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Natwest Prediction 22nd July 2016 Who Will Win Today Match

Natwest Prediction 22nd July 2016 Who Will Win Today Match, Durham vs Lancashire,  Surrey vs Sussex , Derbyshire vs Worcestershire, Warwickshire vs Nottinghamshire, Yorkshire vs Northamptonshire, Glamorgan vs Somerset, Hampshire vs Middlesex , Kent vs Essex

Natwest Prediction 22nd July 2016 Who Will Win Today MatchThe home side are in second position in the ebb and flow standings for the South Group with 15 focuses from 11 coordinates this season. Somerset are at the base of the table with seven focuses from 12 matches. Both sides are coming into this installation on the backs of particular thrashings in the class. While the hosts were beaten by Hampshire on July 14, Somerset were vanquished by Middlesex on July 15.

Liam Dawson’s 76 keeps running off 54 conveyances alongside 43 keeps running off 28 balls from Joe Weatherley saw Hampshire post 167/6 batting first. Graham Wagg was the pick of the bowlers for Glamorgan with three wickets to his name.

Dawson went ahead to claim four wickets with the ball as he asserted the man-of-the-match trophy a day or two ago. Glamorgan had got off to a conventional begin civility of Mark Wallace however once Dawson broke the main wicket organization, the conduits opened. They were immediately diminished to 78/5 and the written work was on the divider from that point onward.

Natwest Prediction 22nd July 2016 Who Will Win Today Match

In the other diversion, Somerset figured out how to post 137 keeps running before they were knocked down some pins out by Middlesex. Jim Allenby top-scored with 64 keeps running off 52 conveyances from the highest point of the request yet it didn’t consider for much he had little backing from alternate players. Josh Davey guaranteed two or three wickets with the ball for Somerset however the side were never going to inconvenience Middlesex with 137 keeps running on board.

Wagg and Craig Meschede have knocked down some pins well for Glamorgan this season yet they require some backing from alternate bowlers too. Allenby and Mahela Jayawardene should score keeps running at the highest point of the request for Somerset to have any shot of a win on Friday.

Bangladesh pace bowler Mustafizur Rahman featured with four wickets for 23 after just landing in this nation on Wednesday, while Chris Jordan presented appropriate reparations in light of running out in-structure New Zealander Ross Taylor with a match-winning 45 off 21 balls that contained five forceful sixes, to give Sussex just their second NatWest T20 Blast win in eight diversions.

Mustafizur, whose landing in the club had been postponed by visa issues, in a split second inspired his new club with a match-fixing show.

“It has taken some diligent work to get Rahman here, and many individuals have endeavored to get it going. Presently we can see why he was worth so much time and exertion,” said Sussex’s commander, Luke Wright. “He is an exceptionally extraordinary bowler. He has put in an execution straight away that was extremely extraordinary to watch.

“It is so difficult to pick what he is going to do. In the warm-up we were attempting to work him out and we proved unable. Credit to our attendant Craig Cachopa who kept truly well to him today evening time – it is difficult when you’ve had no opportunity to watch him before or to have confronted him.

“He got a flight yesterday so he’s come straight in and rocked the bowling alley like that. We have an extremely extraordinary ability staring us in the face.”

Pursuing 201 to win, Essex were in front of Sussex’s similar sums until the last four overs, and they had nobody fit for coordinating Jordan’s late firecrackers. Essex, losing for the second diversion consecutively, completed 25 runs short on account of the wiles of 20-year-old Mustafizur.

Sussex had begun alright with fifty falling off the six powerplay overs. Chris Nash required little help however got a touch when Tom Westley’s timid from profound point missed the stumps, ricocheted up ungracefully off a tangled wicket, wrong-balance Ryan ten Doeschate, and escaping two more defenders as it hurried away for a five.

Nash, who had hit Paul Walter for two progressive fours through the off-side in the first over, was first to go when he scooped Matt Quinn into Browne’s hands at midwicket for a 16-ball 25.

Updated: July 22, 2016 — 4:17 PM

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    ❇Natwest T20 Match Prediction❇

    Durham vs Lancashire= Lancashir

    Surrey vs Sussex= Sussex

    Derbyshire vs Worcestershire= Worcestershire

    Glamorgan vs Somerset= Glamorgan

    Hampshire vs Middlesex= Middlesex

    Kent vs Essex= Kent

    Warwickshire vs Nottinghamshire= Nottinghamshire

    Yorkshire vs Northamptonshire= Yorkshire

    ♚Made in Bangladesh♚

  80. Surrey

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  81. Toss- Durham
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    Toss- Surrey

    Toss- Worcestershire
    Match- Worcestershire

    Toss- Nottinghamshire
    Match- Warwickshire

    Toss- Yorkshire
    Match- Northamshire

    Toss- Glamorgan
    Match- Somerset

    Toss- Hampshire
    Match- Hampshire

    Toss- Essex
    Match- Kent

    ♦♦Waseem Siddiqui♦♦

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    ❇Natwest T20 Match Prediction❇

    Durham vs Lancashire= Lancashir

    Surrey vs Sussex= Sussex

    Derbyshire vs Worcestershire= Worcestershire

    Glamorgan vs Somerset= Glamorgan

    Hampshire vs Middlesex= Middlesex

    Kent vs Essex= Kent

    Warwickshire vs Nottinghamshire= Nottinghamshire

    Yorkshire vs Northamptonshire= Yorkshire

    ♚Made in Bangladesh♚

    ✌মেড ইন বাংলাদেশ✌

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    Surrey vs Sussex
    Match: ✔️Surrey✔️

    Warwickshire vs Nottinghamshire
    Match: ✔️Warwickshire✔️

    Yorkshire vs Northamptonshire
    Match: ✔️Yorkshire✔️

    Glamorgan vs Somerset
    Match: ✔️Glamorgan✔️

    Hampshire vs Middlesex
    Match: ✔️Middlesex✔️

    Kent vs Essex
    Match: ✔️Essex✔️

    Regards ????????Tara- Sitara⭐️⭐️

  89. Durham Sussex worchester glamourgon mdx Kent Notting York will won.

  90. Welcome to NatWest blast 20/20.

    Live coverage match –
    According to my prediction –
    99% GLAMORGAN will win TOSS and field first.again a jkpot match -(just like tomorrow match-but deferent style )..

    If any case toss fail and GLAMORGAN first bat…. don’t matter…
    Any condition WINER only -GLAMORGON

  91. Sunjir Boss~(Choco Boy Sunjir Islam ~Prediction Boss)

    Match number 1 today ~ Durham win this match.. .
    Match number 2 today ~ Sussex win this match.. .
    Match number 3 today ~ Worcestershire win this match.. .
    Match number 4 today ~ Glamorgan win this match.. ..
    Match number 5 today ~ Middlesex win this match.. ..
    Match number 6 today ~ Kent win this match.. ..
    Match number 7 today ~ Nottinghamshire win this match.. ..
    Match number 8 today ~ Yorkshire win this match.. …
    So no any confusion just go with Durham, Worcestershire, Glamorgan, Kent, Nottinghamshire, Yorkshire Middlesex, Sussex and cash in lot bcz I am here so nothing to fear everything is fair and lovely so no any confusion just stay with me your Sunjir Boss 100 % tips always.. …..

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  92. Natwest T20 MATCH Prediction 21july









    #######Today Winning Teams#######

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  94. Hello friends
    If any one are following these matches then plz go through it . Definetly u will win.

    Essex vs kent : essex will win
    Surrey vs sussex : surrey will win
    Middlesex vs hampshire : mdlx will win
    Glamorgan vs somerset : smrst will win
    Durham vs lancashire : durham will win
    Derby vs worcester : derby will win
    nottingham vs warwic : notting win
    Yorkshire vs northam : mostly i think northompton will win

    80% will win i think .lets see

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  100. gyus i am new in this site plz follow my 100% predictions-
    lancashire vs durham-lancashire
    somerset vs glamorgan-somerset 1000%
    sussex vs surrey-suxxes
    worcestershire vs debyshire-derbyshire
    middlesex vs hampshire-middlesex 1001%
    essex vs kent-kent 100%
    northamptonshire vs yorkshire-northamotonshire
    nottingham vs warwickshire-nottingham

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