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Who Will Win Knights vs Lions Momentum One Day Cup 26th Today Match prediction

Who Will Win Knights vs Lions Momentum One Day Cup 26th Today Match prediction, Which can held on Tuesday March-21th at Diamond Oval, Kimberley,and the desirre begins at 1:30 PM there native Time.

Two Strongs teams facing off Knights vs Lions in the previous matches bothe teams have performed very well and won the matches.

Knights- Captain Theunis de Bruyn has performed magnificently with 132 runs in 117 balls at a strike rate of 112.82 and Knights closed there innings with a Target of 308 Runs.Knights Won the Match by 100Runs . Below are the Highlights of the Knights Vs Cape Cobras  .

46.4-Jason Smith to van Schalkwyk, out Swanepoel Run Out!! Swanepoel run out (Ontong) 14(13) [4s-1]
46.1-Jason Smith to Swanepoel, FOUR
46-Kleinveldt to van Schalkwyk, FOUR
44.4-George Linde to Theunis de Bruyn, out Caught by Aviwe Mgijima!! Theunis de Bruyn c Aviwe Mgijima b George Linde 132(117) [4s-10 6s-2]
44.1-George Linde to Theunis de Bruyn, SIX
43.2-D Piedt to Theunis de Bruyn, SIX
43.1-D Piedt to Theunis de Bruyn, FOUR
40.1-George Linde to Diego Rosier, out Stumped!! Diego Rosier st Dane Vilas b George Linde 40(46) [4s-3 6s-1]
39.1-D Piedt to Theunis de Bruyn, 1 run
39-van Zyl to Diego Rosier, FOUR
38.1-van Zyl to Diego Rosier, SIX
33.2-Tshepo Moreki to Theunis de Bruyn, FOUR
31.3-Tshepo Moreki to Theunis de Bruyn, FOUR
30.3-Ontong to Diego Rosier, FOUR
30.1-Ontong to Theunis de Bruyn, FOUR
29.2-D Piedt to Theunis de Bruyn, FOUR
27.3-D Piedt to Diego Rosier, FOUR
24.3-Jason Smith to Theunis de Bruyn, 1 run
23.5-D Piedt to Pite van Biljon, out Bowled!! Pite van Biljon b D Piedt 40(48) [4s-3 6s-1]
20.3-George Linde to Pite van Biljon, SIX
20.1-George Linde to Pite van Biljon, FOUR
19-George Linde to Theunis de Bruyn, FOUR
17.5-D Piedt to Theunis de Bruyn, FOUR
17.2-D Piedt to Theunis de Bruyn, FOUR
15.4-Tshepo Moreki to Theunis de Bruyn, FOUR
13.3-Tshepo Moreki to Pite van Biljon, FOUR
11.5-Tshepo Moreki to Theunis de Bruyn, FOUR
9.1-Kleinveldt to Pite van Biljon, FOUR
9-Jason Smith to Grant Mokoena, out Caught by George Linde!! Grant Mokoena c George Linde b Jason Smith 19(22) [4s-3]
7.3-Kleinveldt to Second, out Lbw!! Second lbw b Kleinveldt 24(27) [4s-4]
7-Jason Smith to Grant Mokoena, FOUR
6.3-Jason Smith to Grant Mokoena, FOUR
5.4-Kleinveldt to Grant Mokoena, FOUR
3.1-Kleinveldt to Second, FOUR
1.4-Kleinveldt to Second, FOUR
0.3-George Linde to Second, FOUR
0.1 -George Linde to Second, FOUR


Lions – Reeza Hendricks  had played a beautiful Innings with 101 Runs in just 89Balls with 113.48 Strick Rate.
By the End of the Lions Innings they have given a target of 329 runs . Lions have won the match by 44 runs, you can  check the Highlights of the Match Between Lions vs Wariors .
49.5-A Birch to McGillivray, FOUR
49.3-A Birch to Nono Pongolo, FOUR
48.2-Magala to van den Bergh, out Caught by Harmer!! van den Bergh c Harmer b Magala 30(23) [4s-2 6s-1]
48-A Birch to van den Bergh, SIX
47.3-A Birch to Bjorn Fortuin, out Caught by Gqamane!! Bjorn Fortuin c Gqamane b A Birch 16(14) [4s-1 6s-1]
47.2-A Birch to Bjorn Fortuin, FOUR
47.1-A Birch to Bjorn Fortuin, SIX
44.1-Magala to Mosehle, out Bowled!! Mosehle b Magala 12(12) [4s-1]
41.5-BD Walters to van den Bergh, FOUR
41.3-BD Walters to van den Bergh, FOUR
41.1-BD Walters to Mosehle, FOUR
40.1-Smuts to Bavuma, out Caught by Ackermann!! Bavuma c Ackermann b Smuts 30(30) [4s-3]
39.2-BD Walters to Bavuma, FOUR
39.1-BD Walters to Dussen, out Caught by Ackermann!! Dussen c Ackermann b BD Walters 25(36) [4s-1]
38.4-Smuts to Bavuma, FOUR
33.3-Harmer to Dussen, FOUR
32.1-Gqamane to Bavuma, FOUR
30.5-Gqamane to Stephen Cook, out Bowled!! Stephen Cook b Gqamane 81(84) [4s-5]
27.4-Harmer to Dussen, FOUR
26.4-Smuts to Reeza Hendricks, out Caught by Gqamane!! Reeza Hendricks c Gqamane b Smuts 101(89) [4s-13]
25.5-Harmer to Reeza Hendricks, 1 run
22.5-Smuts to Stephen Cook, FOUR
20.4-Magala to Reeza Hendricks, wide
20.2-Magala to Reeza Hendricks, FOUR
19.5-Ingram to Reeza Hendricks, FOUR
18.4-Magala to Stephen Cook, 1 run
17.3-Ingram to Stephen Cook, FOUR
16.1-Magala to Reeza Hendricks, FOUR
14.5-Magala to Reeza Hendricks, FOUR
14.4-Magala to Stephen Cook, 1 run
11.5-Smuts to Reeza Hendricks, FOUR
11.4-Smuts to Reeza Hendricks, FOUR
10.1-Gqamane to Reeza Hendricks, FOUR
9.2-Smuts to Stephen Cook, FOUR
8.1-Gqamane to Reeza Hendricks, FOUR
7.3-A Birch to Reeza Hendricks, FOUR
6-A Birch to Stephen Cook, FOUR
5-BD Walters to Reeza Hendricks, FOUR
4.2-BD Walters to Reeza Hendricks, FOUR
4-A Birch to Reeza Hendricks, FOUR
3-BD Walters to Stephen Cook, FOUR
2.2-BD Walters to Reeza Hendricks, FOUR

Who Will Win Knights vs Lions Momentum One Day Cup 26th Today Match prediction

Lions Will Win


Knights Squad:-
Dillon du Preez, Shadley van Schalkwyk, David Miller, Werner Coetsee, Marchant de Lange, Theunis de Bruyn, Corne Dry, Diego Rosier, Michael Erlank, Rudi Second, Petrus van Biljon, Grant Mokoena, Duanne Olivier, Keegan Petersen, Tumelo Bodibe, Patrick Botha, Sammy Mofokeng, Letlotlo Sesele, Kagiso Mohale, Aubrey Swanepoel, Tshepo Ntuli , Luthando Mnyanda, Mbulelo Budaza, Leus du Plooy, Dylan Stanley, Lwandiswa Zuma
Lions Squad:-
Aaron Phangiso, Temba Bavuma, Mangaliso Mosehle, Dwaine Pretorius, Beuran Hendricks, Reeza Hendricks, Hardus Viljoen, Rassie van der Dussen , Kagiso Rabada, Stephen Cook, Eddie Leie, Dominic Hendricks, Devon Conway, Nono Pongolo, Bjorn Fortuin, Sean Jamison, Matt McGillivray, Carmi le Roux, Nicky van den Bergh, Wiaan Mulder, Wihan Lubbe.
Who Will Win the match Knights vs Lions ?
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    Lions played like test match they want to draw this even wickets in hand they were not tried for big shots.

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  7. ? Titans vs Warriors ?
    Match win??? Titans
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    ? South vs North ?
    Big jackpot win? North
    Titans come back?? AB de Villiers and CH Morris

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    Hi my dear all of fans now the time is today match predictions…..
    Today totally 3 matches reports I give you all….

    1☞ Knights Vs Lions = KNIGHTS

    2☞ Titans Vs Warriors = TAITANS

    3☞ North vs South = SOUTH

    so best of luck and enjoy your success with MADE IN BANGLADESH.
    have a good day……

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    Lions will win the match..
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  16. I beleive in revenge and knights will redeem theirs. Grt stage in front of home croud where they beat the mighty titans the unlimited titans who are going to loose against the warriors.

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