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Melbourne Renegades vs Stars Prediction 24th Match 2016

Melbourne Renegades vs Stars Prediction 24th Match 2016, Melb Reneg vs Melb Stars at Melbourne (Docklands) on January 9th, 2016 Today Match Prediction Tips Who Will Win Today Big Bash League Match

Melbourne Renegades vs Stars Prediction 24th Match 2016The home side are right now second base in the alliance standings with two wins from five diversions this season. The guests have improved three wins from five matches and are third in the general standings.

Both groups are coming into this amusement on the backs of effective trips in the opposition. While the Renegades beat the Hobart Hurricanes, the Stars had additionally beaten the Hurricanes in their last installation.

The Renegades had confined the Hurricanes to 140/5 in the initial 20 overs on January 4. The top request totally disintegrated except for Ben Dunk. Daniel Christian and Jonathan Wells’ endeavors with the bat let down the request helped the Hurricanes to the aggregate.

Aaron Finch and Chris Gayle gave their group an incredible begin with Gayle pounding 41 off 15 conveyances. Finch went ahead to post 60 keeps running off 39 conveyances to help his side over the line with six overs to save.

In the other diversion, the Stars played uncommonly well as the Hurricanes were knocked down some pins out for 124 runs. Bailey hit 55 off 40 conveyances on the event and had it not been for his exertion, Hobart would have attempted to make the 100-run mark.

Melbourne Renegades vs Stars Prediction 24th Match 2016

Melb Stars will win

Two fifties from Luke Wright and Glenn Maxwell fixed the destiny of the diversion in the last conveyance of the fifteenth over. The twosome were in great scratch and the signs are useful for the up and coming matches.So the Big Bash League 2015-16 year will be all the more fascinating and agreeable occasion for all like the 24th match between Melbourne rebels versus Melbourne stars expectation will be the best match for all in light of the fact that it is held between the groups who positioned at fourth place is Melbourne stars and second one positioned at seventh is Melbourne Renegades. Presently here we are talk about the went head to head between them will going to be hung on January 9 2016, Saturday. As all of you get here the points of interest of the innings and match subtle elements like dates, timings and venue so folks in contact with us and get points of interest soothsaying forecast Melbourne stars versus Melbourne renegades.As we discuss the alliance like Big Bash League T20 2016 which holds eight groups and now just four groups are on the top floor. So this fight will be held between mlr versus mls crystal gazing expectation said that Melbourne Stars are on the highest point of the four groups so Renegades are on the seventh floor so this match will be close by of Mel. Stars however as we realize this match will going to be more gone head to head with one another. The association of Cricket under Twenty20 configuration flaunts the top groups and the players are from Australia, New Zealand and England however as we probably am aware all are sitting tight for crystal gazing expectation Melbourne stars versus mlr.

On the off chance that you really surmise that mlr versus mls crystal gazing expectation demonstrates that the most recent overhauls and odds of Melbourne Stars will beats rival. Every one of the matches and Big Bash League is facilitated by Australia in their few urban areas and grounds like the 24 match is held at Docklands Stadium, Melbourne. We are additionally giving the correlation of both groups with one another in regards to the execution such as every one of the matches will be held at the home ground of the groups and now Stars have more opportunities to win in light of the fact that they gave better results in the last matches when contrasted with Melbourne Renegades so folks this match will be fascinating for all so stay in contact to appreciate expectation Melbourne stars versus mlr.

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  2. Sydney sixers win second match but two side match

  3. Tommarow Perth win 1 st match one side

  4. !!!!!GANESHA PREDICTION!!!!!!!

    My prediction correct
    Toss stars
    Match stars
    Thank u all

  5. If any one want New zeland match prediction
    Go and check in Hobart vs Brisbane post I post it.
    #king ANUJ

    1. Hobart vs Perth match not Brisbane

  6. Guys Thnkxx. … plzzz help me for nz vs sl 2nd match t20 plzz

  7. Wawooo …my prediton pass .what happend maych all i told u yesterday.pls chek my all msg yesterday.still my predition all pass win

    1. lara bro ur r amazing fantastic go on bro

  8. Lovely kp great job like my prediction……thanks readers….we win ……….

  9. awesome lara nd sandeep

  10. Ricky u r a Good predictor just Be Confident after your prediction becoz i have also done in last match of
    Zim vs afg

    That afg will win and etc (check iT)100% correct but at d last moment I went with Zimbabwe and changed my prediction and I lost becoz I was nervous …

    So plz everyone just be confident before u predict it will not create too much of confusion …

    And Congratulation To— Melbourne Star— supporters. ????????????

  11. Lara was awesome also sidque

  12. thanks all who predict good

  13. Falthu logo ka comment ko Jawa deya Hu Mera report se

    1. g blkl sadeep bro you r awesome aese hi madam krty rho hmari bro good work

    2. well done bro keep it up match pass toss pass

  14. BanG BanG n BanG On TargeT

    ——–Full Report pass——–

    Toss- Mel (pass)
    Match- Mel (pass)

    Gayle early Out !!!!! (BanG)

  15. Advance predictions deya Tha before 6 days
    Usme ek match fail huva
    Today toss pass
    Match pass

  16. xerox and clrak.. both of u r worng today. no great work for tomorrow… and sandeep vy.. u rock.

  17. admin mera comment accept tho karlo plzzz I am bigg tipper

  18. Dear friends stil i am happy .coz my predition pass until 1 st innings.
    M.stars won tos elected bowl
    Gayle out early .scor.155-160
    All pass
    I am waiting until 18 over win

    1. tnx lara for ur awsm prediction……

  19. im new in the site but xerox,ricky clark ,lara,waseem nd sandeep r doing well so pls predict waseem nd xerox r u sure about mlr today

  20. Mr will win
    Gaye storm today

  21. Toss- Melbourne Star

    Match – Melbourne Star

    100 % correct Hoga

    BanG on Guys

    Star are winning Tonight Gayle jaldi out ho jaye Ga…. ????????????????

    1. U r great bro

  22. new comers n some other guys if prediction is wrong then why again n again predicting caused it not any competion if you guys will want we will leave specialy i will leave i dont know about others but i think they will also do it..if your 1st 2nd prediction were wrong then pls stop confusing to other peoples who such a need help …guys listen everyone according to me there is only few predictor r xerox,kumar,hary poter,sandeep,wasim also yamonj n sunil but sunil n yamonj r quit dont know why i read sunil mgs since 15 16 days sunil pls come back n yamonj bhai predict kar yar..guys i will suggest that go with these guys..IN MEIN SE JO V JADA PREDICT EK TEAM KO KARE USHE CHOSE KARO AGAR SANDEEP,WASIM MRS HAI AUR BAKI MR HAI TO USHE HE CHOSE KARO..GUYS ITS MY PERSONAL OPENION SO PLS DON”T TAKE IT ILL..


  23. Sandeep ji gayle is playing..kya ap update rhte ho kuch pata hi nhi ki kaun khel rha kaun nhi.. Hahaha

  24. yamong u r a ranking in our list on this page why predection stop bro keep it up..u r sencable guy for match prediction so keep it on….

  25. See prediction pass
    M.stars won toss and bowl .

  26. As per my friend request i am BACK ON TRACK MR will be win this match..i mention the region in above mgs..

    Toss -MRS

    Match -MR renegeds renegeds n only renegeds…

  27. King anuj I am following….

  28. Today my 1st prediction is mlr pakkaaaaaa




  30. As per my thinking n my best knowledge MR will be win am also 1000% agree with xerox prediction(why i mention it on my above mgs) for MR caused situation,interest n condition demands =interest after gone some big face n name in BBL 5 to play aus vs ind that situation if crk aus will not interest they will not get money also bookies cant get money they will run in lose n guys mind it one thing shoper always live in profit..there is also another region this big bash league was pretty interesting as before from starting match perth was loosed his first match from ads n mrs also loosed 2 staring matchs b”cos of interset n making money all important team loosed all important matchs for example syd sis loosed match with perth,syd thd loosed an important match n BRH also that situation n senario demands interest.if MR will loose this match then 3 team will be out erlear n figh t will be in 4 team n almost 2 team will qualify for the semi finals ads already n perth also will go if he will loose all upcoming matchs with 8 pts ..n mind it one thing also guys till end of the league matchs if MR will get only 8 points MR can qualify caused senario n run rate can MR already happens in BBL 3 edition that one team only got 7 points but played semi final just go n check guys of BBL 2013 results as per my best knowledge guys renegeds,renegeds only RENEGEDS CAN WIN THIS MATCH..MAY B I WILL BE WRONG BUT ITS SITUATION DEMANDS.

  31. toss:mls

  32. MLR will win the match today and MLR win the toss today you will see

  33. mls will win the match

  34. f bat 160+

  35. ms will win

  36. King anuj , we are noticing all your predictions and other also. Thanks all for your valuable predictions.

  37. Malborne stars will win for sure

  38. Sandeep bro gayle will play this game…plz xerox waseem sandeep give urs final dcision..

  39. This is my 3 rd prediction
    1 St MLB’s vs Hobart -mlbs
    2 and Sydt vs Perth – Perth
    Today MLB’s win the match

  40. Melborn renegades will win this match

    Chris gayle fires today

  41. No one can beat my prediction !!!
    Xeror nd ricky nd sandy
    Challenge accepted?
    MlR will win 100
    As per astrology
    White nd hussey must be captain
    If captain changes it wont work

  42. Mls will win pakka

  43. One side match stars

  44. waseem bhai and xerox bhai
    what’s the prediction for today
    I think RENEGADES will win this …
    What’s ur view???

  45. Star will win

  46. Mls will win

  47. Today stars will win 100% fix mell mane

  48. Mls will win 1000000%sure

  49. today without finch, wade, rimmington, maxi, faulkner, bolend malbourne star r strong team. but luck favour with malbourne renegades…
    malbourne renegades will win this match. confidence : 80%
    play midium

  50. today their is no gayle and finch

    mlr will not win this match

    so go with mls
    my adavnace challenging report me 4 me 1 fail huva hai

    1. Sandeep
      Why Gayle is not there???

    2. sandeep just awesome carry on

  51. Xerox, Clark,sandeep, Waseem, great prediction, guys are rocking,
    Happy to be with you guys, learning a lot from you, thanks,
    Keep predicting,

  52. See Afghanistan won also report pass
    Now 2/2
    I know my reports are not noticed right now but one day you all are….
    Now match :- stars vs renegades
    Winner @ Melbourne stars
    Now any one want session than ask.
    King #ANUJ

    1. What’s the today match session? ?

    2. King#Anuj session

    3. Amazing prediction king …. ur rock

    4. Wasim and king i never saw this golden predictions

  53. Sandeep bro thanks for the prediction .. Xerox n waseem bro waiting for ur prediction . pls let us knw 🙂

  54. Western Australia vs india
    .. india will win 100%
    High score batsman
    Rohit sharma 50+

  55. Who will win???

    Will win 100%
    Finch and wade is not playing in MLR
    Maxwell and Faulkner is not playing in mls .
    gayle will score 50+ kp will score below 20 !!
    Challenge accepted ??

  57. Melbourne star will win this match

  58. toss – mlr
    match – mlr

    its a 1st battling score should be 183+.

  59. Mls sure win

  60. New rank order
    1 Riley Clark 2 waseem 3 sandeep & xerox 4 Lara 5 ……….?
    Thenks all

    1. All bro great plz be contenew
      Ojha, yritarn, sunil & other guyss
      I read all predic.thenks all

    2. Thank u ymanoj.hope u will happ with my prediction today .i alredy inform m.stars won and elected to bowl.its hapend .and is the winer

  61. Toss Mls
    Match Mls

  62. Toss:renegades


  64. Its MR 100% and then there will arise the competition between the 4 teams with 6 points to achieve the 3rd and 4th spot and that will be interesting to watch !! Its MR for sure and match will be awesome BTW don’t loose hope 🙂 ATB guys

  65. Mel. Renegades win

  66. Tommorow finch and wade not playing.they are good scoring b4.gayle is go out early .bravo still not good to bat.there bowlwers ia not defendable.
    M.stars is good form couple of games.even they lost maxwell ..quiney is good batsman .frank doesnt matter coz he is leaking more runss couple of game .kp is the star tomorow .he playing amazing tomorow.m.stars can defend a score and they are capable of even 170+ to chaise.
    M.stars wil win iam sure

    1. Superb waseem and lara ….

  67. !!!!!GANESHA PREDICTION!!!!!!!

    Xerox thank you &
    What’s the hope in renegade’s

  68. This match is won by MS

    And one jackpot report
    Is with the help of full source of information inside and hidden report

    In Next Adelid striker match adelid striker will loss this match

    Daba ke lgao ya dba ke khao haregi Adelid striker

  69. Finch is out Gayle has more pressure about critisism the hole team has a haphazard situation….how they win such an important match……? MLR has no chance for qualify… be brave play with kp & co……..

  70. Wht r u people doing…..sm1 give 1 prediction right n u follow him…

  71. mls will win.

  72. Melbourne stars for kp……its kps match……

  73. Bhai xerox kal ka batao….

  74. M.stars won the toss elected bowl .kp is the star tomorow.
    10000000% m.stars win

  75. M.stars win the match tommorow
    Kp star tomorow
    Yesterday u tild everybody .but no 1 heard.
    Still not failed my prediction
    Tomorow match for m.stars

  76. Ricky Clark bhai ….we are following u….pls keep predicting

  77. Wats t prediction waseem bro sandeep bro nd xerox bro for tomorrow match between melbourne renegades vs melbourne stars

  78. Ricky clark Bhai just go in the adelaid vs Brisbane forum and see what I predicted and how, then say anything … !!!

  79. Amazing & Fantabulous
    Hats off you guys – Siddiqui and Clark..

    1. Xerox u r awesome hattsoff u bro wat a predictor u r jst fabulous bro keep going.
      can u pls predict ones again in forum who will b da winner tomorrow stars r renegades.
      thnxs bro.

  80. Full report pass
    Adelaide vs Brisbane


    Most run by Brisbane player

    Just check it Guys

  81. Xerox u r greaaat.
    mlr vs mls who will win booos ?

  82. BANG BanG and BanG On TarGat !!!!!

    Just Check IT

    ——–Full Report Pass——–

    Toss- Adelaide
    Match- Adelaide


    6 over – 42-48 runs

    10overs – 70+

    20 over -175+

    Ludeman (3ovr stand 40+ will score) , Head , Jaywardane

    Bowling – One New bowler (faster) , rashid , Richardson

    Most Run By a Player of Brisbane

    Dis is difficult one But Go

    Feketee / Lalor


  83. Can anyone tell me who will win surely MLR or mls …?

  84. Ricky clark I am u r big fan I am following ur prediction pls don’t leave d page I am.waiting ur prediction

  85. Sandeep and xerox u both predicted well… as I am a melbourne fan.. got confused to whom I choose. .
    Sandeep on mls &
    Xerox on mlr…
    Big big confusion. ..

  86. MLS or MLR will win only if they bat 2nd

    Don’t get confused

    Team Bat 2nd will win

  87. match win by stars because(1)-renegades never win a match against stars in bigbash history
    (2)-poor balling of renegades
    (3)in last matches of big bash stars perform well
    (4)batting of renegades depends on gayle and finch but both are perfrom well in last match against hobart so according to probability less chances to both bat well
    (5) in last matches of big bash renegades losses the matchs like royal challenger banglore in ipl

    toss win by renegades because renegades only win 1 toss in last 5 matches

  88. Stars will oneside

  89. TOSS MS

  90. star toss mls

  91. Tommorow maxwel ..frank not playing mlstars.finch not play for mlr.but i am sure mebourne stars win ..coz frank not bowl well last couple of game .so its not a problem .max and finch lost both side .i am not trust gale wkt.
    Melbourne stars won the toss and elected to bowl …..
    Melbourne win the game my prediction

  92. Melb Stars will win

  93. Melbourne Renegades will win

  94. Gayle bat 50 run so will win mlr

  95. Tommorow melbourne stars will win

  96. I hope so everybody enjoy my detaily prediction msg yesterday .mr sandeep bhai with bisbane yesterday.but funny is xerox bhai last time change his mind andwith bisbane .but i am confident adilaide win .anyway focus today prediction mls vs mrs

  97. If MLR bet 1st then MLR win 90 %
    MLR 2nd bet then mlr win 58 %

  98. Melbourne Star

  99. Dear my friends .until now my prediction all pass.hope u everybody enjoy my prediction yesterday detaily.u can chek my msg yesterday ..all pass.i told u adilaide won toss and elected bat and they chase to win 19 over .its happend .

  100. Itsk leave bro
    Sometimes happens
    Sandeep bro and xerox bro..!
    Leave it..
    We won’t mind ..
    We respect you people bro always..!

  101. MR will be the winner…

    MR always scored maximum in this ground but could not defend and lost.

    MR will be in top 4 for once …

    1. Melbourne star or melbourne renegades
      Please confirm

  102. todays report toss pass???? match fail ????sry guys
    toss – stars
    match – stars

  103. Star win pakka


  105. You all predict very

  106. Ml reng.toss
    Match mls.

  107. Wasim n xerox bhai thankew very much
    U both r absolutely rocking 🙂

  108. Sandeep and xerox followers

    Xerox bhai and Sandeep bhai please predict next match we r huge friends of both… Plezzzzzz

  109. mr will win d match

  110. Tommorow jackpot match mls win

  111. Karthik talasila 100% melbourne renegades

  112. Mls will win for sure

  113. mls will win kp maxwell key

  114. Toss : MLS
    Match :MLS

    1. Toss:stars. Match:renegades


    1. Thank u ricky clark.yes our team win and until now my predition won
      Tomorow melbourne stars winner

  116. !!!!!GANESHA PREDICTION!!!!!!!

    Melbourne stars to win
    Toss stars will win

  117. BANG BANG WITH RICKY CLARK 5 OUT OF 6 EXPECT ZIM VS AGF BUT I WAS A CLOSE ENCONTER MATCH..I AM STRIKES AGAIN IN BBL 5 5 WIN IN ROW..EVERYBODY SAID THAT YESTERDAY SYD THNDR WILL WIN N TODAY SOME BIG PREDICTOR SAID BRH WILL WIN BUT I TOOK TO ALL OF THEM WICKET IN A ONE BAAL.AM NOT SAYING THAT AM VERY BIG OR STILL NOT PROUD ON MY SELF BUT IT WAS N IT WILL BE MY CONFIDANCE ..TODAY sandeep,hary poter,wasim bhai,xerox all r fail you have to accept it guys real man will be predict only one time they can”t always predict like wasim or some other guys..sorry to say i still belive you all guys r brilliant but today i took wicket to all of you guys..but no one care about my prediction so i will never go to predict tomorow match..caused i don”t think so ppl needs my prediction or guys keep it up..

    1. Always Do D Right Thing Even Nobody Is Watching U.
      Ur n exrox prediction fantastic
      Very few will appreciate u
      Many may not so wht
      Its very hard to win people’s heart
      U r lucky to own few.
      Hope u understand
      Hats off

  118. Xerox, u beauty!! Uve got amazing strategies and I admit it!! Everyone out here predicted Brisbane Heat but u came up with grand design!! Awesome man, take a bow!!

  119. MLR v win coz there s Maxwell and Faulkner

  120. Snady vs xeroxx fan

    Sandeep bro pls tell correct predicion bro plssssssssss xeroxx bro u tell one time ads then bs wht happen bro plss tell correct prediction

  121. Melbourne renegade Will win 100%

  122. renegades will win the match

  123. Guyss it happen Today u both went wrong but never make ur confidence Low

    #sandeep #Xerox , Etc …

    1. Must win star…and its will win tomarow

      1. today match :: Melbourn Stars
        Today Toss :: Melbourn Stars
        and 1 – 10 Overs Score Under 75

  124. Xerox, Hat off to you bro, what a analysis, take a bow!!!

  125. bhai log kla ke match main..stars..maxwel .faulkner.nd boland nhi hai…aur renegades main finch .wade aur rimingon nhi dheklo kon strong hai…

  126. melborune stars surely win over Melbroune regnegades. Stars have good team unit last couple of matches. I Support MLS. Who will win MLS vs MLR you think ?

  127. Mlb Renegades win

  128. Toss: mls
    Match :mls

  129. i think stars will win.

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