Rangpur Riders vs Dhaka Dynamites 9th Match Prediction BPL Today Who Will Win 12 Nov 2016

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Rangpur Riders v Dhaka Dynamites match will be begun from 7:00 pm neighborhood time or 13:00 GMT on November 12. As like alternate matches some time recently, the match will likewise be held at Mirpur. The match will be the match number 9 of ebb and flow season and the second match of tomorrow (November 12).

Rangpur Riders v Dhaka Dynamites match will be begun from 7:00 pm nearby time or 13:00 GMT on November 12. As like alternate matches some time recently, the match will likewise be held at Mirpur. The match will be the match number 9 of flow season and the second match of tomorrow (November 12).

Rangpur Riders vs Dhaka Dynamites 9th Match Prediction BPL Today Who Will Win 12 Nov 2016

Rangpur Riders will win

The ninth t20 test of BPL 2016 going to happen between Rangpur versus Dhaka here at Shere Bangla National Stadium, Mirpur on Saturday. This BPL match will be live communicate on Channel 9 and Geo Super as match begin at 19:00 neighborhood (13:00 GMT | 18:00 PKT).

After the underlying time of BPL 4, one might say that Dhaka Dynamites and Rangpur Riders are the two groups who appear to be much more grounded than the rests. Despite the fact that, BPL 4 has recently begun and still far to go yet at the same time the match of Rangpur Riders versus Dhaka Dynamites can be named as the genuine enormous one at this phase of culmination. All the required data, including Rangpur Riders v Dhaka Dynamites coordinate timetable, timing, group line up and forecast have been added here to give you a total thought before the match begins.

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  1. Sunjir was extremely good in last IPL but in this season of BPL we r not getting him as our expectations but wishing for his strong come back and No one please make a mess with other good predictors to portray his face towards the Board. Don’t use others name or fame to be popular in the chapter. Do something by work/result

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  9. Bravo dhould come to bowl after 10 over .but he open bowl now .and droped catch drama start .its a signal .and dew is factor .stil i bilive this is vhaisable total .10 over 74-80 rangpur win

  10. Lo ye match bhi baba ne toss win pass kiya ,-RANGAPUR field bhi pass , score bhi pass ,akhir last 2 over 23+ runs pass ..bich me drama kiya ki Dhaka ye match bhi harega ye bhi pass odd bhi pass …sabkuch pass ..sahi he ki dear ADMIN & followers/viewers..
    Now ye match ko bhi kahata hnoo remove mat hona fir bhi abhi 18/20 odd he jishe remove karna he karo ya to 2nd ings me 2over me 1/2 wk jayega or odd 10/12 hoga wait karo…Ye match me koi interest bacha hi nahni…bhad me gaya Dhaka bhad me gaya -RANGAPUR…
    Ye match ke liye bhi good night.

    Dear ADMIN kya kuch nahni kahoge kya ?
    Ha ha ha ….time milega to ram slam ka 2 nd match me milunga…agar app logno ko need hoga to..

  11. Wavoo..i got saga as i tolx his wkt down…

    Now lambi i can make them down 150 target.hopeu friends u will put already with rang pur .15 over begore another wkt down .who didnt lut rangpurr
    .go fast

  12. Wavoo..as i told u afridi come wkts down runrate down…..no 3 .they never attack.now 3 overs .posible 1 more wkt down .just waiting big fish sanga

  13. As i told afridi over mised wkt big fish sanga .wjts is thee hand
    .lambi .156-162
    But its chaisable for rangpur and win

  14. time out ek wik ayega lagta he dhaka ka team me…jo jo down rate or both side + ke chakar me rangpur ke support me the …nikal sakte ho..knyu ki odd high hoga abhi …hna agar rangpur hi ap sabhi ka pasand ka team he to koi force nahni ..apka marji fir bad me mat kahana ki baba apne kaha or hum dhaka chale gaye

  15. If u want go put now with rangpur now.hood tate .now the time gor wjt down and run rate down .i am waiting for afridi over

  16. They r attacking now .rin rate going 10.but i think sangkara will out b4 powerplay.now dhaka is favour .put on rangpur now get good rate

  17. abhi hamara market ram salm pe he..thoda jyada samay babas team ko or thoda kuch or sathi he unke sath time spend kar raha hnoo..kaun kaun ram slam ke support me ho bataya nahni

    • jaishe ki bola tha ek match 178/180 hoga ajj ka match….dhaka ko dekh ke aisha lagata he wo sayad ajj wo score banyega …

      jish jish ne knight ko support karke baba ke sath gaye ho unke liye ek post dala he knight vs cobra ka forum me cheak karo sabhi

      • Baba sir both side plus ke chakkar mai rangpur ko start se support kiya hoon Dhaka ka odd aayega ya kum hote jayega jaldi batao toh remove kar doon loss khake rangpur ko…admin sir pls post soon this post

        • agar proper follow nahni karna to mat karo mujhe follow..agr mujhe follow karte ho to zimedari ya ahasha mujhe rahta he ki app logno ka loss na ho…agar khud khel sakte ho to badhiya ….unyu hi report nikal ke nahi deta hnoo..tum logno se pehele me or mera team ke sath sath kuch or log bhi he sab log ka amount laga hota he …aishe hi time pass ke liye post nahni karta hnu…
          agar proper follow karoge to hi benefit…nahni to

          • Samaj Gaya aap ki baat sir next time se dhyan rakhunga.abhi k liye koi suggestions do sir.. remove ho jau loss kar ke ya wait karu..

      • kya do char ko chod ke koi match ko support nahni karte ho kya ?. match ke bad comments bhi ana chaiye ki nahni..ya admin ne jaisha kaha .loss hone ke bad rone ko ate ho ..or profit ke bad apana mauz masti me…koi predictors ka haushala badha na bhi nahni ata kya? ya app log desorv hi nahni karte ho free ka tips ka ???…agar 2/4 ke sath hi agar match support karte he to itana time west karenne ka jarurat bhi he nahni..

  18. Friends,
    I am sory .some network problem
    Pitch is going to change second innings .dew should come .
    Chaising shold win ….
    Rangpur win this match

  19. SCORE WILL BE 140-149RUN




  20. Baba, Lara and Sunjir Comments will now auto approve, their comments are live now, now no waiting for moderation for top predictor, please reply your favorite predictor so i will add them as well

  21. Today Predictions of BPL
    ♡ TAIFI BAHI ♡

  22. ©→ Rangpur Riders VS Dhaka Dynamites

    Rangpur is a Balance team where Dhaka is with the extreme number of supporters. Batters have failed in the last match will rise up today; expecting.

    ®→Dhaka Dynamites Will Win ®

    Decision is yours so use your Brains, Play safe & Stay safe

  23. ✨✨✨✨ OPEN CHALLENGE ✨✨✨

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    ☞ 1st Chittagong Vikings vs Khulna Titan ☜

    Toss: Chittagong Vikings

    Match: Chittagong Vikings

    ❇ 2nd Rangpur Riders vs Dhaka Dynamites ❇

    Toss- Dhaka Dynamites

    Match – Dhaka Dynamites

    ♚Made in Bangladesh♚

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  24. Probability fanda will works in this match…
    2no teams Mai Jo pahle bat karega, vo jeetega… Simple logic hai..
    Sabhi teams KO pata hai 1st bat karni padi too bada target Dena jaruri hai… Rangpur pahle bat kiya too vo b janta hai.. Dhaka ka bating kitna deep hai..
    Story kuch aise hogi…
    1ST BAT: 10 OVERS 75+
    : 30 OVERS 170+

  25. BPL
    Its a unpredictable league only for organization its beneficial .but predicting with some cricketing knowledge.

    Chittagong vs Khulna

    Dhaka vs RANGPUR

  26. ♦♦♦♦Ranpur vs Dhaka♦♦♦♦
    Winner only_______DHAKA DINAMITES

  27. Kaunsha forum me post karunga ye soch ke AUSTRALIA vs -SAOUTH AFRICA ka 2nd match ko ye soch ke post nahni karpaya..ajj script market or organisation kya kya likh rahe he tazoob lagraha he….
    Pitch HOBART he,itna runs us ground me banta he ki 10 me se 8 matches drawn hona chaiye tha ..but ye ho kya raha he,or jahna T20 leuage matches ka score bhi 200+ score hota he…
    Australia ka top players gharpe khel rahe he or TEST match he koi t20 ka match to he nahni..fir bhi 85 par all out …..
    OH god cricket kahna ja raha he ???
    Hna asar to market ke upar bahut padraha he Hindustan ka market Jo nahni baith raha he..ab aishe hi matches dekhne ko milega,,kabhi t20 me 44 me all out ya 85 me test me bhi all out.

    Kab beithega market /pura cricket intzar kar raha he .(yad he kai bar kaha hnoo,hindustan agar market koi match ko support nahni karega to wo match ka hasar kya hota he???)

  28. Welcome to BPL

    Today’s coming 2 match and here’s my today’s match report?

    Match no 1-

    Chitagong Vikings Vs Khulna titans
    Match-chitagong Vikings

    Match no 2-

    Rangpur riders Vs dhaka dynamites
    Match-Dhaka dynamites

    Remember me in your prayers who’s following my report?

  29. Jackpot Match

    Only on ★★★Dhaka Dynamites

    I didn’t lose any match of BPL4
    I didn’t post any prediction just saw the others but maximum are loser…

    keep screenshot of my prediction…

    ★★★ Dhaka Dynamites at any cost

  30. BPL 8th chittagon v khulna

    khulna will win the match

    9th Rangpur v Dhaka

    Rangpur will win the match

    Ram slam
    1th knights v cobras
    knights will win

    2th lions v titans
    lions will win

  31. Welcome Bangladesh premier league 2016..

    Hey my dear all of fans now the time is today match prediction…..


    Here two teams have many kinds of good key players so it’s a very exciting match for all so many kinds of confusion here but

    I’m here so Nothing to fear Everything is fine

    TODAY match is Dhaka Dynamite’s vs Rangpur Riders ……


    Toss ~ Rangpur Riders……
    Match ~ Rangpur Riders ……

    So no any confusion just go with Rangpur Riders and cash in lot ——-

    Your’s KHOLI 100% Predictions allways..

  32. Welcome to 9 match of BPL-

    – -RANGAPUR vs DHAKA —

    Jyada details me likhne se bhi kisiko samjh me nahni ata he ,fir abhi night ko Prediction dene ke bad koi koi match se pehele puchte he baba please prediction de do..
    Pata nahni kuch logno ko chod ke ,koi mera post ko padhte bhi ya nahni ?
    Agar dhyan se padhte to ajib ajib sawal na karte..(me bar bar hamesha kahata hnoo,mera post ko padhte raho.jav tak samjh me na aye tab tak)..
    Fir bad me kahete he baba loss..
    Jab ki parsno night me ko bola tha mini jack pot he ..dhak harega /Rajsahi jitega …kaun baba ko deeply padha tha post ko..Jo padha hoga wohi paya hoga …
    Chaliye story bahut ho gaya.nind ke sat sath unguliyna bhi dukhne laga ..
    9 match – -RANGAPUR vs DHAKA —
    Ajj bhi market situation Create karega . DHAKA harne bala he ..dikhaba ya odd kuch bhi ho match DHAKA hi jitega …or hna -RANGAPUR fav aakar harega …
    According to my prediction
    -RANGAPUR will win TOSS & chose field first-or bowling filding ka super show dikhayega…
    OR DHAKA aise dikhayega ki hargaya , score may be adjust me ye karega 140/149 only..
    But at last 7/10 se harega -RANGAPUR or jitega only DHAKA..

    Jo post ko dhyan se padhega usko extra profit milega or Jo just WINER kaun dekhega us ko bhi milega ,but….

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