Melbourne Renegades vs Adelaide Strikers Prediction 32nd Match 2016

Melbourne Renegades vs Adelaide Strikers Prediction 32nd Match 2016, Melb Reneg vs Strikers at Melbourne (Docklands) 18th January 2016. Today Match Prediction Tips Who Will Win Today Big Bash League Match

Melbourne Renegades vs Adelaide Strikers Prediction 32nd Match 2016Melbourne Renegades’ way to the Big Bash League finals is clear however difficult.

The Renegades will have the last match of the consistent BBL season on Monday, when they confront table-garnish Adelaide Strikers at Etihad Stadium.

The Renegades must win as well as win easily to surpass fourth-set Sydney Thunder on the stepping stool.

The Renegades will set up a semi-last standoff with the Strikers in the event that they triumph by 38 runs or more.

In the event that the hosts are batting second they should pursue down the triumph focus in 15.3 overs to keep their season alive.

“We’re the last session of the competition, so I figure that is something to be thankful for,” Renegades captain Cameron White said.

Melbourne Renegades vs Adelaide Strikers Prediction 32nd Match 2016

Melbourne Renegades will win

“We’ll know precisely what we need to do to qualify.

“Our fate is in our own hands.”

Mentor David Saker rolled out one improvement to the Renegades’ 13-man squad, with Nathan Hauritz included to the detriment of Aaron Ayre.

Hauritz has played stand out diversion this BBL season.

Saker could be enticed to ring the veteran offspinner as he plots the destruction of harming left-hander Travis Head.

Head has scored 276 keeps running for the Strikers this season, putting his name immovably in dispute for Australia’s T20 World Cup squad.

The Renegades’ enchanted keep running of adversaries’ outcomes going their way since they last played a week prior finished on Saturday night as Sydney Thunder won strongly and Perth were consigned to third position by Melbourne Stars’ smothering knocking down some pins execution.

Those outcomes have implied a win alone is insufficient for the Renegades to meet all requirements for the semi-finals. To tip the Thunder out of the main four they have to win by no less than 38 runs or, on the off chance that they pursue, inside of 16 overs.

“To be reasonable, every one of the outcomes went our way until Saturday night … that flipped it all around,” mentor David Saker said.


Saker said the requirement for them to win huge against the top-set Strikers would not influence the reasoning of acting-chief Cameron White if he win the hurl for the match at Etihad Stadium.

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210 thoughts on “Melbourne Renegades vs Adelaide Strikers Prediction 32nd Match 2016”

  1. Hi guys maine 100% sure diya tha……
    see my post ads won ………………..
    ……….. sj………

  2. Great to have Ricky & xerox on this site
    My toss pass
    1st batting 165_170 pass
    But match
    Hats of bro Ricky
    I have become ur fan



    thanks NICKY CLARK today am very happy caused i ans some guys who talking very big now he will be also appreciate it who am i ..if not then he”s not a happy not for my prediction i already given so many predicted like today…am happy caused everybody n some big predictor said renegeds but i said its simple n straight match which will win by ADS that”s why..

  4. I am reading all predictions from last 1 month but found the best predictor are Ricky and Xerox. They are the best in every situation. The most likely part of their prediction is value adding prediction. Real Champions.

  5. As far as prediction is concerned it’s good that everybody is trying to predict according to their calculation and reading of the game. It’s good. But what annoying here is some people is trying to become very smart . By giving 2-3 correct predictions they think themselves to be tha father of the game. Their attitude looks as if they are master of the game.

  6. ricky clark and Xerox bhai you people are awesome. you people gave the right explanation of the match and it went right in your plan and stratergy. I was following you both from the beginning and this is my 1st comment. hatsoff to you guys.:) keep going. HALLA BOL:)

  7. Bhaiyo sirf 2 admi

    Ricky and xerox – Awesome

    Xerox Sir Said if renegades chase then less chance and fourth team is thunder.
    Ricky Sir Said it is Adld ..
    You are my bosses



  9. Hatts off you Xerox bro!!
    What a strategic thought. You proved today that you and Clark is the best predictor.

  10. Friends a kind advice,, if any one going with confidence in their prediction just leave them don’t argue with them in intension they may make it wrong..

  11. Guys today Melbourne will win bt not qualify for semis and

    Advance prediction of semis

    —First semi final —

    Match winner – thunder

    Second semi final

    Toss- Melbourne
    Winner – Melbourne


    ????????———- SYDNEY THUNDER ——– ????????


  12. Ricky bro you just enter your prediction,your followers don’t need explanation some jelly faggots do.

  13. Dont expect a high scoring game
    160 _170
    If Mlr bats first
    Adelaide 130 to 140
    Mlr sure win
    Head to head
    (2) matches at this ground
    High score Mlr 155
    High score As 162
    Lowest. Mlr 145
    Lowest As 107
    Play safe

  14. Guys as i don”t need to daffination as i predicted lots of difficult matchs as well.but accroding to per situation n condition demnads in BBL 5 there is no need more drama in BBL 5 caused it”s last match of BBL 5..n all league matchs history supporting no more drma otherwise it looks like a fixing match ..ADS is one of the danger team so far ADS will surly lost his 1st semi final but ADS will win this match from renegeds..irfan my kid what”s ur clearification its looks like a film script my kid its a cricket game not any filmy drama. 😀 .guys it is very simple n straight match which will win by striker n once again striker gotta strike as well..wait n watch may be i will be wrong but till my batting strike rate is 97%..

    Toss-ADS 100%
    Match- ADS 1000%

  15. wehere r u ricky ricky ricky ricky my ricky we all r calling u very badly we all r know ur rank u r the no.1 in prediction pls come.

    irfan plz give us perfect region for prediction what u predict its seems like a childish some other work!

    RICKY CLARK plz predict as well plz predict it as soon as possible..we all r waiting my darlling..

  16. Adelaide will be the final winner .
    Thee bowling of Melbourne renegades is very weak .
    The possibility of adelaide striking back is for sure.

  17. admin thanks to you.this site is full of entertainment. every body is giving their own,sandeep,lara,anuj king,wasim siddiqi all r good predictor and admin you also…

  18. It is obviously no alternative way for the MLR to win the match by marginal differences. The above posts have given the Idea.

    “Dramatic situation will arrise several times in the match, but what will be the final drama??”

    ★★ MLR will win but will not take place the 4th position★★

  19. Hello everyone !!

    first to fall I am so happy today.
    because Lara predictions today very different.
    Lara pervious all predictions metion only team name.
    So it is a good sing today.

    all members different predictions post.
    someone says Adelaide win someone Melbourne win..

    My predicted very special and different.

    today match is very interesting and full hanging..

    this match similar story…

    2014 ipl match. Mumbai Indians vs king Punjab…
    Corey Anderson out class performance 60 run just 23 balls.
    and ambati raydu last ball six Mumbai chase 16.1 over.
    and throw to semi final.

    today match Adelaide vs Melbourne renegades.

    Adelaide win the toss bat first.

    Adelaide score 160 to 169.

    replies’ Melbourne start very well but Chris Gayle out 3rd over.

    in the end Melbourne win the match and throw to semi final.

    both teams 2.2 time favorite
    book maker open rate. 90/92 Adelaide.
    because Sunday 3 matches one sided.

    Good luck bye

    • hiiiii brother

      this is the last match

      i have a doubt

      if MLR will bat first whts u r prediction……………..?

  20. Dear friends thanks ur support and comments.
    Please play safe tomorow ..

    Adilaide is my fav team .but tomorow i go aganist them coz there drama for last game.i am confident ml.reneguds win.still my calculations worked.

    Good luck all ml.reneguds supporters.

    Be ready for a fire batting show…

  21. Superr admin
    u r simply superbb
    u r entertaining many of us on this site
    its great on ur part
    take a bow for such a wonderful management

  22. Ajkar March my open chilance hay.Mlr will win.because big bash may Mlr bad nahi Pisgah. Challenge 100% nun yard rakna. ..

  23. dear admin
    mere phone per sabke comments late dikhata hai why bro?? please!!!
    kya aapka koi app bhi hai play store per jis per sabhi ke comments turant upload ho jate ho??
    kya email se subscribe karne per turant hi sabke comments upload ho jayenge??
    plz bro answer me !!!
    u r the Best Admin bro

    • Simple clear your browsers cache and you will get all comments, and you can subscribe as well so you will get email for any new comment update on post

  24. Comparing one with another is often creates competition between them….And that’s also creates pressure among them and force them 2 predict wrong….And every wrong prediction is the reason for making another mistake and that also effects us……..Guys we all know whom r the best Predictors in this group and they don’t need 2 prove anything more…..I’m form Bangladesh and i’m following this group for last 3 months and i can ensure that it’s the most coolest group where anyone can express their thoughts with more than 95% of r8 prediction… guys plz

    Which one’s prediction u follow doesn’t matter bt GIVE the proper RESPECT 2 everyone…….

    100000000000000000℅℅ PERCENT WIN℅℅

  26. Thanks admin ……we should respect everybody……MLR will win for sure…..go with MLR ….today is last league match……if result negative won,t get chance to recover it….so play cool……..

  27. Renegade vs adilade renegade win
    1 semi ADELADE VS renegade renegade win
    2 semi final star vs perth star win
    Final renegade vs star gotha bat hero gail team champion BBL 5

  28. As coming to the recent form adelaide are in a tremendous form .on paper view mlr are looking a balanced side full fill of t20 specialist.
    If mlr bat first they are having more chances to qualify by winning this match
    with a required NRR
    If they bat second they will win the game but there are 50-50 chances for qualify.
    As this one is important match for mlr and last league match of bbl. So it will be in favour of needy.
    I would like to suggest mlr for tomorrow

  29. Dear friends….
    Toss…even who win also ml.reneguds bat second
    Coz they can get a target score and until which over finish to qualifi semi.
    Adilaide bat 1 to 10 over make big show..
    10 to 20 over they start to drama .
    Adailaide score 145 to 150
    Ludman and captain go out cheeply
    Dean and t.head some runs .but there is 1 go run out.
    Gayle make qick fire .tomorow
    Bravo make all round show…
    White also knock amazing.
    15 ov …they chase and win


    Good luck

  30. sandeep,xerox,waseem,Ricky,anuj king,kumar,lara,irfan,sunil, and some others are best predictor here and we should have to respect all of them

  31. If anyone post comment against anybody it will not approve or may be ban that person forever on this site . Please do not fight here we all here only for help each other, if you have any prediction tip then post here, if anybody failed in his prediction then don’t blame him, Here nobody is asking to follow him forcefully, its up-to you to follow any person on your behalf so please no more comment against any person, DO RESPECT HAVE RESPECT

  32. LARA got his 3 predictions pass
    thats superbb
    hope our dear xerox will also show his magic
    ricky clarke should come back

  33. Dear friends …..
    Ads vs mlr ……..if this match is knock ….i am sure adaile win .but this game loss or win doesnt matter them.until all the match i am with adilaide and i win also.but last adilaide even i win also i am not comfertable that win.its a big drama 8 wkt in han ludman and honge want to loss.but unfortunatly wkt loss jake lehman doesnt know planing adilaide …he hit a six so we r win .so i have dought match is going to fix.
    So tomorow again drama happend coz a win eed only ml.reneguds.

    Winners …ml.reneguds

  34. Heroes we all need u guys…….sandeep,xerox,washeem bhai,Ricky, anuj king,kumar……guys this is a match to prove urself….hw can u quit…u dont predict means….u cr abt all bakwaas…. Just ignore and
    Cntnw…..thats call a real hero who doesnt care abt anything…n humble rest to admin…plz call them back….

  35. I am not here to predict !!! But want to say some guys are awesome in their predictions !! Admin very well done … Ads or Mel Reg ??? With logic ,Ricky Clark ,waseem and many more you guys rock!!!!

  36. sandeep i,m empresed for ur prediction rsa vs england match fantastic bro no one predict like this first day of test u say england should win .the odds then 1st africa 2nd draw nd third england hats off bro u r genious every 1 comment here there rating chidish atitute no 1 any time perfect but nice people here .,…perth vs mls match result was fixed tommorow match also fix i think ….

  37. If this match won’t fix…..adelaide strikers will win sure….adelaide bowlers will on fire…..adelaide will win the toss&elected to bat 1st….target will throw 167-170….tn without fixing,malborn will lose by 21runs….wait&watch my 1st prediction….all the best…

  38. adelaide strikers will win 99.99% .Adelaide wins because for renegades it is not so easy for them to win 15.4 overs or 38 runs margin.Only the winning chances are 0.01 only if gayle storm hits adelaide.Trust me .

  39. Tomorrow wil b 1st low scoring encounter of dis seasons bbl..renegades wil bat 1st final score 117-120
    Adelaide wil not chase..
    Renegades wil win dis match

  40. Koki.
    When I read your prediction I think I read a film script which written by you. It’s not prediction that you write. Prediction is what Admin,Clark, Lara, Sunil, Sandeep, Xerox, Anuj, IRFAN, EXE write.

    Best wish that all will be back.
    Another tag:
    1. A prediction need state about team & Field. What admin done.
    2. Need confidence what IRFAN, Sandeep, Anuj, Sunil show.
    3. Need predict situation like fix or some game plan of team what Xerox, Clark, Lara, EXE done.

    Don’t fight with one another.

    All of you Hats off.

  41. BBL05 winner is Sydney Thunder…. At any coast… Can any one stop ???
    Advance prediction …. Can any one challenge ? Play your whole collection in the next game of thunder….

    Again i’m saying … Thunder means thunder….

  42. Hi Admin

    Requesting to kindly make comments active inbetween of match so that people won’t change their mind irrespective of scenario.

    As today’s match was Aus for 1000% at any cost.

    I will predict 90% accurate of any match only if I’m confident so that people get benefited out of it.

    I will post my prediction before match starts.

  43. Wavooo….dear friends .

    I am so happy .today i won hatrick.
    My prediction all pass.

    Aus..ban…and nz all win

    Today my awsome victory i celebrate with u.hope u friends u r so happyif some got help my prediction.

    Come back with new prediction .

  44. Guys don’t follow various predictor, if you are following various predictors then you can’t cover your lose or you can’t gain profit,,,,, So choose the best predictor, who ha great winning percentage….

  45. Tomorrow match is not easy, as we all are thinking. Different round of thoughts needs to be given on Thunder Run Rate. No one touched 200 score in last 30 matches. To come above the curve they striked down 200+ so that can make enough jump to make their existence at 4th
    So be careful friends..
    If Tomorrow MR plays first then I would suggest go with MR as they will be scoring good and will get extra bounce on NRR.

    If Adelaide plays first then MLR has less chance to improve their NRR and thunder is the 4th team.

    If MLR has to be in top 4 then they need to score 180+ by choosing batting and then defend with at least 15 runs margin …

    So depends on Toss and batting.

  46. Xerox Sir, Ricky bhai
    Please predict.I know MBR has fair chance tomorrow but if you look at thunder has to be in top 4..

  47. ***Ricky ckark *** Xerox *** Anuj king
    My loveing brothers please please yours
    Predictions predictions!!!!!

  48. irfan a small kid 😀 my frnd already gave u ans..rockstar for ur types of person am doing predicting here without any region thanks for ur love guys..there is nothing to talk more about as a silly person done silly thing with his atituted..thnaks frnd i will predict as soon ab possible for me u all godd guys expect a fool one who such want to blame n take a negative public city..

  49. adiled ho rengrengades run chase hoga..if rengades bet 2nd
    according my predition .rengadedes win but not qualify for semi….

    • I carefuly read mr -mani koki,lara,xerox and oters ..they were good home work for rengades v adiled match..evrey body predict their best.
      My opinion .and predict.if adiled win toss they will be bet first./if rengades win toss they wanted to chase with good thing to say evrey one,how fixing the domastic matches the ending time .last matches r be tugh..forget it.and lete the point–according my predition adiled (176 )rrr (180 )to give target ..
      2nd part.rengades 4 over 47/1(not crish gyeal wk)and 10 over 97/3(inc gayel wk)..18 /19run +1wk.11/12over ……ect.
      At the last rengades win.but not qualified..3 to 4 time match up down… …milte hne match ke bad…

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