd match Win???

  135. ******Head & Tail********

    Toss ~ Mangalore United (loot lo)
    Match- Bijapur Bulls (99.99%)

    Toss- Bellari tuskers (loot lo bokii ko)
    Match- mysuru warriors (100%)

    1. Toss bijapur✌

    2. Bro dusra prediction site ki link do plz

    3. Great sir thank you

  136. Today match prediction
    Bijapur. Vs Mangalore united
    Toss winner Bijapur
    Match winning. Mangalore united
    don’t missing you’re all friends
    Best of luck

  137. Hi friend

  138. Good job admin…..

  139. ^^^^^^cricket 360^^^^^^

    U r right bro. Es tarah ki logoko dhakke marke nikal dena chahiye.

  140. Where is Royal Enfield ?

  141. tnx Boss

  142. ^^^^^^cricket 360^^^^^^

    Aj KPL ka 1st match BIJAPUR BULLS vs MANGALORE UNITED Match mein winner only
    ********Bijapur bulls *******

  143. Akib Zabed (?Prediction~ Boss©??☑?????" and Star Of Bangladesh)

    KPL T20

    Last 6 match 6 winner Report Pass

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  144. Mind comments
    kpl ke abhi tak nahi magar forever top predictor hein




    ricky clarke.

    Raja babu (admin)
    Sunjir boss (jo aaj kal thore busy hein).

    Sandeep (ye bhi aaj kal nahi aate bohot kam)



    baki sab mere jeise hein mausam ki tara aate hein aur chale jate hein.

    ye sab bohot acche predictor hein. inke samne aache aacho ki bolti band ho gai

  145. Akib Zabed (?Prediction~ Boss©??☑?????" and Star Of Bangladesh)

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  147. Bijapur bulls
    Bellary tuskers

  148. hello royal sir plz predict fast..

  149. Fixing0179135 news7675

    sure shot

  150. Dear Admin
    Ek problem aa raha hai
    Name & email id sabhi comments K bad dalne pad Rahe hai
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    ONE more thing
    Mere pass news aati hai to Kya Mai use sab K sath share karu but us me kuch betting ki language use hoti hai
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    1. 1st match ka report kya h Bhai koun jayega ??

    2. bhai report aati hai to pls post karo….best thing hai….

  151. Any one plz tell me what is the meaning of 67 ka 85/15 in session

  152. Bijapur bulls hard fought win.

  153. Hello everyone
    I am shocked 51 smg
    10 bage hi 51 smg bohat din bad dekhne ko mile
    Bohat aacha laga
    Ok chalo aaj 2 match hai one with jackpot report aane K bad
    Just wait for ? reports


      Today Match Winner Team

  154. (51.51%) prdeiction please

  155. Raat ko 2.08 am ko mail aaya pe se..
    This shows the commitment of our dear admin raja babu for the welfare of all.
    Hard work never goes waste.
    Lots of respect & love fir you admin.
    Just wait for my 2nd match prediction.
    Robin Uttappa ka team that is Bijapur Bulls will come out Victorious.
    Mangalore United nahi Jeet paayega.
    Play safe & Good luck brothers.

  156. Head & tail plz predict toss before 12 p.m. Plz

    1. ******Head & Tail********

      Ok boss

  157. dear all
    predict fast

    royal enfield
    megha raj
    baba 1 number
    xxx bingo

    Predict before 12.30pm

  158. KPL


    9 match 9 win

    Follow or not me,leken jeet mujhse milegi.

    3rd umpire

    1. super job
      i seen your all pred.

      what about today
      tell us fast

    2. what s problem,why you change my profile logo.

    3. Sir ur report sir I’m ur die hard fan of u ❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️??????????

  159. Mysuru Warriers
    Mangalore United

  160. Bijapur win

  161. What about todays matches?

  162. KARBONN KPL 2016
    10TH MATCH
    Bijapur Bulls vs Mangalore united


    11TH MATCH
    Bellary tuskers vs Mysuru Warriors


    I hope i will win…… best of luck
    Maje karo

    1. Nice work admin

      You r awesome

  163. Hi Megha sir.royal sir. Plz post d comments soon

  164. ^^^^^^cricket 360^^^^^^

    KPL Last 6 match 6 pass.
    I hope today 2/2 will be pass.

    1. aj kon jitega

  165. New prediction from Bangalore

    Hi good morning every body.

  166. ROYAL ENFIELD is a very good predictor. Many of us,are really very big fan of him. So if they will come here and do not see his predicton then they are not coming here infuture.
    Here is my opinion of Top 5 predictors.
    1. Royal Enfield.
    2. Sandeep
    3. Ram-Tam
    4. Cool-Man
    5. XXX Bingo

  167. Come on guys this site is back on all good predictators plzz comment.admin has made it.
    This is the no. 1 site

  168. Dear Admin, where is Royal Enfield’s prediction?? And also others old predictors prediction?? Are they band?? Plz let me know…..

  169. Who won this match 1st and 2nd?

  170. Today match winner who? plese help me

  171. DEAR HABIB…


    1. Most welcome bro

  173. Or ajj ka 2nd match he –
    -BELARI TUSKER vs Myusur worries.

    Ye match mujhe tricky lagraha he.
    Kuch point pe NAJAR daodate he.

    -(1) myusur worries table toper he.but abhi abhi leuage suru hua he.or wo only 2 match hi khela he.jish se wo ek strong team he abhi parkh na baki he.
    Na bhule ki ek match ushne ROKSTARS jaishe team se khel ke run rate ache bajha se top pe he.
    -(2) odd bahut hi fav market keliye acha nehni hota.
    -(3)ye na bhule abhi tak dono match BELARI acha score khada kiya tha.169/164 ..
    -(4) BELARI team me -rp kadam.k B pasand,B Akhil,Dt patil or amit verama jaishe players he Jo kabhi bhi match ko apni tarha la sakte he.
    (5) myusur worries me raju bhatkal or vvkumar ke Alaba mujhe or jyada acha koi nazar nahni ata he.or r bhatkal dono match me acha score kiya he ,agr script ke chalte bhatkal 5/7 runs karke nikal gaya to A arjun Akela match ko kya karega.
    (6)-or itna jaldi KPL ko organisation nirash nahni karega .ek ya do win BELARI ko dega or sath me jkpot bhi to karna he.
    (7)-90 %- prediction/with heavy support myusur worries ayega .ye katai manzoor nehni hoga market ko.
    (8 )last one – BELARI ajj mujhe astrological bhi pasnd he.

    So today my WINER team -BELARI TUSKER.

    Stay safe.jindegi pada he.har roj cricket he.

    1. Note -BELARI TUSKER dono match first bat karke hara he..ajj bhi ye ho sakta toss Myusur worries win karwake field chose karega or yahna se drama ho sakta he.sabka mind chasing me he.or …sab samjhdar ho sabi

  174. Logno ka expectation jyada rahata he ,ki hamesha baba ka sara matches correct ho.
    but some times you will be win continues and suddenly you may loose bcz of wrong one can predict 100%- Sure result ,all should eccept this truth.
    (but baba give you 100%- sure results for big bash,,no one 100%-but baba can.stay with baba)

    Chaliye ajj ka match ke bare me kuch experience sharing karte he.-

    Sab ko malum he ye leuage matches kya hota he.sab kuch according script ke hishab se chalta he…-TNPL me first bat sab win ho raha tha or abhi chasing karne Bala team win karta he..or baba ka manana he Jo TRP badhana tha KPL organisation ka abhi tak TRP bash chuka he abhi Real drama chalu carful..
    1st match -BIJAPUR bull’s vs MENGLUR.
    No doubt ye match straight lagraha he .

    Winer -BIJAPUR bull’s.
    SCRIPT or secduld ke according demand bhi he ki ye match -BIJAPUR hi win kare.or sath me R Uthapa,kc KARIAPA,bharat CHIPLI ,abhimanyu MITHUN jeaise ache players bhi he.sath me odd bhi acha he ….so my winer team today -BIJAPUR bull’s.(fir bhi baba ka policy ko Mat bhulna .jab bhi jeetna mile le Lena)

    1. Fan of u baba and ur scripts thnkxx for all this
      Thnkx for admin also for this site

  175. Admin, i really happy now. I appreciate U for ur Great hard work. I hope ur site will develope day by day by ur hard work..!!
    Also greatly Tnx BABA for ur sharing experience & knowledge about cricket in this site.!! Keep going….

  176. admin ji great

    1. kpl ke abhi tak nahi magar forever top predictor hein




      ricky clarke.

      Raja babu (admin)
      Sunjir boss (jo aaj kal thore busy hein).

      Sandeep (ye bhi aaj kal nahi aate bohot kam)



      baki sab mere jeise hein mausam ki tara aate hein aur chale jate hein.

      ye sab bohot acche predictor hein. inke samne aache aacho ki chalti

  177. Baba ji aap ki prediction aaj denge ya kal sochke denge.

    bas aapki taraf hi nazar hoti hein hamari.

    Jaldi script banao baba ji

    Aaj open Challenge rakha hein.

    Aajao kisiko bhi chalange manjur hoto.

    Bijapur Win

    Mysore Win.

    1. Sorry dear,
      now in these days I don’t predict .I just sharing my experience and knowledge only..or fir CHALLNGE jeise word mat use little brother do follow admin’s rules.

      1. dekho baba istara hi fir se page ko favorite karna hoga. mein to random prediction nahi deta but dekhta roj hu ekbar is page ko.aaj kal yaar ekdam sannata chaya hua hein.thora rang jamaneki kosis kar raha hu. magar ye baat bhi majak ya galat nahi hein bohot din bohot baar aapki prediction ya fir aap experience follow kiya hein aaj aap meri baat sunlo chota mu bari baat. Allah maaf kare bhavishabani karna thik nahi magar.

        magar mera experience aur mera dimag yehi kehta hein

        kal ke winner

        Bijapur and Maysurre hi honge.

        Last 2 year kpl mein sure shot hi lage hein.
        bus yesterday hi dono match galat gaye.Bura lage to maaf karna My Dear strickt Admin and Baba also.
        Good night.
        mulakat hogi match ke time

  178. Page refresh double if you did not see your comment live

    1. Dear admin plz show kpl top predictor table

  179. Hello everyone.. I’m new here but my experience nd knowledge about cricket is 85 to 95% accuracy okk bolte to sab hai lekin krta koi kuch nhi aap mere ko smjh jaoge ki mai kya cheez hu.. just count down my report today’s onwards (kpl)..please give yours valuable following so that I could do myself best ..thank you

  180. Hello friends

    Bijapur win

    mayssore win


    Apna jitna loss hua hein yr dono match mein cover karlena

    bokkieyon ki hawa nikal do aaj.

    dekhte hein kisme kitna hein dum.
    no drama no script just play and win.

  181. From Now Comments will be auto approve by default ,

    Now you can discuss between live match
    i do not know its decision good or bad if users use it badly then i will remove this option
    so please do not write your phone number don’t use betting language do not share you personal information here

    If someone break rules he will be ban permanently so be careful

    1. very good dicision admin. magar yaar game hi jab batting related hein to kabhi kabhi yaar raha nahi jata. likhdete hein. aaj bhi already likhdiya hein sorry mere bhai opninion kharab lageto mention kardena next se nahi hogi again sorry. and again thnx for ur nice decision.

      1. its ok next time be careful

        1. First match bijapur and secondmatch mysore

    2. Thanks dear ADMIN good job,i appreciate your hard work for people’s welfare.

      1. Baba please.. Share ur experience & knowledge today KPL match..! I eagarly waiting for ur speech about KPL..!!

    3. Good job Dear Admin Raja Babu.keep it up.aur Ha Baba love you always.

    4. Thank you admin bro….

    5. Wowww admin that’s very nice my comment post immediately great job dear……

    6. khandakar(Fan of SUNJIR BOSS)

      What a surprise by GREAT ADMIN.

      Its hunting, and its wanted!!!!!!!!
      Very very great Work by ADMIN.
      Hope our favourite site will be happy family again.

      Thank u Dear ADMIN.

    7. Good decision admin

  182. bulls will win

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