WWE Battleground Matches Astrology, Who Will Win Prediction 100% True

Hey Guys You Can see WWE Battleground Matches Astrology, Who Will Win Prediction 100%:- TrueWWE&#8217s Battleground pay-per-view will take place on July 19, 2015 at the Scottrade Center in St. Louis, Missouri. Stick to along here for spoilers and details on the event&#8217s card, lineup of matches and news regarding the pay-per-view.

Right here are my predictions for the 2015 WWE Battleground PPV. Check back for Battleground 2015 benefits and evaluation coverage here.
WWE Globe Heavyweight Championship Match Seth Rollins (c) vs. Brock Lesnar

I&#8217m very shocked WWE is doing this at Battleground as an alternative of SummerSlam. Does that imply Lesnar defeats Rollins and heads into the larger occasion as champion, or that Rollins will defend the title against Triple H at SummerSlam? This is a difficult a single&#8230

PREDICTION: Appropriate now, I&#8217m leaning toward Seth Rollins retaining, but that may well not occur.

Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt expense Roman Reigns the Cash in the Bank, so this match was inevitable. I don&#8217t like the idea behind it, as it feels like such a random factor to throw with each other to waste some time. These two won&#8217t have a meaty feud, given that SummerSlam is coming up, and even if they did, I wouldn&#8217t want to see them make the exact same error they did last time with Chris Jericho and Bray Wyatt, by obtaining the very first match just before SummerSlam and having a generic rematch on that card. SummerSlam need to be treated as a secondary WrestleMania, not as a adhere to up to a B-occasion. Reigns and Wyatt may possibly have a good match, but I have no interest in this feud yet.

PREDICTION: Roman Reigns wins.

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match]: Ryback (c) vs. Big Show vs. The Miz

Since a triple threat did not take location at Funds in the Bank and rather, that match ended up becoming nothing at all but a stall to set this up, this was obviously going to happen here at Battleground. I&#8217m genuinely hoping that there isn&#8217t another stall to result in a rematch of sorts at SummerSlam, because nobody will care at that point. Ryback needs to basically win the match right here and move on to one thing else.

PREDICTION: Ryback retains by pinning The Miz.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match The Prime Time Players (c) vs. The New Day

I truly want The New Day to win the titles back and I&#8217m not sure why WWE decided to modify the champions to commence with. The Prime Time Players can&#8217t genuinely be going into SummerSlam as champs, can they? Who would they face? The New Day possibly isn&#8217t going to come out on top, but I want them to.

PREDICTION: The Prime Time Players retain.

WWE United States Championship Match John Cena (c) vs. Kevin Owens

With the United States Championship on the line here, that makes me nervous about what will occur. I want Kevin Owens to come out on best, but I also want John Cena to retain the title, as I consider he&#8217s doing very well with it. This is challenging. One particular way or an additional, I&#8217ll be hunting forward to this match, because their previous two have been amazing.

PREDICTION: Kevin Owens wins.


WWE Divas Championship Nikki Bella (c) vs. Paige

It appears like Paige is still the focal point for the Divas division, for some purpose. I don&#8217t want to see this match come about once more, but I&#8217m expecting WWE to just pull the simple rematch idea out and not have to put any effort into it. This feud has been terrible and I&#8217m so sick of these motivational speeches that Paige has been carrying out.

PREDICTION: Paige wins the title. Blah. Just bring Charlotte up currently.

Dean Ambrose vs. Kane

Dean Ambrose was messing about with Kane before, telling him he&#8217s not the very same as he utilized to be. Neither of them appear to be involved in a accurate feud correct now, so there&#8217s a opportunity WWE could just toss these two together to get them on the card.

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