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Sagittarius Strikers vs Gemini Arabians Prediction 5th Feb 2016

Sagittarius Strikers vs Gemini Arabians Prediction 5th Feb 2016, SS vs GA 10th Match Prediction ,MCL Today Match Prediction Masters Champions League Friday, February 05, 2016

Sagittarius Strikers vs Gemini Arabians Prediction 5th Feb 2016Occurring in the UAE, the competition sees six groups, named after indications of the zodiac and made up of previous global players, vie for the trophy, with the last occurring on Saturday, February 13.

The Legends’ squad contains any semblance of Sourav Ganguly, Graeme Swann and Jacques Kallis, while Strikers have lights, for example, Adam Gilchrist, Daniel Vettori and Mahela Jayawardene in their positions.

The Gemini Arabians proceeded with their triumphant streak in the competition as they crushed the Capricorn Commanders by 10 keeps running on Wednesday. Batting to start with, the Virender Sehwag-drove side posted 194 on the scoreboard. The Arabians, with the assistance of Muthiah Muralitharan’s three-wicket pull, later limited the Commanders to 180 for eight, as indicated by Cricket World.

Sagittarius Strikers vs Gemini Arabians Prediction 5th Feb 2016

Gemini Arabians can win

The Sagittarius Strikers, who are additionally going to tackle the Virgo Super Kings in the eighth match of the MCL, lost their past amusement against the Capricorn Commanders, as HNGN already reported. They started the MCL crusade on a triumphant note.


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  2. What a prediction lara sir….hats off u lara u…..

  3. congresulation lara u r rock today..

  4. Wavooo……
    Chek my awsome prediction friends.

    A to Z detaily mention all pass.

    3.gilchrist ..jayawardhana out early….pass

    4.muralidharan and saqlain star and tak game

    5.winner….gemini 100%…… pass

    What u want more friends…r u happy

  5. Its annabond magic sehwag team won easily…

  6. GEM ARABIANS 224/7 (20) over
    match win by sagittarius
    score will be chased down

  7. Ss will win for sure.

  8. wavooo…..
    my prediction still pass …
    toss…gemini …..pass
    star….sawang and sangakara…..pass

    game runninig….

    wait for winning…..

  9. I don’t know why not my prediction come…
    Gemini is going to win again..

  10. Who win gemmini vs saggitarius

  11. baba where are you?plz prediction all match

  12. Mcl n psl prediction please.

  13. Australia vs newzeland tomorrow match mens tomorrow match

  14. Gemeni win pakka friends

    1. $$$$ Sanjay Saahu $$$$

      Bro Upto now you given all predictions $$$$WON$$$$…

  15. Confirmed Reversed news 100000% Sure

  16. Gemini AREBIANS bet frist and andid with 175-185 this is very good and chellingeing score…… gili and mahila cheas this but mahila got out 2nd or 3rd over POSIBIL YAA YES match will be GA

  17. ss win the match

  18. Hello frend’s today 1st match gemini vs ss….. I will go with GeminiArebian- because caurent parformens of team is belance… Betar hungry for Runs and Bowers get a wikets it is totly profesnal parformens…. Goodluck for frends and Gemini arebians$

  19. Gemini all the way..

  20. Hi admini request you to predict Australia vs newzeland

    1. Aus vs Ind 2nd ODI match between women???

  21. Toss. GEMINI
    Match. GEMINI

    Best of luck guys

    $$$$ santosh $$$$

  22. Dear my loving friends….
    gemini and SS both good team .but w should analaize match.we know like this matches more drama expected.but SS loss there one match.

    gemini all game win also.and SS never face Still the real magic spinner like muralidhran and saqlain.Sharjah always good for Spinners.
    jayawardhana only can play aganist spin…..but his wicket only my aim.if he go out …SS going collapse…and vettori not yet perform good…3 game i won with gemini and no mistake found.they can balance game bat and bowl…..

    winner …..GEMINI

  23. Shawon, annabond, santosh, george expert, akib zabed ……. Superb predition

  24. Today gemini arabians gonna win.. And libra legends.. 100% sure

  25. l ‘m mr experience … will win this match

  26. Ga win for sure

  27. Ss will win the match

  28. Gemini Arabians vs Strikers……
    Nothing for strikes today
    Only Geminy
    Gemini,Gemini,Gemini…… Will be the winner……

  29. Shawon your awesome buddy thanks for prediction coming three match prediction from you.

  30. Today sagittarious will win….
    Its my second prediction of today match
    First was Nertherland
    Let see
    Milte hai match k baad
    All the best guyzzzz

  31. Waiting report

  32. Thnaxx admin u r rockk!!!

  33. Sehwag team bat 1 and will win that match its annabond challenge…

  34. mahela ka aj flop show wait and watch

    1. As I told 180+ target pass
      Mahela flop show report pass

  35. today
    gemini win sure score 180+

  36. shawon u r amazing bro predict today match

  37. who will win tell guys ??

  38. +++SS V/GEMINI ++++++
    TOSS TIME???????????
    ###GEMINI WON THE TOSS######

    1. Bhai,regular toss predicts kiya karo

  39. today which teams will win the match ?? pls comment with the perfect result

  40. biggest fan of ricky sir

    Ricky sir pls predict

  41. Gemini will win


    6/5 pass

    Today’s my prediction is 1000%correct
    If wrong then I will never predict MCL


  43. My mcl 9/9 passed…..i will predict my best.. stay
    with me….today, momentum one day cup, psl,
    mcl, all prediction i will give u…tanks & pray for

  44. shown you are so good predictor

  45. Gemini Arabians 100% win best team in MCL

  46. Good morning friends…
    Today is Jackpot match
    Again 2nd batting will win sure…
    Gemini will win toss nd choose bat
    Sagittarius srikers will win sure…
    Score prediction around 175-180
    Good luck friend…

  47. Shawon you are so amazing. Keep it up.

  48. It’s My 1st PREDICTIONS in Thi§ Site…????
    THE WINNER ???? Is ***§§***

  49. YOU (NEENU) UNKNOWN.........??

    Sagittarius will win, opening is good superb bowling line up and batting too so go with Sagittarius team

    Warning if Sagittarius lose toss means
    Suppose chasing means Take low risk

  50. Sagittarius will win sure

    1. Thank you brother i always wait for ur prediction y’all good bro thank you keep prediction god bless you brother

  51. Sagittarius will win
    sehwag team no bowling
    so straight win for Sagittarius
    Bowling and batting strong

  52. Dear friends…
    Gemini vs SS
    Both team is good .tough match.but i am ready for this chalenge match.
    Both side have good batting line up.but bowling muralidharan and saqlain can change the game.pitch is good for murali and saqlain make win game.
    Gemini…sewang…sangakara…star tomorow
    Bowlers…murali and saqlain star.

    Jayawardhana and gilchrist out early.

    Tomorow bowlers take the game..


  53. Genini Arbians Will win for sure.

  54. tnx brother

  55. Gemini will loose this match
    Sagittarius will win
    Reason Gemini top order will fumble and will loose early wicket middle order manage to post respectable score but total will not sufficient to win

  56. GA will win..Everyone would think GA won 3 out of 3 and chances to loose 4th match..These matches are fixed n go completely against most of our thoughts..GA 4 out of 4…100% GA win..

  57. tomorrow fixing match just w8 and watch… be careful….ss must win 99.9999999% 🙂 🙂

    1. @shajuu bro r u sure ..??? plzz

  58. dear friends-
    SS WON…
    VSK WON…
    QG won…
    today again I will come back with new match prediction….

    1. today who will win the match ??

    2. Bro what about todays prediction

  59. gemini will win…

  60. Gemini Arabians 100% 1st batting win
    Score 180 + Good Start SS but fail to Chase.. 100% real prediction.. Jaywardene Tired Today.. Gilchrist Fail Against spin.. Sharjah Spin track.. Murli Saqlain in play.. Great start by Viru & levi.. Great finish by Sanga & Hodge..GA 1000% win!!

    1. see how gemini fixing da match :p :p

  61. Thanks admin
    U r rock

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