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Sydney Thunder vs Melbourne Renegades Prediction 27th Match 2016

Sydney Thunder vs Melbourne Renegades Prediction 27th Match 2016, Syd Thunder vs Melb Reneg at Sydney January 11th, 2016 Today Match Prediction Tips Who Will Win Today Big Bash League Match

Sydney Thunder vs Melbourne Renegades Prediction 27th Match 2016Stand-in captain Cameron White was obtuse after Saturday night’s eight-wicket misfortune to derby equal the Melbourne Stars.

The Gades’ rocking the bowling alley assault is paper flimsy with worldwide quicks Peter Siddle and James Pattinson occupied, while consistent skipper Aaron Finch has been called to Australia’s one-day squad and leaves an immense gap at the highest point of the batting order.Mike Hussey and Usman Khawaja have been named by the Sydney Thunder for their conflict against the Melbourne Renegades

The floundering Sydney Thunder will be helped by the arrival of in-structure batsman Usman Khawaja and perhaps at the same time Michael Hussey for Monday’s basic Big Bash League T20 cricket conflict with Melbourne Renegades.

captain Cameron White said of the tempest of contention that took after Monday night’s critical trade with McLaughlin.

Sydney Thunder vs Melbourne Renegades Prediction 27th Match 2016

Melbourne Renegades will win

“I would have said the same thing on the off chance that he had made nothing or 200 this evening.”

Gayle opened the innings with Tom Cooper against Melbourne Stars at Etihad Stadium and was almost out for a duck after he skied the first ball he confronted.

After a sagacious period as he got his eye in, Gayle hit two towering sixes preceding he was gotten in the profound by Rob Quiney off the knocking down some pins of Marcus Stoinis in the ninth over.

He was not drew closer for a meeting as he left the playing field by means of the players race, rather than strolling to the seat, before later joining his colleagues on the sideline.

McLaughlin provided details regarding the match however did as such from the analysis box instead of the sideline.

System Ten affirmed through a Cricket Australia representative before the amusement that it was a pre-arranged move as a component of McLaughlin’s standard pivot between the two parts – not an endeavor to keep away from a clumsy meeting between the pair.

In the event that Gayle was apprehensive about his first open appearance taking after a week of contention he didn’t demonstrat to it before the match.

He grinned, talked and imparted the intermittent embrace to Renegades WBBL players as they processed around the warm-up range taking after their win over Sydney Thunder in the blind raiser.

Gayle has posted three scores in the forties in his six BBL05 innings for Renegades – a strong commitment without truly taking a diversion by the scruff of the neck.

“It is decent to get a 80 or a hundred from anybody and ideally in these last two diversions we’ll see that,” White answered when inquired as to whether Gayle expected to assume a bigger part as a star import.

“Be that as it may, we simply need him to excite. I’d truly jump at the chance to see him play as he did against the Hurricanes (when he scored 41 off 15 balls) – I need to see that Chris Gayle.”

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  1. Hi,
    Tomorrow ind/Aust
    Aust win 10000%
    Wala pitch pace and bounce
    India have own only once in 1991
    Pitch suite for Aust pace attach
    Bat. Finch,smith
    Bowler. Hazelwood, Joe paris

  2. Lara fail once again..i accepted his challenge nd i won.. 🙂 🙂

  3. Bang It on guys

    Toss -Passed>SYD TH

    match -passed> M Renegeds

    so enjoy my prediction n who follow me n also who don”t follow me.but i want to some geart thing for human being caused some time i was also in prob some one help me as well now am better of this game so how much i can i am helping others..

  4. @king anuj i want to kno who will win b/w india Australia

  5. Australia will win tomorrow for sure

  6. Guys My report Pass

    See my prediction of 11th Jan 11:08 am

    Hope Some people have followed.

    Out of 6, 5 Predictions were right

    Only missed yesterdays Sixers

    Rest of all Successful

    Will predict only if i am 90% Confident.

    More predictions to come ahead

  7. Anuj King won OMG ..!!! Best predictor… U rock bro …

  8. @ANUJ KING bhai really ur superrrb ur the best im the biggest fan of u bhai…loveee u

  9. Yes Der will be a great predictors but some nonsense people’s also is Der so.

  10. Again we rock …
    Open jackpot pass
    Melbourne Renegades won report pass
    Record 8/8
    Huge profit
    Next match
    India vs Australia
    Winner :- first see who want I will post in night
    Anuj king

  11. Anuj king and ricky u r super. Many others who r predictors. Thank u all. Dont blame person who give the wrong prediction. They are not god to give 100% prediction. Plz give valuable sujjestions guys. Thanks admin

  12. @king anju hattttsss offf

    Plz predict who win win b/w india Australia 1st odi

  13. Gys my 1st prdct pas.
    Sur mlr wil be tha winr big bash


  15. Surely u should give it to anuj rocking

  16. Anuj blow with confidence once again…

  17. As xerox said earlier he should come back with a close win 1 run

  18. Wow what a match we are going to watch it’s become big entertainment for us

  19. Sydney 173 target for mlr 174 who will wins

  20. Sydney thunder to win 1000000000%%%%%%%%

  21. Sydney thunder to win

  22. 200+ run.
    Mlr ches.

  23. Sandeep with sydney and anuj with mlr…

  24. Thndar will win

  25. Thunder 10%%%%%%%

  26. toss thunder match thunder

  27. Sydney a classy knock by kallis today !

  28. MLR will win
    gayle storm
    confidence 80%
    play huge

  29. Anuj bro what is this every crazy predictor ????over here is predicting syt including XOROX but only u are sayin mlr.
    I trust u and confused ????
    Can u both give proper reasoning so that we decide for a final one cuz this decision will cost lakhs

  30. Thunder win
    10 overs 75 to 80
    20 overs 185 +

  31. Punter toss over Wt happen

  32. Sydney thunder to win

  33. Big Bash

    26th Match
    Sydney thunder vs Melbourne renegades

  34. Melborne Renegade win

  35. Mlr win today


  37. S t will win low score match

  38. Wer u bros ders no clear prediction sandeep xerox sunil anjuking wasim bros wer u waitn fr ue predictin

  39. Melbourne renegades win
    100% sure frI ends

    1. Gyle is fire

  40. Sydney thunder will win the match for sure

  41. S.thunder will win today match that is bcz a strong batting line up is in s.thunder.

  42. Bhai win koi bhi ho but score 185+ hoga…..

  43. Anuj bhai tell us ur prediction for this match

    1. See above broo

  44. Today mlr wil be tha winer.
    Kawju below20
    Husy below25
    So mlr wil be tha winer.
    Mlr today very good bowling atck

  45. Hello everyone

  46. Today Match Prediction
    Big Bash League 2015-16

    Sydney Thunder vs Melbourne Renegades

    Match Prediction: Sydney Thunder will win this Match
    100% Sure Prediction

  47. Mlr vs prs final god prms

  48. Big match today high score chasing white rocks

  49. cover up guys the Gayle storm will hit today…

  50. Hello friends…
    Today’s. MLR will win the toss and opt. to bowl. In 10 over MLR will score less than 68 runs. 20 over MLR will score 145+.
    Thunder will chase easily.. They will make more than 46 runs in 6 covers.
    Thunders team very strong in all dept. And the key for thunder his batting… Usman, billzard, hussey, rohar.. And 3best all rounder… Watson, kallis,Russell..

  51. Mlr will win

  52. Anuj king bro where r u bro
    Plzzzz tell us who will win

  53. BANG on once again AFG won ..check my prediction report of AFG vs ZIM forum…

  54. 100 perc3ntage Sydney thunder will win

  55. Hi..I hv been reading from days with no posting. Thunder well balanced and many match winners

  56. Can any one tell me cup winner please

  57. am not saying it will be 1000% prediction also am not against xerox i respect his as well but situation n condition demands interest in BBL 5 so i think today”s winner will be MELBOURNE RENEGEDS..


    MATCH -MR 70% chance to win MR…

  58. thndar will win

  59. Renegades will win this match bcos point table factor also indicates that Hurraicanes Thunder renegades will remain 6 points and fight for play off

  60. Melbourne Renegades will win the game

    If MLR bat 2nd the 1000% win is for sure

  61. Sydney thunder

  62. Sydney Thunders will win
    Nothing for MR

  63. Thunder will win

  64. It’s jackpot match

  65. Waseem siddique, lara,santosh, ricky clark keep it up…

  66. Great work sandeep…as usual u r genious

  67. Welcome back xerox

  68. Thanks buddy… I am also syd

  69. today sydnye thunder win the match

  70. last three matches home town team loosess..sooo today thunder will win

  71. Mlr match. Mlr toss

  72. Mlr at any cost will win in order to make it to the playoffs toss. Mlr match mlr for sure

  73. Thunders 100%
    Russel, khawaja, Watson

  74. Waseem vs Anuj King
    Winner:Anuj King
    Bro post your prediction for today’s big bash ….

  75. sydney tunder must be win this match..gayle and white again fool bating

  76. go with thunder….

  77. Sydney thunder will win…

  78. Today Thunder Will be the winner. 100% predict

  79. sandee vi,Xerox, lara wasim vai thanks to all…

  80. My last previous 3 predictions pass
    Today mlr vs sydt
    Sydt will win the match coz balanced batting and bowling line up hussy and khawaja in





  82. Toss – St. Mt – St

  83. syd thunder will be the winner.go with them

  84. Syt will win today
    Russell and khawaja will be key

  85. Mlr win for sure jackpot hai bhai log wait n watch

  86. Heloo brother ANUJ KING is here
    Yesterday Afghanistan’s won
    Record 7/7 pass
    Today match :- Thunder vs Melbourne renegades
    Winner :- Melbourne Renegades
    Now see who follow me ……

    1. thanks bhai for ur prediction…. waiting for ur prediction for aus vs india

    2. Anuj Sir, There is only One King of this Tipping World and that is You Sir Only You and I always Follow You. God Bless You Anu Sir Always.
      Remember King is Always King
      Anuj King Rocks !!!!

    3. Thnks alot bro u rocking im following u

    4. Once again thank u so much

    5. Great Man King Anuj.only u r a king…i salute you ..

    6. Maha king ho bhai ap

    7. Anuj king u r mindblowing heads of u all guys r good

    8. ANUJ you are real king

  87. High scoring game gale shines for sure mlr win for sure 10000000000000000000%

  88. Give final opinion which shall v go with????

  89. m r will win…..

  90. Melbourne Renegades will win 100% by NITESH SINGH

  91. New form nice.. Good luck everyone

  92. 1000000000000 sydney thunder wll win becz huge bating lineup
    8.chris hartley

    and home ground match

  93. Toss : mlr
    Match :Sydney Thunder

    My yesterday report
    NZ win pass
    Perth toss pass match pass
    Sydney vs Brisbane
    Toss pass match loss
    Afg vs Zim
    Toss pass match pass

  94. Thunder win this match 100000000/ sure

  95. S Thundar Win Win Win 100% win

  96. Toss – mlr
    Match – sydt

    SYDT will be the winner coz all roynder make to victory’s if this match.

  97. Go and catche a falling star
    Get with a child of Mandrake root….

    But you can’t firmly say that this or that Team will be winner

  98. if Gayle’s charm will out of Big Bash then how the T20 will run????
    So make your brain clear and walk together with the Big-Man……

  99. Xerox bro with thunder and lara bro also strongly with s.thunder…

  100. Dear friends .tomorow s.thunder win
    Usman kawaja .m.husy come opening and middle order strong.they hav number off batsman can chase even 200 runs .
    Mlr supporters hav time to change mind .
    10000% s.thunder win.
    See you tommorow winning my prediction

    1. thanks dear I will go with thunder…

    2. hii.. @lara .. im follwoing ur preditions since 4 days n yeah u r doing good

    3. yess he is prediciting well..

    4. Agar MLR 2nd beting kiya to vo bhi jeet sakta





  102. Welcome back Xerox bro, had been waiting for your prediction desperately. Will go with your prediction

  103. MR will win this match against thunder by defending low score its my first prediction

  104. Sandeep Bahi please tell us your prediction



  106. Score ches hoga kal 100%

  107. Toss :tunder match:tunder……Boos….

  108. Ok punter toss is before 40 minutes u predict I vil go with u if wrong than

  109. Xerox where r u my frnd
    come back

    Anuj king
    waseem are doing extra ordinary

  110. Tomo chasing team will win 100 % wait up to toss and play ….I think mlr batting fest 180+ but they loose it

  111. King Anuj bro and sandeep bro..Mr vs Thunder who will win??plz

  112. Hello Friends,
    Today I predicted all Matches and all were correct but as I said will not post till I get confidence …
    Well tomorrow Winner Should be Thunder..
    Demand and Chart are supporting to Thunder

    1. All rounders and strong batting line up
    2. Thunder batsman have 120% batting indexing at this ground.
    3. Good bowling attack – Mixer
    4 As per karma chart and date thunder will be the winner.
    5.Cup rate will support to place at 2-3 place.
    6.Russel/ Watson will be the key players..

    1. Welcome back xerox bro..

    2. Heyy guys check out here our beloved xerox is back
      thanku dear frnd
      plss dont leave us again
      Either win or loose we r all best frnds forever

    3. Boss u came back…I am happy…
      Blindly I go with thunders…

  113. please tell the correct prediction for Syd vs MLR.. who surely win?????

  114. Moni mini – MLR is the the most expected for tmrw’s win

  115. Sandeep and xerox followers

    Sandeep bhai and sunil bhai plg give ur full report for this match… We r waiting
    Xerox bhai kaha ho aapppppp

  116. Sorry Guys for dis one Too Target 216 by afg and its very difficult to chase if Zimbabwe loss

    I am going Too take a break becoz this is my 4 international prediction went wrong n don’t know what has happened to mee..

    Thankuuu guys for ur love
    Take care !!!! ????????????

    1. Its ok waseem bro..keep it up..

  117. MR WILL WIN


  119. Match Thunder. Usman Khwaja will Rock.

  120. Kunj king ur awsome ..

  121. Anuj bhai aapka prediction kya hai

  122. Waseem bhai ur prediction are awesome nd fabulous driving

  123. Thunder will win

  124. Ok punter I’m waiting for your prediction

  125. After toss sure predicrion i can give
    Its 100 percent true
    Ek bar amar pass risk leke dheeko
    Bhai next u vl only come to know
    Follow this
    Count down starts if one fail also i am not a human being
    Ipl 100 percent pass
    World cup 100 percent pass
    Natwest t20 blast 80 percent pass

    1. Kal ka winning report dedo Sydney thunder vs melbourn Renegades ka tb maan jau jaise sandeep deta h .. Aise bhaukal marne se kya hoga.. Kuch dikhao.. Hahaha

  126. Where is xerox bro

    1. U the man king anuj u the man…. thnkxxx so much no one follows I vil do till the end

    2. Also thanks to all those who said mlr….

  127. Full report pass

    Match – Perth/Brisbane
    Toss- Perth /brisbane

    1. Sydney 170+mlrwin

  128. Xerox nd sandeep wasim tell me guys u r prediction….v r waiting????

  129. S.thunders won the toss
    Usman kawaja ..m.hussy .russel take the game.
    Gayle out early .
    S.thunders bat first and make 180+
    S.thunders is the winner
    This is my detaily prediction

  130. Melbourne renegades
    Will be win

  131. Sandeep ji where your prediction for tomorrow match between MLR vs ST

  132. waseem, ricky ,anuj , lara,xeroxx bro help me huge loss in sidney sixer wts next pls rply early all of u

    1. S.thunder win tommorow .if u loss today ..u got it from s.thunder .god luck

    2. King anuj hattsss offf!!!

  133. Go with sydney thunder 100%

    If melborne renagades bat 1st
    I am telling u again if melborne bat 1st

    This is a game where u can win both side

    1. Ok,lets see
      Ok update d winner team after d toss


  135. Hai friends .if some 1 trust me
    Then tommorow s.thunder winners
    I am sure 1000%

    1. Yes I trust on u

  136. My last 3 reports are upto the mark

    Wait for more reports

  137. all our site guys we all should leave our egos and we should discuss with each other and think about this plzzzzzzzzz

  138. Mr. clark sir plsssssssss predict fast as we all need ur prediction..anuj king u r in this list of predicting according to me No.1 ricky clark 2 waseem bhai 3 xerox 4 sandeep 5 king anuj 6 vai return they all r top oder batsman who will full fill us as well.

    bhaio jaldi predict karo kal ka match kon jite i told that i am huge fan of ricky clark i appreciate best prediction from ricky nd others too..

  139. Hai friends .my prediction pass perth is win
    Hope so everybody happy

  140. lara u r out cos Syd sis vs B.heat math u fail thats why u will not qualify for this predictor group..for entry in this prediction group u have to win consecutive 5 matchs in row but u unable to do it..

    1. Ok.i take it as a challenge .count down
      Tomorow s.thunders win

  141. MEL R WILL WIN THIS MATCH gayle nd white bravo shines

  142. East or west Ricky Clark is best.

    ricky today i followed ur prediction of nz vs sri n i ter got huge even toss was correct but after that u nver predict ur 1000% confident prediction but still i go with perth n my team won but as i told u i did not got ur 1000% prediction that”s why i lost my team of SS..but still u r hero of mine so be predict with full confident of 1000% prdiction coz we all r know when u predict 1000% we will won.clark plz predict as soon as possible even advance report of 12th january aus vs ind match report..if u will fail in any match we will always suport does not matter u will win or not..for me u r the No. 1 predictor in these day in this group..waseem bhai,xerox,sandeep & anuj king is also good..but anuj king always saying replay me..he always not post his wonder report easly..

  143. Tomorrow Gayle will rocks

    1. Wats ur match prediction bro .? Who I’ll win ?

    2. Who will win…

    3. Bhai mlr or sdny ???
      I’m ur big fan
      Ur my idol
      Ur my boss
      Ur my bhai

    4. Sandeep bro whi will win thundr vs renegades

    5. Sandeep bhai….toss n win???

  144. toss sydney thunder match mr

  145. It’s intresting to see gayle returns and renegades post 142 in 1 st batting and will win

  146. Toss st
    Match Mir
    Low score match

  147. Sorry no more predictions from me, not feeling confident,
    I ve back when 100 % sure
    Others are predicting really good
    Congratulations & best of luck
    Thank u

  148. Renegades will win pakka…

    1. happy to see you here

  149. Jackpot match tomorrow

  150. Toss Mlr
    Match Mlr

    1. Hi guys.. go for MLR and Afgansitan.. both eill be the winner.. good luck.

  151. Toss – Brisbane
    Match- Brisbane

    Brisbane Target 165+

    Lynn , Simmons ,Burn will fire

    Bowling James hopes, cutting badree 2 wkt each

    Lumb / haddin will be Out Early

    —–Waseem Siddiqui—–

    1. Afg vs zim who wil win waseem bhai

    2. Siddique can you please predict for tomorrow as soon as possible……

    3. Renegade will win the match 100%

    4. today mlr will take the match ….
      khawaja or gayle will b top scorers of the match..

    5. waseem bhai ajj ku jeetega…according to u.

  152. Toss;mlr
    Match ;thunder

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